Guaranteed Money System Review: Angela Stevens Scam Exposed

After you finish reading our comprehensive Guaranteed Money System Review, you will have no doubt in your mind that this binary options scam is not acting alone. It is intricately tied to several other recent viral scams, which have stolen thousands of dollars from traders such as yourself.

Before you even consider investing in this trading software, it is important that you understand what it is and how it was designed to steal from you. Many of our readers have already fallen victim to previous binary scams (United Trading Network Scam) and we believe that you deserve better.

Most of you probably heard about this software from an email dropped directly into your inbox. These emails all sounds pretty much the same, promising you the chance to make millions of dollars without lifting a finger. 99.9% of the time, this is pure spam and should be deleted without opening!

In the future, please be advised that these emails are spam and have nothing but lies inside of them. Many of them contain links that are not safe nor trusted. Please do not click on these links anymore and refrain from forwarding them to your friends.

Below we will discuss the nature of this newest scam as well as advise you on how to earn safely online.

Let’s get started!

Official Website:

Guaranteed Money System Review

Guaranteed Money System Review

The first thing you are told upon entering the website is that THIS is the first trading system that guarantees you to make money. This is quite a catchphrase in the industry so full of scams that rarely any good traders come out unscathed, with their money intact. Remember, ALL financial scams make the same cheap claim. They all guarantee that you will make money and none of them ever work.

The first sign of a scam is the “guarantee”. Nobody can promise you anything in terms of investments. That is the nature of the financial world, no promises!

Here are a few of the other audacious claims given on the website.

1. A legal team has guaranteed that you will make over a million dollars in one month or else Angela Stevens will pay you.

2. Guaranteed Money System is an old software that has been around for 20 or more years.

3. Angela Stevens is a multi-millionaire simply from using this system.

4. This binary system has been open to testing for several months with great success.

Reality check! The Guaranteed Money System is an exact copy of a previous binary options scam, Free Money Guaranteed in which thousands of people were left high and dry after investing their money. Nobody made any profit with this original scam and the owner eventually stopped promoting it.

The owner then replicated it and changed the name in an attempt to put a fresh face on his lies. The same house, pool, and cars are used!

Lesson: The men who design these scams do so with the intent on seducing you into investing money. Why? Because they share in this money after the broker takes it from you.

Every single aspect of Guaranteed Money System is a scam. The woman featured in the video is a cheap and gaudy actor. As you read below, keep in mind that these professional binary options scam pimps have crafted everything with you in mind. They want to take you by the hand and then shove their fat fingers into your bank account.

Exposing Angela Stevens

It should come as no surprise that the large busty woman in the promotional video is not really Angela Stevens. She is a former adult film actress who found her way into this new line of work through her agent. It doesn’t look like she will have much of a career in binary scams (after we are done with her). She will most likely shrivel back to her former day job.

She tells us that her dead father is the man responsible for inventing the formula behind this trading software. That’s a load of lies! Binary options trading wasn’t even around back when she was a child… not unless she’s only 14 years old that is. From the looks of her, she’s pushing late 30’s, which can only mean she has no idea how stupid the script writer was when he wrote this emission of guilt.

There is no way her family fortune came from binary trading. Why? Binary trading is very new to the online world and when it first released nobody was making millions.

She also claims that trading software was reported in Bloomberg and CNBC news. This is a lie.

No news organization has ever reported on the comings and goings of the Money Guaranteed System. In fact, this binary options auto trader was just released a few weeks ago.

This means it is not an old and reliable system but rather a brand new and certainly untested software!

Tip: Never trust a new trading software with your money. These new auto traders are largely unregulated and untested, meaning your money is at great risk.

The Guarantee

The promise on the website is that YOU will make a minimum of 1.3 million dollars in 30 days, or Angela Stevens will give you 500 thousand dollars of her own money. She completes this lie with a visit from a fake lawyer.

We examined the letter below for accuracy and discovered that is was completely fake.

Guaranteed Money System Scam

The document was crafted by the Goldberg Cohen Associates with an address located in Miami, FL.


No such attorney’s office exists in Miami, Flordia. This is a clear and undeniable proof that this entire legal document if a forgery, complete with fake details and most of all…

More lies.

Be sure of one thing. You will lose any money you deposit with this binary options auto trader, and you will certainly never see a dime from the imposter, Angela Stevens.

User Reviews

Every single person that has signed up with this system has lost their money.

Please note. Not one shred of verifiable data was given to prove that this auto trader works. Even worse, instead of proof, we are given lie after lie.

– Fake news reports.
– Actors lying from lavish sets.

These are what you see from a nasty scam, not a legitimate broker or signal provider.

Earning Online

If you haven’t been scared off of investing online, we have a few safe suggestions for you!

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Is Guaranteed Money System a Scam?

The evidence speaks for itself here. Guaranteed Money System is a scam. They will fall apart just as their predecessors have already done. However, in the meantime, they will amass a large fortune off the backs of traders such as yourself that don’t see this review.

Please inform your family and friends of this scam and make sure to block all future messages from these email spammers. Rest assured, there are new binary scams being released each day, tomorrow it will be another.

Take care of your money online. Be safe and make sure to check out our Recommended Signals for our favorites!

Happy Earnings!

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