Gold Digger Review Update- Malware Detected

I wrote about the GOLD Digger scam a few days ago HERE and this is an update!!Xigncodepic

I want to alert you to something more devious that GOLD Digger has done! Beware of this disgusting company and their software! I installed the GOLD Digger software on my computer. When I attempted to remove the software I was given a nice little parting gift. Malware!

GOLD Digger software installed malicious files onto my computer when I removed the software. This is what they do to you when you decide you don’t want to continue with their trading! It left several malware files behind! This was a huge headache to remove and I’m more than a little angry over it.

The files will leave pop up ads in your browser for other scams they want you to try and dangerous websites as well. Even worse, the malware creates a connection bridge between your computer and their server! This bridge steals your stored information! Passwords and emails! Anything that you have saved in your browser is theirs. Your email will turn into their own personal spam inbox.

Here is the bridge that is in your system and running in your computer process.
How to Remove GOLD Digger malware from your pc and fix it ?

1- Install perfectuninstaller
2- Open the software and select processes tab.
3- Uninstall any process related to [Network Virtual Bridge]
4- Go to C:\Program Files you will find two folders [Network Virtual Bridge] and [Network Virtual Bridge Update Protocol] delete both folders!

**Note: After following these steps your internet connection will not work.

This is because of the bridge proxy that you just have disabled and deleted. You will need reset the TCP from the computer.

To do so please click Start > All Programs > Accessories, right-click on Command Prompt and choose “Run as administrator”.

OR you can: Type in the search bar “Command Prompt”. Run this as an administrator.

When you open the Command Prompt Box  type this command in it:
netsh winsock reset catalog             Press [Enter] on your keyboard.

Then Type this too:
netsh int ip reset reset.log              Press[Enter] on your keyboard.

That should take care of the problem!  Restart your computer and now your pc will be safe and clear.

Please share this and comment here if you have any problem! Notice that the all good reviews about this software on the internet are absolutely fake!! This software is a scam and does not work!

  • Paul Adams

    Omg, i installed it yesterday because of the good reviews on the other scam watch site. thank u for sharing this. i’v lost all my money trading and i thought this software will help but it turned to be a dangerous scam and now i can’t get rid of that virusal bridge. please help 🙁

    • please let us know what problem you have so we can help you.

  • Roy

    I have been fighting Gold Digger for some time. I do have a couple of questions. Several other supplier’s use Virtual network correctly. By deleting the two folders these connections will be lost. How do I fix short of reloading the apps? Is there anyway to delete only the Gold Digger connection?

    • Hello Roy. I don’t think there is any way you can take off only the Gold Digger connection without deleting those two folders. I suggest you go ahead and delete those folders. After you have gotten rid of the Gold Digger connection, just reinstall the other services/suppliers.

  • JC – We are so sorry to hear that! You are correct. We have reviewed Dow Jones Equinox and it is most definitely a scam. The newest scam being pushed right now is Vertnext. Stay clear!

  • Markku Peltola

    GD ‘signals’ are 45-50% ITM, so I lost in the long run. Then I started
    analysing GD signals with RSI, MACD, BOLLINGER BANDS before making a GD
    trade and results45-60 ITM. So why trade with GD? No use. Do not trade
    with GD. You do better without GD. – Markku –