Hedge Formula Group Scam Review

Hedge Formula Group Scam Review. Before you read this review we want to inform you that the Hedge Formula Group is a dangerous and insidious scam from the SAME creators of The Amissio Formula and Virtual Income, which we have proven are both scams as well. Please take a moment to read through those reviews, so you can see how all three of these scams are connected. This singular fact is the main reason why you should outright refuse to invest a single cent with the Hedge Formula Group, as they have proven twice already to be outright liars and deceivers. The writing on the wall is clear on this one. Hedge Formula Group is scam and should be avoided at all costs.

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DESCRIPTION: Hedge Formula Group is scam and should be avoided at all costs…

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Hedge Formula Group by George Dalio: Exposed! 

Hedge Formula Group Scam opens their ridiculous sales video by making the ludicrous claim that their video will only be watched 100 times before it is destroyed forever. We’re not really sure how this is even possible when it already has over 150 views on youtube and it’s still going. Putting that obvious lie aside, why would this video warrant being destroyed? George Dalio explains that the information in the video is so explosive and dangerous that they can’t take any risks by leaving this video up for too long. What dangerous information is included in this video that makes him so scared? We’re not really sure. Nothing in the video even comes close to the realm of danger. Perhaps George Dalio is just living in a fantasy world where imaginary monsters chase him around through dark alleys. Perhaps he needs psychiatric meds but it’s more likely he’s just blatantly lying in order to create suspense and mystery inside of his scam.

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Taking a further look at George Dalio, we can confirm that he is indeed a fraud with no legitimate identity. Inside of the Hedge Formula Group video, “George Dalio” makes the audacious claim that he has made 29 million dollars in the last year trading with this system. However, the Hedge Formula Group scam was only just released a few weeks ago. This also calls into question his previous claim that the video will only be available to 100 people. This just doesn’t jive.

Hedge Formula Group Scam Connected to Two Previous Scams!

Taking a closer look at the set used for the Hedge Formula Group presentation video, you will see that it is the exact same set used in The Amissio Formula and Virtual Income APP. Both of these scams take place in the same boardroom, with the same table and chairs. Eventually these scammers might stop using this production set if we expose it long enough, but they seem quite oblivious to the fact that people are starting to notice! We contacted the customer support for Hedge Formula Group about this connection, and they refused to cooperate. Our emails went unanswered and ignored. We weren’t surprised. They have nothing to say in their defense.

Hedge Formula Group Scam

Hedge Formula Group Scam Review

Proof of Scam

Hedge Formula uses a few Fiverr actors to lie for them. Namely this guy, pictured below, whom we have seen in multiple other binary options scams. You can check out his Fiverr profile HERE.

Hedge Formula Group Scam

Hedge Formula Group Scam Review

Not once does Hedge Formula give any proof that their system actually works. As all their testimonials are from actors, and all their screenshots are photoshopped, they have left us with nothing but lies to base our decision on. We haven’t encountered one person who has actually profited off of this system. However, our email box is still being flooded by people who have been scammed by their two previous scams,The Amissio Formula (Read Review)  and Virtual Income,  see here. If you were wise enough to avoid their previous scams, we trust you will do the same with this one!

Binary options is an industry fraught with scams and deception. That is why it is so important to research thoroughly all systems before investing with them. Please feel free to ask us about any trading systems you are looking into. We’ll give you our honest opinion and help you make the best decision to profit you! We are currently working with a leading trader in the industry, Social Trading with Tradeo. Please read that review and contact us with any questions. Check out our review on the newest trading system, NEO2 Software too!

Conclusion: Hedge Formula Group is a SCAM!

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