HashMiners.biz Review – Hyip Scam Or Legit Investment?

Before you invest with another HYIP scam, please protect yourself by reading our complete HashMiners.biz Review. We have prepared this review for the purpose of shutting this HYIP down before they steal another penny from their trusting investors.

We expose scams like this each and every day. Because of the unregulated nature of Ponzi schemes and HYIPs we are unable to take any meaningful legal action against these websites. The best way to protect yourself is by sharing our reviews with your friends and social media contacts. Every customer we make them lose is money that stays out of their greedy hands!

Don’t be too discouraged. It is possible to earn online, but you need to look in the right places. We never recommend any HYIP because we have never found one that works long term. They all end up scamming whether on purpose or because they run out of money.

If you are reading this after already being scammed, please continue reading. Below you will find some easy tips to follow for the future if you want to protect your money.

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://www.hashminers.biz/

HashMiners.biz Review

HashMiners.biz Review

HashMiners is a high yield investment program that deals only in BTC (Bitcoin). For a minimum deposit of 0.001BTC you can earn 3.12 daily. If you have more BTC to invest, you can earn 7.86% daily for 300.1BTC.

There is no term limit of expiration on this ROI, so hypothetically the program promises that you will make this amount for the entire life of the program. This alone is a reason for concern. No investment program can make a single investment last for infinity. The entire nature of the investment means that it will mature and expire. When a company promises you something that doesn’t exist, that is your first sign that a scam is imminent.

HashMiners.biz HYIP tells us that they have a diversified team of experts that invest in bitcoin mining and other investments. They will use your money to grow their business. This description sounds identical to thousands of scams we have previously exposed on our blog. There is nothing on the website to prove any of what they claim.

Without any concrete proof that Hash Miners scam has a team of experts, we only have the testimony of their investors to rely upon. Keep reading to find out what they told us!


The most important thing to look for when you are researching investment options is the credentials of the owners of the site. So who is the owner of HashMiners.biz scam? Nobody knows!

Just like all the scam sites, we have previously exposed, the owner and manager of this HYIP has concealed his identity. The website registration is anonymous and the business details with the UK also do not list an owner for public record.

This means one thing and one thing only. The owner of HashMiners is a scam artist who does not want to show his true face. He most likely owns and operates multiple HYIP scams and other scam websites. If we find out who he is, we can link him to all his scam sites and go after his identity in his home country. This is why he will go to great lengths to protect his name.

Protect Your Investments

For those of you that want to earn online, we have outlined a few ways to protect yourself below!

– Bitcoin is risky.

Every day we receive multiple emails from our readers who want to invest and earn with bitcoin. There are some serious drawbacks to using BTC online but there are also great rewards.

When you use Bitcoin, you are using a currency that is unregulated and untracked. This means that none of the BTC wallets will take action against scam websites that make you lose your money. This makes using BTC to invest with, highly risky. You must understand this risk before investing.

**If you lose your BTC with any website, you are NOT protected and you cannot get your money back.**

Solution: Use a reliable payment processor or bank account to invest with online. Save BTC for storing your money that you earn. If you want to use your BTC to invest, make sure you are using a trusted site. If you lose, you have no way of getting that money back.

– Make sure to research every website before joining.

We see about 5-10 new scam sites pop up each day. We don’t have time to write about all of them. However, if you are thinking of joining one, you can always send us a message and we’ll answer you!

Most sites are not regulated or insured. Being a legally registered business in the UK is meaningless and only scam artists even bother advertising such a thing. A real business is regulated and insured. HashMiners.biz is neither registered nor insured.

Legitimate Earning

People email us daily wanting to work with the best investment programs. We have gone to great lengths to choose the best programs that are LEGAL and Regulated. Please see our top choices below!

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Is HashMiners.biz a Scam?

In the last several weeks we have received numerous emails from our readers. They reported that HashMiners.biz is not paying and they are currently trying to get their money back. The site itself has completely failed in providing any proof of payment or successful investment. They rely only on their affiliates to lie for them in order to get a commission payment.

HashMiners.biz is a Scam. They are not paying and you will lose your money if you join.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!