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Gemini 2 Scam?

Starting off directly with the statement that, Gemini2 app is a blacklisted financial scam. It is also known as Gemini2 app and it is a binary options trading scam. Actually, this review is the next episode of our previously published Gemini2. In this review, we are going to unveil some points which will lead a lot others to disregard this software. Furthermore, Brandon Lewis, definitely a fake alias holder will receive major shocks from us indeed. Brandon Lewis while making several other claims, mentions a term “Enterprise Banking”. Uttering fancy words cannot change the fact that Gemini2 is a bona fide stealing software. It only wants you to sign-up to fill up its own off-shore coffers and it is for no good.


In our follow-up review, we will reveal more points from this fraudulent software. For now, before moving towards the critical analysis, keep it in mind that Gemini2 Scam is a malware and a scammed app. In addition, it is a heinous attempt to loot traders’ money by showing them fake lucrative returns.

Gemini 2 Review: Blacklisted App Revealed:

In this section, we will compare and contrast the claims from the video against the truth. In a short while, the readers will come to know how the Gemini2 scam is ruining the lives of traders.

  1. A Slight Recap:

The entire story starts with a guy named Brandon Lewis, a fake alias holder, roaming around in fancy car and making startling claims. In order to sell his bogus software, he is willing to go at lengths. This is what he wants to show the normal viewers and novice traders. Well actually, he makes a fool of all of the viewers. Every single person you see in the video is a hired actor. The only skill such scam actors possess is to be a part of such atrocities. 

In the promotional video, he befriends a low-paid person, who is an actor himself and makes him rich in a month. Well if this is the case, nobody has to do a job of 16 hours a day to make ends meet. This is all bogus and fake. And has nothing to do with real money making.


  1. Claims of Rehashing the Algorithm:

In the promo video, Brandon Lewis claims that he is a former employee from Google. While working on algorithm named as “Alpha Code”, he somehow ended up on a super-profitable algorithm. Most noteworthy, there is no such thing as Alpha Code except the one used in military. According to him, his boss gave him amazing bonuses and also gave him something else to work on. Furthermore, he makes another fake claim that afterwards he modified the software and introduced the Gemini2 software. This statement is a pure testament of the crime he committed in the first place.


First of all, his statement contradicts to many rules of professional ethics. If you are an employee, you are getting regular salary. The credit goes to the company for everything you do or achieve. Similarly, the company bears the loss in case you make any blunder. Nothing belongs to you and everything belongs to the company. This is the main reason behind the handsome remuneration. There is no such thing like owning something that you do for the company. Neither you reserve the right to steal that software or product and use it to further your cause. It refers to intellectual property theft.  And still if you are going to rely on the polished words of this scammer turned thief, pity on you.


  1. Fake Method of Illustration:

In addition, we all know that Gemini App is not free. A trader submits $250 on sign-up initially. In the promotional video, the impersonator Brandon Lewis meets a person named Jerry and vows to make him rich.If you see closely, the remaining balance in the account of Jerry, another fake alias holder is just around $63.

Gemini2 software

But after he signed up, we saw from the video that the Gemini2 app was showing his balance to be $250. Which is the initial subscribing fee, isn’t it? How can a person with just $63 in bank account, submit $250 without even depositing anything in his account? Rest of the reviews in the video are also fake and have no identity at all. This shows clearly what this software really is. It is indeed a deception tactic just to attract the inexperienced traders.


  •  Fake Company:

After watching the promo video, we ran a background search to check the validity of claims. We found that there is not a single binary options trading company whose name is even similar to ”Gemini Holdings ”. If he is actually earning $13,000 (approx) a day, the best way to spend it is to register the company first.  In our previous review, we mentioned that “Gemini Holdings” is not in the listed companies of U.S.A. Now the fact that it is not present on CySEC site, has removed the slightest trust from the hearts. The Gemini2 scam is totally out of the box and there is nothing that can save it.

  •  Flawless Software?? Really?

Though he made lots of claim in the promo video, this one is the most intriguing one. Flawless software, the terminology itself is a mystery. There is no such thing as flawless software. And talking about Gemini2 app, it’s a malicious shitty piece of a prototype. Calling it a “software” would be injustice to the field itself. Humans built the software. As the saying goes “To err is human”, how a human full of flaws can make a flawless software? It’s just another scam with the same tactic of ripping the traders of their assets.


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Consequently, the Gemini 2 scam is a dubious attempt to steal people’s money. Furthermore, it’s a threat to the novice traders who want to make a successful debut. Since we know that email marketers are doing pretty good to propagate the scam. Yet we are here to save the readers from such malicious financial scams. In addition, the fake alias holder, Brandon Lewis is a trickster and a fraudster. He knows nothing except propagating scams. Finally, our advice is to beware of such scams and keep reading our blogs and subscribe to our Facebook Page as well. 

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