Hour Deposit Review – HourDeposit.com Scam HYIP Exposed!

Hour Deposit Review aka HourDesposit.com Review

Welcome to our in-depth investigation of this elaborate HYIP.

It has been cleverly designed to fool even the most scrupulous of investors.

Their website is dressed to impress, designed in such a way that they appear to be trustworthy right at the first glance.

Please don’t be one of their long list of victims!

Read our entire review before investing a single cent with this HYIP scam.

If this review has reached you too late, and you’ve already lost money, please contact us immediately for tips on how to reclaim your money.

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://www.hourdeposit.com


Hour Deposit scam is an investment program that claims to be making enormously large and fast profits trading bitcoin.

Created back in March of 2016, hourdeposit.com is a fairly new investment firm, with little public information available.

We were first alerted to this scam when we received multiple emails from our readers that lost several hundred dollars with it.

Hour Deposit claims to be investing your deposit into bitcoin trading.

They promise you will have high hourly returns on your investment 24 hours a day.

This claim is highly dubious as the bitcoin market trading is not open for trading 24 hours a day.

Hour Deposit explains that they use a software that trades bitcoin to the tune of 200%-1500% each day.

Keep in mind this important fact:

They FAIL to provide any proof to show us that they are truly making any profit on bitcoin whatsoever. 

Is HourDeposit.com a HYIP?

Absolutely yes.

Hour Deposit scam offers 3 different investment plans that pay your profits hourly.

This is one of the most audacious claims we have ever encountered with a HYIP (high yield investment program) before.

The range of ROI (return on investment) is from 1%-21%.


We have never seen a HYIP that stood the test of time.

HYIP’s such as hourdeposit.com scam follow the same basic formula.

Most new customers will deposit a small amount to test the reliability of the investment platform.

They will initially pay out the first withdrawal to convince the new client that they are trustworthy.

When the customer trusts the HYIP they typically deposit a greater sum of money which Hour Deposit then steals.

Using this system, HYIP’s trick vast sums of new clients and steal their money.

Is Hour Deposit Paying?

As we mentioned above, Hour Deposit seems to be paying out very small withdrawals from first-time customers.

The problem is that when customers ask for larger withdrawals they are told to reinvest their earnings instead of withdrawing them.

When that doesn’t work, they simply close out the account of the investor and tell them they broke an undisclosed rule which resulted in the cancellation of their account.

It goes without saying that their account balance is not open any longer and any withdrawals are likewise canceled. 

To date, we have received 10 customer complaints claiming they have been denied withdrawals from Hour Deposit scam.

We don’t have any positive stories to share.

Is HourDeposit.com a Scam?

Our investigation into the nature of Hour Deposit has proven to us that it is a malicious SCAM that should be avoided at all costs.

We have never actually found a HYIP that is not a scam. 

If you have ever made money successfully with one long term, please contact us with the details and we’ll take a look.

However, in our 5 years experience in this industry, we have NEVER found a HYIP that works.

The following reasons are proof to us that hourdeposit.com is just another garbage investment plan designed to steal your money.

1. Numerous customer complaints. 

Emails and personal testimonies online claiming that Hour Deposit has refused their withdrawals and canceled their account with no warnings.

2. Fake news stories. 

Towards the bottom of the page, we found about 5 screenshots claiming to show that Hour Deposit was being discussed in financial news.

These are all fake sites and are nothing more than photoshopped garbage.

3. Hour Deposit is a HYIP.

There has never been a successful HYIP in recent years and this one has proven no different. They all fail.

4. No proof of withdrawals or investments.

Nowhere on the website is any verified proof given that shows their bitcoin trades or proof of anyone withdrawing money.

They do have several photoshopped receipts they say are the proof, but these are easily made up and fake.

Any Legitimate Investing Websites Online?

In our search for investments online, we have come across only a select handful that have passed our tests.

We are not easy to please and we are highly suspicious of most offers.

Our concern comes from a place of having been made victims of financial scams in the past.

We suggest you check out Tradeo, a regulated forex broker that allows you to copy the trades of professional traders.

Another great financial opportunity is My Paying Ads.

In the meantime, please email us with any questions or problems!