Guaranteed Payouts Scam Review

Guaranteed Payouts Scam Review. You need to read our Guaranteed Payouts review before investing any money! We will show you if they are a scam or legit! In this review we give evidence that shows Guaranteed Payouts is a scam!

Is Guaranteed Payouts a Scam or Legit?

Guaranteed Payouts is hyped up binary software that not only promises you’ll make 10 thousand dollars a week, it guarantees it! Anyone following our blog is well aware that the word “guarantee” should be completely banished from your vocabulary when talking about binary options. Nothing in the binary options world is guaranteed. Be incredibly suspicious of anyone who claims you will be guaranteed profits! Walk, no RUN away!

Guaranteed Payouts Scam Review

Guaranteed Payouts Scam Review, Guaranteed Payouts Scam Review

Guaranteed Payouts claims they have a 91.4% ITM rate, which is also completely unheard of in the binary options world. Victor Langley is the name of the man that pretends to be the creator of Guaranteed Payouts. We say “pretends” because we can’t find any legit information about Victor Langley online. The voice actor that narrates the promotional video is a good actor but we highly doubt he is “Victor Langley”. He claims to have been a senior engineer for a global networks company yet he has virtually no information online. This smells like a scam!

Is Guaranteed Payouts a Scam?

“Victor Langley” tells us that he met a guy named Nigel who helped him develop a software that bases trades off of the synchronization of trades across the markets. This is just gibberish and holds no weight with traders that understand how the market works. Guaranteed Payouts calls this a “timings anomaly”. Don’t let this fancy language confuse you. It’s empty fluff and means nothing. You will lose all your money if you choose to invest with this software because they are liars and fairy tale authors.
At the bottom of the Guaranteed Payouts website is a badge that claims the site is verified by “Binaryoptionsplace”. This is a scam service itself which really gives even more proof that Guaranteed Payouts can’t be trusted. It’s all to easy and common these days for websites to award themselves with fake badges of verification or trusted status. Don’t trust these badges! They are easy to create and easy to use, without any oversight!

Guaranteed Payouts uses fake names, photoshopped trading results, and makes outrageous claims of 10 grand a week winnings. Don’t trust this scam and don’t lose your money!!
Conclusion: Guaranteed Payouts is a SCAM!

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