GPS Trader Scam Review

GPS Trader Scam Review. This review is in regards to the GPS Trader Software  for binary options. Our team at Binary Scam Watch Monitor has concluded an inquiry into the claims and proofs given by GPS Trader. We have uncovered the truth, that this new viral auto trader is nothing but a cheap scam with gimmicks that are best reserved for a circus. Please read this review before choosing to invest any money with this scam, as you will surely lose it all. The facts speak for themselves, and they say loudly and clearly that GPS Trader is a scam just like the Plentitude Formula Scam.

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DESCRIPTION: We have uncovered the truth, that this new viral auto trader is nothing but a cheap scam with gimmicks that are best reserved for a circus…

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What is the GPS Trader by Richard Heffner?

GPS Trader Review

GPS Trader Review

Richard Heffner is the CEO and creator of the newest viral auto trader to hit the market. He claims that his new system will profit the average trader $20,000 a day, or he will personally adjust each account to reflect a 20k earning. Richard Heffner is attempting to acquire 20 new traders to be his partners. Each of these people will be guaranteed the 20k daily earnings. These incredibly inflated financial earnings are based on the notion that his computer system is faster than the Wall St. computers, which means his software can predict winning trades earlier and with a far higher accuracy than other systems.

Let’s put these claims under a microscope. Richard Heffner wants to convince us that he has been working in the binary options industry for 4 years, and made a total of 139 million dollars during this time. If such a thing were true, he would be wildly famous and globally renowned. Such is NOT the case. Nobody in the binary options industry has ever heard of the mysterious Richard Heffner. His name only appeared on google, 5 days ago when his system was released. Before that time, he was unheard of. For someone with such a life changing trading success to be so unheard of is inconceivable.

Top 3 Reasons Why GPS Trader Software by Richard Heffner is a Scam!

1. We are only taking 20 people in 48 hours! False. The GPS Trader has been available for about 5 days now and the website and promotional video are still claiming the same bogus thing. The fact is simple, they will take as many people as they can, because they earn a commission off of each sale, which is what motivates their lies in the first place. This is nothing short of a manipulation tactic commonly used in the binary options industry.

2. $850 every hour, every day, for life! $20,000 a day for life!! False. Let’s crunch these numbers. In order to make $20,000 a day, you’d need to have traded a total of 23 hours every day (at the $850 an hour rate). This is a feat that is truly impossible, because the market is literally not open for 23 hours a day. Richard Heffner is weaving lie several layers wide. The numbers speak for themselves and the numbers are clear. GPS Trader is a fraud!

GPS Trader Scam Review

GPS Trader Scam Review

3. GPS Trader finds winning trades because their software is 100x faster than the Wall Street Computers. False! This may sound reasonable to untrained ears, but this is not how the market works. Keep in mind that the Wall Street trading system are utilizing the best and fastest technology on the planet. There is no system that can beat theirs as far as market knowledge goes. The second thing to understand is that each broker has a delay while executing trades. These delays would essentially wipe out any “head start” that the GPS Trader claims to give.

4. Positive Facebook comments and reviews! False. Scroll down the GPS Trader scam website and you will see a section of FB comments with glowing reviews. We attempted to locate any of these comments on FB and were unable to do so. Even the FB accounts and names were not locatable. I suppose we need a GPS “super fast” computer to do the job for us. (sarcasm intended)

GPS Trader Scam Review

GPS Trader Scam Review

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Being successful with binary options and forex!

Our most answered email inquiry is, “How can I make money with binary options when there are so many scams?” The answer to this is complex but worth understanding. Binary options and forex are highly profitable financial markets. The odds are stacked against the new trader, who lacks knowledge and education. In binary options you really benefit from having a bit of “street wise” knowledge. Without it, you’ll end up loosing a lot of money. Much of the time trading turns into a learning experience and you will learn, but only by falling down and picking yourself back up again.

Don’t be too discouraged! We have a few systems that we recommend to new traders while they learn the ropes and get their feet wet. The first and best is Social Trading with Tradeo. This system offers many benefits to the new trader and we are still using it today even though we don’t qualify as “new” anymore. The second system, which is garnering quite a bit of attention lately is, NEO2 Software. You can read about both of these systems on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email and we’ll get right back to you!

Conclusion: GPS Trader is a SCAM!


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