Hash Reserve Review: hashreserve.biz a Ponzi Scam!

If you are a bitcoin investor or looking to invest in bitcoin you absolutely need to read our Hash Reserve review! This new high yield investment program claims to pay 11%-15% daily forever! Sounds good, right?

Don’t be tricked into investing before you read our hashreserve.biz review! Included in this report is an in-depth analysis of the nature of this bitcoin investment program, including how it works, how you can make money from it, and why we believe hashreserve.biz is a scam.

Perhaps you are already an active investor with this website. If so, please contact us and let us know how your experience has been. We expect that anyone using this program has lost their money, as have many others who previously emailed us.

We know that many of you will choose to invest in this program even though it is a scam. Please head our investment warning: Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Do not share your financial information with any site that is not trusted or regulated.

If you follow those rules for financial dealings, you will be better off!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://hashreserve.biz/

Hash Reserve Review

Hash Reserve Review

Hashreseve.biz is a bitcoin mining investment site. For a small deposit, you can earn a high ROI (return on investment) each day until the website closes or turns into a scam (whatever comes first). First and foremost, we have to insist that you know the truth.

Hash Reserve is a Ponzi Scheme as well as a HYIP scam. They don’t invest in bitcoin. They don’t earn money in the international exchange market. Nothing of any monetary value is taking place. How do we know?


Let’s pick through each claim made on the site and then establish and expose the truth behind the lies.

The main point of the site is to convince you of two things.

1. Hash Reserve is operated and managed by a team of highly skilled individuals who specialize in making money off of trading in bitcoin.

– This entire premise is false. There is no “team”. In fact, we don’t even have the name of the person behind this operation. Who owns Hash Reserve? They won’t even tells us.

Thought: Would you trust your money to a stranger if he had a nice website? Hopefully not! You should never give your money to anyone online unless you have their name and location.

When it comes to the world of online investments, people seem to throw all caution to the wind and trust blindly. Those of you who are reading this are smart, and you realize this. That’s why you searched for a review. But many people out there believe that if something is online, it must be true.

Don’t fall into this trap! The scam artists that run websites like Hash Reserve and United Trading Network put time and effort into making their scheme look as real as possible so they can gain your trust.

Lesson: This site is operated by an anonymous person or people who are lying about the nature of their business.

2. Many investors have made millions of dollars off of investing with Hash Reserve.

– One thing that is missing from this website is proof. There is no proof that anyone or any company has ever made or will ever make any money at all. They are literally trying to get you to give them your money without showing you anything to back up their claims.

Legitimate investment websites make sure to show complete reports or portfolios showing their gains and losses over the past quarter. That way you can see what percentage of success they have had.

Hashreserve.biz does not provide a portfolio or any other documented evidence that they can make money or that they have paid any money in withdrawals.

Lesson: No proof = no trust! Do not trust a company that refuses to show the proof of what they claim to have done in the past.

Investment Options

Three plans are offered for investing. Take a look at the photo below to view the various options.

Hash Reserve Scam

Right off the bat, we can identify one glaring problem. Never trust a site that claims they will make profits “forever”. As you can see all the plans have a daily earning and no maturation date. This means that they claim your initial investment will earn money “forever”.

Any investment plan that claims to last forever or have no expiration or maturation date is lying to you. That is NOT how investments work. When you deposit your money into a real bank you will earn money on it until you have reached the maximum earnings. At this point, you can withdraw the money or reinvest it.

In the case of Hash Reserve scam, they are trying to convince you that your initial investment will keep earning you forever. How is this possible? Where is the money even going that it has the power to earn indefinitely without being spent.

This is ludicrous.

Earning 11% a day is also much too high to be taken seriously. This is an easy case of…

If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t true.

Remember the golden rule of investing. Do not trust a man that promises you the world without showing you any proof!

Is Hash Reserve Legit?

The true nature of this HYIP (high yield investment program) is that it operates with a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme model for paying withdrawals. They do NOT invest in the market or bitcoin exchange. If this was a true claim they could easily prove it, which they have not done.

In truth, they pay withdrawals with the money invested by people that join after you. In other words, when you join Hash Reserve and deposit money, your money will go to pay someone who joined before you. The people who run this website will normally pay you on your first withdrawal, if it is a small sum of money.

If you request a withdrawal that is too large, they simply won’t pay. BUT if you request a small portion of their money, you will probably get paid. Why? They want to increase your trust in them. 9 times out of 10 when a person is paid they invest a much larger sum of money. This money is then swept up and never seen again.

Even if they pay all withdrawals, this can only last for a few months until the new investor pool dries up and new money stops coming in. When new money fails to be invested, the company won’t be able to pay anyone and will take what is left for themselves and close the website down.

Nothing about this site is legit. They lie about the way they earn money and they won’t pay out past a certain amount. The main reason they created the site was to draw in a large pool of investors and then steal all their money.

Earning Online Without Scam

When it comes to earning online, we have “been there done that”. There is nothing we haven’t tried or seen. We have lost a lot of money to scams and because of that we only support the safest ways to earn. We don’t believe in taking big risks and neither should you!

After all, it’s your money and you should protect it at all costs. There is always a risk when working online and if you are ready for that, please check out the approved sites below. Message us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Is Hash Reserve a Scam?

After examining the evidence the last piece of our investigation is found in the user reviews. What are our readers saying about this program?

Firstly, we are still gathering evidence. That means that we need to hear from you! If you have been working with them and have been paid OR scammed, we need you to contact us and let us know.

It is only by hearing from real people that we can determine what is being done. For now, we have decided to classify this site as NOT PAYING. Why?

After only two months we have been told by several people that they are still waiting for withdrawals that never processed. This is a bad sign!

Hash Reserve is a Scam!

If you want to earn online without losing, we recommend that you stay clear of HYIPs and other investment plans. Instead, try the programs we mentioned above! Stay safe online and always proceed with caution. And as always…

Happy Earnings.

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  • 徐琳

    your are right, it is a scam website. it stops paying today from I deposit 0.05 bitcoin one day ago.

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  • michael navarro

    me too,,, RIchmond Berks it stop paying for the last few days… i try to withdraw but nothing happen

  • www.webdevelopmentlabs.com

    What about HashPower.io guys?