Review – is GenAdShare a Scam? Review 

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Many of you have probably heard about this new rev share from a friend on social media and are trying to investigate it before signing up.

We have the information to help you make the best decision for you and your financial goals.

New rev shares are literally opening up every day, and it’s easy to get very confused and lost in the rev share world.

Please keep reading while we explain why it’s important to carefully choose your rev share wisely and how to make the most of your rev share experience.

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What is GenAdShare Review?

GenAdShare is a rev share that launched in March of 2016. With around 5 thousand members, is a smaller, more modest rev share.

They offer 4 different ad pack levels that all include different percentages of earnings.

You can choose to fund with a variety of payment processors, such as Payza, Neteller, Bitcoin, Solid Trust, and Payeer.

They also offer a standard 10% referral commission, which is where you can really make your earnings jump!

GenAdShare Ad Pack Plans?

As you can see from the following picture, there are 4 unique ad packs offered.

There are no membership fees so you can purchase ad packs from any level offered.

The earning on each ad pack ranges from 110%-125%.


This is a GREAT sign. Remember, the lower percentage of earnings, the more long-term stability the rev share will maintain.

Rev shares that offer earnings that are too high usually crash and burn.

Is a HYIP or Ponzi?

All rev shares create earnings by using a pyramid model. This is classified as a scam because while most pyramid schemes “guarantee” earnings, they absolutely can’t always deliver them. Check out our investigation of Merchant Shares!

This is what makes rev shares different.

Essentially offers you a chance to earn in a pyramid program of earnings while at the same time cautioning you that your earnings are not guaranteed.

There are two things here that separate rev shares such as from true pyramid schemes.

1. They readily admit that your earnings are NOT guaranteed. 

2. Rev shares are NOT investments. They are selling you a service (advertising packs) which happen to also earn money at the same time.

The earnings you make on your ad packs come from the sale of new ad packs by other customers.

Should those sales dry up, you will not receive any earnings.

Many people enter rev shares with false perceptions of what will actually occur.

Never join a rev share or any other online investment that guarantees you anything at all. Nothing is ever guaranteed.

However, if you pick a legitimate and safe rev share, it is possible to make extra money!

Is Paying?

As far as we can tell, is currently paying on withdrawals.

This can literally change overnight. That is why it is important to always check up to date information before joining any program.

Despite whether or not is paying, we ourselves are NOT joining at this time.

We are satisfied and VERY happy with the rev share we are earning with and see no reason to add additional risks to our financial decisions. Another rev share we reviewed is Traffic Hurricane.

Is a Scam?

Based on the current information we have, we are not blacklisting it at this time.

Please use caution when joining, because it is a smaller rev share, which means they might not have enough ad sales to continue paying on withdrawals.

Keep in mind the following points when deciding whether to join.

1. Low percentage of earnings means longer stability.

2. Small rev share that might not have enough members to sustain withdrawals.

3. Pyramid (Ponzi) based earning. Selling advertising packs keeps this rev share from being a true investment scam.

Safer Alternative to Rev Share Earning?

We do support one rev share, which we feel is the best in the industry. Check out My Paying Ads, the far superior alternative to

If you have any experiences working with GenAdShare or any other rev share, please be sure to leave a comment or email us!
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