Gemini2 Scam: Another Lie Exposed

Gemini2 Scam

Here we are about to unravel another scam behind lucrative claims. The , is another heinous binary options trading scam software which is making its debut in the market to steal people’s money. This time, the impersonator with a fake alias has bears the name as Brandon Lewis. In the promotional video, he allures the viewers by his fancy Lamborghini and fake promises with no credible basis at all. The Gemini2 scam is a refined version of Amissio Formula scam. The dots connecting both the scams are quite evident. Amissio Formula scam was designed to cave amateur and innocent traders. And in this Gemini2 review we will focus on unveiling the dark picture behind Gemini2 scam and how is it following the traits of predecessor.

Working Mechanism:

In the promo video, Brandon Lewis tries to convince the traders to invest in off-shore companies and their “trusted brokers”. Well for the information of our readers, such brokers are always rogue and their only intention is to rob-off your money. They have also introduced online applications to make it easier to steal your data and to use it for their benefit. In order to know more about Gemini2 scam, keep reading out latest Gemini2 review.

Gemini2 Review:

In this section of Gemini2 review, we will state every point which will testify against the Gemini2 scam. Let’s have a look.

  1. Fake Company Claims:

In the promotional video, the imposter named as Brandon Lewis claims himself to be the C.E.O of Gemini Holdings. He further explains that Gemini Holdings is a regulated firm with its head-office in California. In order to check the validity of this claim, we ran a cross check against the listed companies in U.S.A. To our surprise, there is not a single company listed under the name of “Gemini Holdings”. No matter under what category you may look, you won’t find this name at all. It is a clear indication that Gemini2 scam is as much heinous as one can think of.


  1. Illicit Profit Claims:

Furthermore, Brandon Lewis also claims about earning profit every day. It’s not any meager profit he talks about. Rather he claims of making profits as much as $10k and $50k per day with no any chance of losing at all. It is absolutely impossible for even the best financial expert to generate this much profit. This is something which is not even possible in any situation. Another false claim he makes is, their online trading app is capable enough to predict 100% accurate and profitable trades. For the information of our readers, whenever you have to deal with a broker, your chances of winning are diminished. How on earth does he claim of predicting and winning 100% profit?

In addition, the funniest claim he make is, financial markets are up and running 24/7. It is known to all that financial markets are up and running 5 days a week i.e. Monday to Friday. It seems to us like a comedy review rather than unveiling the Gemini2 scam.


  1. Fake Claims about Trading App:

It’s not our job to stop it from being funny as we are about to mention another hilarious claim about Gemini 2. Brandon Lewis, claims that his software is operating non-stop 24/7 making money and earning profit for the traders. First of all, there is no such software which makes you rich with a single click. And if were true, we would not be witnessing hundreds and thousands of traders losing every day. Secondly, if the financial market works just 5 days, what does the software do for an extra 48 hours?

In addition, even the best minds in financial industry are unaware as how to turn $250 into a staggering $918,112,50 in just a time span of 221 days.



  1. Sign-up Fees:

Here comes the money snatching part. The Gemini2 scam is almost same as any other scam we have exposed. If you take a look at the recent scams, you will find out one very similar trait. Each of these scams is charging $250 sign-up charges and in return, will give you shitty software. This software will be nothing more than a trademark of an interactive prototype interface. It will show you scammed and fabricated results. The Gemini2 scam will also convince you to sign-up for it after flaunting its easy withdrawal policy. Another bogus claim, because you will deal in a “deposit only” account without even knowing. We bet if you even manage to get your investment back.


  1. Fake Reviews:

The people from the promo video who are making claims of winning big profits, is quite a lie. They earned only that money which was paid to them to appear in this video to make false claims. They are nothing but paid actors with no credibility or trust. When the person calling himself a “C.E.O” of a non-existing company is out there, how one can trust the people in the video to be original?


  1. Missing Pages:

Furthermore, the website of Gemini2 scam is itself incomplete and full of flaws. If you bother to click at the “Terms|Support|Affiliates” buttons at the bottom right corner, will direct you nowhere. You will see empty pages out there after clicking them. It is a clear indication of maliciousness of Gemini2 scam. The website developers of Gemini2 scam software didn’t even bother to put fake security stickers on the site. They are so over-confident about their act of stealing money that they not even tried to make it seem legit.

Little do they know that we are always here to protect our readers from such heinous scams.


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Finally, the analytical inspection of every aspect of Gemini2 scam led us to fair and square conclusion. The Gemini2 scam is one of the most malicious and bogus scam one can ever come across. The imposter Brandon Lewis keeps on making lucrative, alluring and false claims with every passing second. The sole purpose of this software is to rob-off the people from their hard-earned money. Our reviews guarantee the safety of our readers and prohibits them from falling prey to such scams. So, stay put and keep following us on our Facebook page as well.


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  • Sijan

    I started with Gemini 2 when it was released and lost my money in the first week. so glad to finally find tradeo that works. I have made 276$ profit the first week. thanks bassam!!

    • I’m sorry about Gemini, but at least you are making some money back with Tradeo! Keep us posted!