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Before you join another Russian HYIP scam you absolutely need to read our full Review! We have all the information you need in order to avoid losing your money with this nasty scam! You will see below that this is NOT the first time this team of Russians has started a scam site, and it won’t be their last.

We NEED your help! Please share this post on social media in order to shut their site down. The more people that see our post, the fewer people will join it. When people stop joining it, they will be forced to shut down as they won’t be making any money.

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) of 12% daily for 12 consecutive days. The site claims that they are a business that specializes in providing high tech diodes to areas that don’t have access to them. In doing so they make a huge profit which they then share with you.

Before we get too far into this review we would be irresponsible if we didn’t point out that is the SAME scam as We bused a few months ago. After we published our review, the creator of the site shut it down and we thought that was the end of him.

We were wrong! He’s back with a carbon copy of his previous scam, he simply took the entire site and renamed it The site and details, even down to the photos and website design are exactly the same. It seems laziness his one of his best traits. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to view his previous site as he took it offline. But we saved the evidence in our review which you need to read before proceeding. Scam Facts

Firstly, let’s discuss the origins of the nasty filthy behind this scam. As you may know, Russia has been the number 1 producer of HYIP scams in the last few months. We keep reiterating this fact to keep it in your mind! scam is owned and operated by a Russian scam artist that has probably been the admin of hundreds of HYIP scam sites. He keeps coming back because this scam business is very profitable for him. Don’t let him take advantage of you!!

Let’s look at the other facts surrounding the scam.

1. The creator and admin are anonymous!

The fact that this scum has chosen to hide his name is pretty much hard proof that he intends upon stealing your money. What sort of man would ask you to invest your money with him when he won’t even tell you his name? Please think this through! These people want you to trust them with your money but they don’t even trust you enough to tell you their name. You deserve better than that!

2. site has a photo of the American flag on it as well as a photo of the Statue of Liberty. Does this mean they are American based?

Think again! scam is NOT an American company. They put these photos to trick people into thinking they are legitimate. The site is Russian, not American. Once again, do not trust a site that deliberately misleads you into investing your money in a site full of lies.

3. The site buys and sells high tech equipment to resell in areas that don’t have access to it.

This same lie was told about the scam site. Neither that site or scam are selling anything. They offer no proof of their business dealings. Furthermore, as we already know they took their last tech site offline, why would be any different? is Paying!

After talking to thousands of readers we realize that most people only care about one thing. People don’t care if the site lies to them as long as they get paid. This is a tragic mistake to make. Even if is currently paying, they are only doing so for one reason. They want to increase the trust among their investors and get the word to spread that they are paying.

Once the online HYIP community thinks they are paying, they will get thousands of new investors. This is when the scam really takes off and they will abruptly stop honoring withdrawals. People always fall into the same hole, time after time. If you learn one thing from this review please take this to heart:

Just because a HYIP is paying today, that doesn’t mean they will pay tomorrow.

We predict that the HYIP scam will last approximately 2-4 more months before shutting down. We also predict that the Russian scammer behind this site will then open a new HYIP scam and start stealing all over again.

As of today, scam is paying. However, don’t come to us two weeks from now and claim they aren’t paying. We know! They will STOP paying any day, even tomorrow. It is impossible to guess the exact date they will stop paying, but it WILL happen. Do not join this ridiculous copycat scam. Ponzi Scam?

You are most likely wondering how is paying if they don’t sell anything to invest. uses the Ponzi scheme method to pay withdrawals. This means that they use the money from new investors to pay withdrawal requests to older investors. This is a process that never lasts.

In a Ponzi scam that only way to keep paying withdrawals is if the site continues to generate new deposits. But eventually, the admin will stop paying and start collecting deposits until he has the target amount of money he was hoping to make. Once this is achieved he will take the remaining money and shut the site down.

Can you hope to get your money back?

No. If you lose your money with this same there is no way to get your money back. Why? Nobody knows who the owner is and only BTC was used, which makes it untraceable. If someone contacts you and promises to get your money back, don’t trust them! They are simply going to take more money from you and disappear as well!

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Is a Scam?

It is clear that is a scam! Don’t trust this devious site and don’t give them anymore of your money! They have enough already! After their previous scam shut down they made thousands of dollars out of stealing!

Please send us an email if you need to report a scam or ask for advice about a HYIP or trading site. We will do our best to help you!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • dana

    They were also for a few days and then yesterday the site all of the sudden became They wanted us to register again and add another deposit after they took our other one. They were asking for another deposit in order to withdrawal money. All a big SCAM! BE AWARE

  • Mulyono Ari Wibowo

    Thanks for the review. Are there any other reviews about:
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    3. BTC Great
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    5. Bitcoin doubler expert

    • We have reviewed many of those! You can use the search bar on our site home page to find them. They are all scams.