Globe Traders Scam Review

Globe Traders Scam Review. Binary Scam Watch Monitor is releasing a warning about the viral new binary options auto trading software, Globe Traders. This is a highly misleading and fraudulent company, which we have determined to be a scam. Globe Traders by George Porter has already scammed hundreds of people out of their money and they won’t stop until people stop signing up with them! Please read our full review before investing any of your money with this scam and the do your friends a favor by warning them as well!

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Globe Traders Scam Review

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DESCRIPTION: Globe Traders by George Porter has already scammed hundreds of people out of their money and they won’t stop until people stop signing up with them…

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Globe Traders Scam Review

Top 5 Reasons why Globe Traders is a Scam!

1. One of their largest claims is that they are “special” and “different” because they aren’t accepting everyone, they only accept people who have received a special invite. The problem with this claim is that virtually everyone who is on their email list is receiving this “special invite” and anyone else who accidentally stumbles on their website can also sign up. Obviously their website isn’t hidden and you don’t need a password to view the video. In fact the video is open to anyone in the world on youtube. This is a deception and nothing but a ridiculous manipulation tactic used to make you feel special.

2. $50 deposited directly into your free account after you deposit. False! The voice over actor calling himself “George Porter” asserts that you will receive $50 directly from his own account as a gift for signing up. This is nothing short of a lie. The $50 is merely a trading bonus that virtually every single broker offers, and these bonuses are basically a death sentence for any trading account. Even expert traders aren’t foolish enough to accept a trading bonus! “George Porter” can’t send you $50 directly from his account because “George Porter” doesn’t even exist. Don’t be fooled by this marketing strategy!

Globe Traders Scam Review

3. Globe Traders is a verified and legitimate trading firm. False! Globe Traders is not a legally recognized trading body and as such has no real identity outside of this one website and promotional video. The site itself was created on March 29, 2016, which means their business has only been around for a little over one month. They have a very vague address located in Panama, which is not actually registered with any trading body. In simple speak, this means that Globe Traders is nothing but a shady company with lofty pretenses of appearing to be much more than it actually is.

4. “George Porter” tells us that due to new trading regulations they have to add 39 spots to their trading firm in order to comply with the new laws passed in 2016. This is completely made up and there is no legitimate basis to it whatsoever. There is NO new trading law that makes such a requirement. Globe Traders is literally lying through their teeth and tossing around words and terms they have no business using to describe their own product.

5. George Porter is the CEO. False. George Porter is an invented name that appears to have fallen out of the sky. There is nothing credible about this person. We dug around in the trading world to find even an ounce of proof that he exists and failed to come up with even one minuscule thing.

Further Proof of Scam!

Let’s go over the facts. Global Trader claims that they have a secret trading algorithm that has been making amazing profits for a few years now. What is missing from this claim is proof. They have completely failed to demonstrate that their system works, outside of making hefty claims. They offer zero proof of ITM rate. They claim to be a real verified trading firm but have no actual website outside of this promotional website that was created less than 2 months ago. These are all HUGE red flags that just can’t be ignored.

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If you have information regarding another scam, please send us a message and we will investigate it. Also, be sure to check with our website before signing up with any new system! We are always here to answer your questions and help you make the best investment choices for your needs.

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Conclusion: Global Traders is a SCAM!!

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Globe Traders Scam Review
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