Gold Binary Robot Scam Review

Gold Binary Bot Scam Review. The automated trading bots for binary options are literally flooding the market. We have been reviewing countless such bots over the last few weeks and have many still to go. It’s incredibly important that you do research before investing with any of these trading softwares, even if they came to you through a trusted source or link. Take the time to read trusted review on them, to avoid becoming one of their many victims. You are free to email us at any time to check about one before investing as well as subscribe to our blog to get our latest reviews!

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing our investigations into many of these viral trading robots. Never before is it more important to protect yourself against being scammed!

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DESCRIPTION: The creators of Gold Binary Bot remain anonymous, simply referring to themselves as three friends who were formerly traders in binary options…

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Is Gold Binary Robot a Scam?

Gold Binary Robot Scam

Gold Binary Robot Scam

This week we’ve been catching up on some long awaited scam reviews that involve seemingly harmless binary options auto traders that appear to be legit. These investigations have required a bit more digging than our average reviews take. However, this process is well worth it in order to expose all automated trading bots that all end up in the same money sinking hole!

The creators of Gold Binary Bot remain anonymous, simply referring to themselves as three friends who were formerly traders in binary options. After losing quite a bit of money in trading, they joined up together and created an automated trading software that analyzes data and places highly accurate signals.

It’s important to note that nowhere on the Gold Binary Bot website is there any statement as to how much money you can make or even what the ITM % is. This makes it impossible to determine what financial earnings are predicted by the automated software. This was done purposefully so that when you lose your money you can’t complain, because they never promised you’d make any!

The entirety of the Gold Binary Bot website is unusually boring when compared to the scores of other options on the market today. This in itself does not mean that it is a scam. However, we’d like to point out a few details that cause us to be very wary of this system.

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1 – The owners of Gold Binary Bot actively encourage their members to accept the bonus offered by the broker they are assigned to. More than that, they insinuate that this bonus is a special offer only available for members who join Gold Binary Bot.

False. Every broker we’ve ever reviewed has offered a bonus, which is normally a matching dollar amount to your initial investment. These bonuses are given to anyone, and come with a huge string attached.

We do not recommend ever accepting a bonus from a broker, because these bonuses come with a large list of “terms and conditions” that make it very hard to withdraw your profits. **Never accept a traders bonus!**

2 – The demo video for Gold Binary Bot is clearly filmed on a demo account that was not trading real money. This demo account is not demonstrative of true trading results.

“The results obtained in our video and the examples that we presented on the website are hypothetical or simulated performance results. Simulated results do not represent actual trading. Because trades have not been actually carried out, the results can be different from reality because they do not take into account certain elements of the real market, including the lack of liquidity. Furthermore, we hereby inform you that the demo video on the website was carried out using a demo account. The invested money is fictitious.”

Please note that when you view the video on the Gold Binary Bot website, what you are seeing is NOT REAL! Anything after this point is not necessary to convince you that Gold Binary Bot can’t and shouldn’t be trusted.

3 – The recommended strategy for Gold Binary Bot is the martingale strategy. This is a highly risky investment trading strategy that is sure to make you lose your entire balance. The only time we’ve seen this working is with incredibly high balances that start out with very low trade volumes. You can take a look at our review of IQ Option, where we recommend a martingale, but a trade size of only $1. Most brokers do not offer a $1 trade.

In the absence of a large starting balance and/or $1 trades, trading martingale is simply a terrible idea and should be avoided at all costs! Any serious trader will tell you the same thing. It is highly irresponsible of the Gold Binary Bot “team” to recommend martingale!

  • Trusting the Automated Trading Bot

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t get emails inquiring as to how to find a profitable trading bot. In our experience, finding a successful trading software is next to impossible. Every once in awhile a new software comes in and makes some great profits, but even those systems aren’t perfect. Any time you are trading on the financial market you will lose money. It is impossible to trade without losing and gaining money! Please take a look at our post on how to protect yourself while trading!

We currently only recommend as select few systems that have proven to be profitable. The best system we work with is Tradeo. This is hands down the best opportunity you have to trade on autopilot with a regulated broker and social trading forum! Check out our review HERE!


In the meantime, please email us with any questions or concerns you have. We are always looking for personal accounts and testimonials about how trading has effected you!

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