GOLD Digger Scam Review

GOLD Digger Scam Review

GOLD Digger is a fancy new scam that was just released today. Take caution! There isn’t any gold to be found in this scam. Two software developers named Ronald and Antony are behind this hoax. They claim to be traders/computer programers who discovered a loophole in the Gold market.

Of course they don’t explain this loophole. But it sure sounds nice, doesn’t it. Beware of these “loophole” claims because they are just a fraudulent way of saying absolutely nothing.

The profits they promise are too good to be true. They have a cheesy voice over and proofs that can easily be photoshopped. They are claiming a 450% gain on your initial deposit per week. This is a gross exaggeration. Let’s go ahead and count the lies!


Scam 1: No Broker Signups. LIES!! We downloaded the software and after doing so we discovered that in order to continue with the process we needed to “activate the software”. This activation requires funding a new account through, you guessed it, a broker! This is how the GOLD Digger developers make their money, through commission sales.  They are liars, plain and simple, and the first thing you see when you enter their page is a lie.


Scam 2: “We have even notarized – yes NOTARIZED – the results of the GOLD Digger app. This means verified by a 3rd-party notary that these results are in fact achievable.”

This isn’t how notarization works, so we are calling this claim incredibly suspicious. Notaries prove the verification of an attestation. The attestation in this case is that the software system really does make the profits it claims to make. The profits must first be verified before they can be notarized and this doesn’t seem to have been done! The GOLD Digger claim has not been verified so how can it be notarized?

However, let’s assume that the notarization process actually is capable of proving that the company is making the profit they say they are making. In order for us to trust this we need to be able to examine the credentials of the institution that notarized them. It would not be far fetched to suggest that this kind of thing could be easily forged or purchased through a bribe.

Scam 3: “Closed door meetings were held and still Antony and Ronald didn’t want to sell their software.” They offer no proof for this claim and therefore it should be taken with a grain of salt. Why? Because software designers are in the business of making money and the best way to make money is by creating a software and selling it. That is how the profit is generated. They claim to have sold a previous software license in the past, so why do they not sell this one now?

Please don’t think for one second that anyone in this business is doing so for philanthropy. They just aren’t. This is a bogus manipulation tactic. They claim to be taking a 1 cent commission on each sale. This is ridiculous. Even a low end affiliation deal pays more then 1 cent per trade. We are supposed to believe that Antony and Ronald are doing all of this for a penny commission? You’d have to be the most naive person on the planet to believe such a thing.

Just like the numerous gold digging scams of the past, this is surely another one. Dig at your own risk!

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