Hourbitclub Review: New HYIP Scam Exposed

You are reading our hourbitclub review which has exposed and stopped this dangerous HYIP scam in its tracks. A few weeks ago we were asked to investigate this investment scam so we began collecting emails from our readers that had tested it. The results are very dire and bad. It didn’t take us long to realize that this website is a malicious and fraudulent enterprise designed to make you lose your money.

If you are reading this after losing your money, please send us an email detailing your personal experience. We can advise you on how to reclaim your lost money. You are not alone… there are so many people losing their money with these HYIP scams. Many of them are most likely owned by the same person or group of people.

They spend several weeks designing and crafting the perfect website before releasing it to the public and spamming your email. It is their goal to gain your trust and take your money. Rest assured, they are not working in vain. It is estimated that billions of dollars were taken last year by online scams alone!

Let’s take a closer look and crack this disgusting scam wide open!

Official Website: https://hourbitclub.com/

Hourbitclub Review

Hourbitclub Review

Hourbitclub.com describes their company as a cryptocurrency cloud mining program that allows you to invest your bitcoin into their cloud mining service and receive a hefty profit. They are a brand new investment company and their website launched on January 14. According to their information, they have a team of skilled bitcoin miners that have been profiting for close to 4 years.

We opened an investigation into these claims and monitored the progress of their investment plans and withdrawals. It didn’t take long for us to identify some serious problems with the way their business operates. We will go into detail below and address each issue we found. However, we first need to explain what hourbitclub.com is…

Whenever you wish to invest online, it is important to understand the true nature of the business you are dealing with. Whether it be binary options trading, forex, MLM, or rev shares, you need to understand what you are embarking on before you join. It never ceases to amaze us how many people don’t know what they are doing when they deposit their money online.

Hourbitclub.com is an HYIP or high yield investment program. This means that they are offering an ROI (return on investment) that is too high to be realistic. What do we mean by “too high”?

Most investment firms offer modest and small returns to fulfill their terms and be fair to their clients. Have you ever heard the expression… “don’t promise more than you can do”? If an investment company offers you a profit that is not realistic, it is most likely because they are trying to lure you in with promises that are “too good to be true.”

What Investment Plans Are They Offering?

Hourbitclub offers three different investment plans that and one that hasn’t been set yet. All of these investment plans only accept deposits with Bitcoin, and therefore your profits are explained in bitcoin instead of USD.

If you take a look at the plans below, you will see the sheer audacity of believing this is possible. The Best Plan (Number 2) offers 13000% after 15 days. The minimum to invest with The Best Plan is .15BTC. This is equivalent to $137. Taking this plan seriously, if you invest $137, you should receive $17,800 after the plan expires. This money is given to you on an hourly basis until it has matured.

Hourbitclub.com Investment Plans

Let’s examine this investment…. taking $137 and turning it into $17,800 after only 15 days is not only unheard of, it’s not possible. Impossible! This is the very definition of an HYIP that we explained above. Even if you had a highly successful business, it would take a stroke of luck and a genie with three wishes to turn $137 into $17,800 in 15 days. This is ludicrous.

The other investment plans are equally as fake. Investing 10BTC into the New Gold Plan will earn you a grand $23,975 after only TWO days!

Unfathomable. Forgive us for shaking our head in disbelief…

but we have a hard time understanding how any right minded individual could believe this.

If this hourbitclub.com could deliver such massive returns, we’d be on an island somewhere buying our new luxury yacht. This just isn’t possible.

How Do They Earn the Money?

The website tells us that these massive earnings are coming directly from mining bitcoin on the cloud. Mining bitcoin does have the ability to generate a lot of profits, but most people aren’t capable of having the ability to do this. This is why many people are turning to cloud mining and joining up with others to try to increase their profits.

Hourbitclub tells us that they have a “highly skilled” team of bitcoin miners that have been working successfully for 4 years. This is strange because their website has only been online for 3 weeks now. If they have been working steadily for four years, where is the proof?

In fact, there are a few missing pieces of information that we need answers to.

1. Who owns hourbitclub.com?

– NO name is listed.

This means that hourbitclub.com has chosen to hide the identity of their owner. This presents a big red flag. If you own and operate a highly successful and legitimate business, why would you hide your name and face? Honest investors will make their name public to increase trust, transparency, and make themselves famous.

2. Where is the proof that hourbitclub is paying withdrawals?

– NO proof is given that this company earns money. No proof is given that this company pays withdrawals. All we have are some vague promises and detailed investment plans. Please know that nowhere on the entire website do they offer any proof that this works.

There are no user reviews. We will comment more on our user reviews further down in this review.

3. Who is the team of skilled bitcoin miners that brings in these huge profits?

– Once again, we have NO answer to this. We did reach out to the customer support and asked them, but they declined to provide any names or social media accounts for verification. It seems that being anonymous is the most important trademark for hourbitclub.com scam. As yourself a question…

Would you trust a stranger on the street with your money?

What if that stranger had a website? Would you trust him then?

I hope the answer is NO.

Earning Online Without Being Scammed?

Despite the vast multitude of investment and other financial scams online today, it is possible to find one that works. We have compiled a list of our favorite ways to earn online. Before we talk about those, we need to make sure you understand how important it is to only trust the best and safest. Here is a simple checklist you can use before giving your financial or personal information to a website.

– Make sure the owner is listed. If the proprietor is not listed, verify that the company is regulated and registered with a legal authority that governs them.

– Talk to other members who have used this service. Do not trust a website that offers its reviews. Go to blogs and social media accounts and read real reviews for yourself.

– Find out if the customer support is legitimate and helpful by emailing before you invest!

– Never invest more money than you can afford to lose safely. Even the best plans sometimes don’t work out!

– Feel free to check with our blog for up to date information and the latest reviews! If you don’t find what you are looking for, please send us an email and we’ll help you out!

That being said… if you want to make money trading please check out our review on Social Trading with Tradeo. If trading is not your thing, you should try My Paying Ads or My Paying Crypto Ads instead. Both of these companies have transparent owners and active Facebook groups where you can talk to other members and get real results!

Is Hourbitclub a Scam?

Before making up our mind about hourbitclub.com, we wanted to talk to real users. Because we could not find any on Facebook, we reached out to some of our members that like to invest with new HYIPs and rev shares. A few of them immediately responded and told us that they were still waiting on their first withdrawal. It could be weeks or months before they realize that their money will never come.

We did not find anyone that made money or successfully withdrew profits. That being said, we decided to state that hourbitclub.com is a scam! Stay away from it and do not trust it!

Be safe out there and happy earning wherever you find luck! Please let us know about anything you think works so we can try it as well!

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    dear sir,
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    lightbitcoin.net stole $500

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    dear sir,
    you can trust hyip montoring sites because they in on the scams.

    • This is true… you can always check for their referral link and you will see if they are making money off the HYIP or not. We do not affiliate any HYIPs at all, which is why our reviews are all honest.

  • btcx11

    I am doing this raise charity but I lost more than I have made. Is any faithful paying hyip sites on internet that are not planning to scam you. Please list them here.

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    They are scam. The site is offline

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    I lost my bitcoins also….so painful