Review – Global Finance Hyip Scam Exposed

If you were thinking of earning some fast Bitcoin, please read our full Review first! This site is going absolutely viral and thousands of people are about to lose their money!

Nothing about this site is real. Global Finance ( HYIP) is NOT legitimate. As you will see in our review below, they have lied about literally every facet of their business.

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Official Website: Review Review is a high yield investment program that offers an ROI of between 3%-7% DAILY for varying terms. They want you to believe that they are a legal and real investment firm that is investing in several fields.

The following is a short list of the types of investments that they claim to be involved in. Their “team of professionals” is highly skilled at delivery profits in the following fields…

-Cryptocurrency Trading
-Sports Trading
-Oil Exploration (what does this even mean?)

Honest, the list above is just a piece of worthless trash. The reality is that this lying, deceiving website is doing NOTHING with your money. They are collecting it until they have their desired amount. At which time, they will close the website and disappear along with your hard earned money. Don’t believe us? Stick around for a few months and watch them fall.

We are pretty passionate about hating on these financial scams. Why? Because we hear from people every single day that have lost their money. This is a malicious scam industry bent on manipulating and lying to you every day. Don’t become one of their victims!

Director Mr. Marcos Cavalcanti Ribeiro?

Take a look at the photo below that you can find on the Global Finance scam website. Looks legitimate, right? Supposedly this is a photo of the director named, Mr Ribeiro.

Global Finance


This is actually Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese film director!

It is clear that GFGroup scam has no desire, to be honest with you or any of us about who they are and what they do. It is also clear that whoever designed this website was a lazy child who thought stealing a popular photo would be a great way to start his HYIP scam. This is really incredibly juvenile.

Question: Would you trust a person who deliberately lied to you about their name and identity in order to get your money? I hope not!

Business Details

Up next is yet another dubious lie. scam claims that they are a registered business in Hong Kong yet they also list their address as being in Panama. Last we checked, those two locations are pretty far apart.

The bottom line is that even if they are a registered business, this means ZERO in terms of trust. Please head our next warning. ALL of the HYIP scams that have scammed millions of people in the last year were ALL registered companies.

Being a registered business does NOT mean the same thing as a “regulated business”. Anyone can register a business for tax purposed. In order to really trust a website, you should always confirm that they are REGULATED.

Global Finance scam is NOT regulated and nobody is checking up on them to make sure your money is safe.

User Reviews: Is paying? scam has been operating for a little over a month now and already has proven that they will NOT pay. We have a collection of readers who are still waiting on withdrawals that have been pending for days.

The reports we have been taking are as follows: After receiving their first small withdrawal, investors feel safe enough to deposit a larger amount of money. After doing so, they find their withdrawal pending. When they proceed to contact customer support for help, they are told that they need to deposit additional money in order to “activate their account”.

After depositing, even more, money to keep their account active, they find their account is now frozen and all their money gone. This is exactly the same scam that has been played out by more HYIP scams than I can count. Don’t believe us? Just scroll through our large Scam List and see for yourself. These scammers are like cockroaches. They just keep coming back out of the sewers.

Let’s Make Some Money!

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Is a Scam?

It didn’t take us long to realize that we are dealing with yet another HYIP scam. is a scam that will steal your money if you let them. DO NOT invest. There are much better programs (see our short list above) that do pay and are REGULATED. If you want to earn online, don’t take your chances with a shady business that lies about their owner.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • besty

    hello readers, GFgroup has disabled withdrawals for days now. is it a scam or it will re-open soon?
    Advise please

    • My review explained how it is a scam. You should attempt to file a dispute with your payment processor.

  • It depends on what payment processor you used. Just find the contact us section.


    Am so scared about GFgroup it might be the the same as busycoin which closed last week.

    • It is. We have been answering emails all day from people who have not been paid.