High Frequency Trader Scam Review

High Frequency Trader Scam Review. As you read the following review, please keep in mind that these scammers wanted to steal your money. If you have already been scammed by the High Frequency Trader, please send us an email and we will help you reclaim your money. For your future success always be sure to research each binary options auto trader before investing with it as many of them are scams. If you have a question about something you don’t see featured on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll give you our opinion. Another viral scam is also attempting to con you, please read our review of Orion Code Scam

High Frequency Trader Review

High Frequency Trader






DESCRIPTION: “Steve” is the name of the self-proclaimed genius behind the High Frequency Trader, or so he tells us. Just who is Steve?…

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High Frequency Trader Scam

High Frequency Trader Scam

Who is Steve and is he really the creator and CEO of High Frequency Trader?

“Steve” is the name of the self-proclaimed genius behind the High Frequency Trader, or so he tells us. Just who is Steve? We did some research into the real identity of Steve and quickly found that he is an actor that works for scam services. You can view his acting profile HERE and hire him for as little as $15. Steve is NOT the CEO and creator of High Frequency Trader, of that we can be sure.

Why would the High Frequency Trader scam hire an actor instead of using their real creator? The answer to that is a bit complex and pretty simple at the same time. The High Frequency Trader doesn’t have a real creator because it isn’t a unique auto trader. The High Frequency Trader is just a duplicate of a very simple auto trading formula, where automatic trades are taken. Most of these trades will lose and the investor will lose his money. The scam artists behind this auto trading scam have simply invented a fake story and attached it to the same old auto trader, giving it a new name in the process.

This is where “Steve” comes in. He was hired to promote and lie for this scam, putting a new and different face on it. If you read our blog regularly you will know this is a common scam strategy. Beware of another viral auto trading scam, Brooks Blueprint

Can the testimonials from the real traders be trusted?

High Frequency Trader Scam

Armed with the knowledge that “Steve” is just an actor used to deceive new traders and obscure the true origin of the High Frequency Trader scam, it is pretty dead obvious that the High Frequency Trader is not to be trusted. However, it is always prudent to examine other facets of the scam in order to fully expose each and every lie. For example, there are several testimonial videos that show real honest people who have used the auto trader and are making thousands of dollars.

This is another lie. The woman pictured above claims to be a real trader. She has a cute British accent and seems believable. However, she is just another actress from the same acting website that “Steve” was hired from. You can view her acting profile HERE. She has also been featured in several older scams we investigated last year. To be perfectly clear, most binary options auto trading scams use actors. This is because they don’t have any honest and successful traders. Please take a look at the Cambridge Method scam!

What is High Frequency Trader Scam and why doesn’t it work?

High Frequency Trading is a form of  auto trader used on the stock market that utilizes super fast computers that can transfer market data at incredibly high speeds, therefore enabling stock market traders to place trades faster than others. However, this doesn’t always ensure a winning trade. Quite to the contrary, it is often unwise to place a fast trade without waiting to make sure it is legitimate information.

High Frequency Trading has proven successful in some venues but has also wreaked havoc in other areas of the stock market. In fact, there has been some talk of banning the practice altogether because it is so dangerous. Keep in mind, that this form of trading is used in the stock market, NOT binary options. It has never been used in binary options and this new auto trader is also not using it.

The scammers behind the High Frequency Trader do not have access to the computers that the stock market uses. They are lying about this fact straight through their teeth. You can listen to the fake “Steve” talk about High Frequency Trading in the video below. Please notice that this fake fiverr actor ” Steve” is blacklisted in our binary Scam List 

Is making money with binary option trading even possible?

Trading binary options is no doubt one of the trickiest forms of online trading. It carries a high risk and a high return if you win. There are few traders who have become successful without losing great sums of money. We always advise anyone who is seeking to learn how to maneuver this market to read our tips for new traders

Many of you don’t have the time to sit down and study the charts and learn how to trade on your own. For you all, we have an amazing forex broker and auto trading system that is much more successful than any binary options system we’ve tried. Forex carries less risk than binary options, which makes it a better choice for most new traders. Please check out our  Social Trading  to learn more. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us and we’ll do our best to help you in any way we can.

In the meantime, also check out our Recommended Signals page. We are also testing a new service and should have that review up shortly. Please share your personal stories with us because we use them in order to help others!

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