Google Trader Scam review

Today’s scam is Google Trader. Originally I wasn’t going to write about this scam because it’s blatantly obvious that it’s a scam. However, I was alerted by some traders of ours that several scam review sites are now affiliating themselves with Google Trader and making positive reviews on them. So thanks to them, I will go ahead and write my thoughts about this auto trading software.

Let’s clear the air. Several popular binary options reviews sites have said that it’s impossible to know for sure if something is a scam or not unless you or somebody you know tries it. This is true. However, we don’t just throw our money down on any cutesy ad we see to determine whether it works or not, right? Of course not. Most of us don’t want to be guinea pigs with the risk of losing our money. So how can we know for sure something is a scam if we haven’t tried it? Simple. We examine the evidence given by the creators of the scam and then decide whether that evidence holds up or not. So let’s take a look at the evidence and see what we find.

Google Trader is an auto trading software. They have the audacity to use the name Google when they actually have no connection to Google whatsoever. This should be the first sign that something isn’t right. Just to be clear, this scammy software system have NOTHING to do with Google. There is NO google power behind this.

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‘Google’ Trader makes the same impossible claims that every other scam does. Their 96% win rate is grossly inflated.scamwatch Even the best traders can’t claim this win rate. Their website boasts that they never take a trade unless they know it’s going to win. If this was true, wouldn’t their win rate be 100%? Silliness. They use photoshopped trading results and fake facebook comments. Check out their facebook comments and you will see that while they look real, you can’t click on any of the names. It’s all a sham.

They have a section on their video dedicated to video testimonials. While seemingly convincing it took us about five minutes to find all of these people on Fiverr. How can we trust an offer like this that fakes 100% of their evidence? If their claims were true they would have no trouble using real customers, but these are all actors that you or I can hire for $5 a video.

After examining the evidence it’s more than clear that “Google” Trader has no problem lying to sell their product. So how can you trust them?

Ben Wilson is the founder of this scam. He says, “Why Google? Because Google knows everything.” Wrong. Google is merely a search engine that pulls up websites based on searches. Google itself doesn’t know anything. Don’t fall for this scam.

Unfortunately we’ve seen a few former trusted review sites that have now chosen to work with known scams. This is a shame. Be careful out there guys. If you are looking for binary options signals check out our recommended signal providers here


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