Fxbitcoin Review: Fake Investment Scam (fxbitcoin.net)

This is our comprehensive fxbitcoin review. This post serves as a warning to anyone that is considering joining this investment fraud! Do NOT invest your money with this scam!

Included in this review is a complete explanation of how fxbitcoin.net operates and who runs it. We will take an in-depth look at the investment plans and supposed ROI (return on investment). If you have been given this website as a way of making extra money, you will want to see what we have to say about this website!

We have become aware that they are targeting specific countries as part of their scam network. These countries include, but are not limited to, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and North Africa.

If you are reading this after already losing money with this scam, please message us immediately for assistance in getting your money back. There are certain things we can advise you to do, but we need to understand your experience first!

In the meantime, stay away from another malicious and viral scam, Lexington Code!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://fxbitcoin.net/

Fxbitcoin Review

Fxbitcoin Review

Fxbitcoin.net is a high yield investment program or HYIP scam. We will explain a more below why we are referring to it as a HYIP scam. But first, let’s take a look at the origin and purpose of this company!

The first thing to understand is that Fxbitcoin.net is not a legally registered business. This doesn’t mean too much in terms of whether or not it is trustworthy. Just take a quick look at our scam list and you will determine that 90% of scams we bust are all legally registered businesses. However, it is noteworthy that this particular HYIP did not take the time to register their details as a legal business.

This website has only been online since December of 2016, which is roughly 4 weeks ago. This makes fxbitcoin.net a brand new website without much history to judge it by.

So how do they make money for you?

After you become a member through their site, you will need to pick one of their investment plans and make a deposit. Then you sit back and do nothing except wait for the profits to roll in. Once you see the profits hit your account, you take a withdrawal and ideally the money would come directly to your payment processor.

They work with bitcoin and Payeer, which means you can use bitcoin or USD to fund your account. This all sounds pretty awesome, right? You don’t even have to do anything at all! Just sit back and wait for the money to hit your account.

So let’s take a closer look at where this money actually comes from.

Fxbitcoin.net claims to have a team of financial experts who specialize in “Forex trading and investing in various funds and activities”.

What does that mean? Well, forex trading is the business of buying and selling currencies on the foreign exchange markets and making a profit when the selling price goes up from when you purchased it. We support forex trading by recommending our readers try Tradeo!

Forex trading can be profitable, but what exactly does “investing in various funds and activities” mean?  This is code for “bullshit”. This is literally a meaningless explanation that does nothing to increase trust or transparency.

If fxbitcoint is really so incredibly successful at making money with your investments, they should have no problem explaining what “investing in various funds and activities” means.

You are the client have every right to know where your money is actually going! This is a huge red flag!

Who Owns Fxbitcoin.net?

Here we have another red flag scam sign. The website itself does not have an owner’s name listed. Additionally, nowhere on the site is there any mention of an owner or who is part of the skilled team of money makers.

Ask yourself this question…

Would you hand your money over to a stranger on the street who was wearing a mask and refused to show you his real face or give you his name? Of course not! You would be out of your mind to trust someone with your money simply because they tell you they are a skilled trader.

If they won’t reveal their real name and show you their legitimate qualifications as a trader, you have no business trusting them. And make no mistake… such a person has something to hide and should NOT be trusted.

This is the case in point why we do not invest in any system that hides the real owner or portfolio details. And neither should you!

What Investment Plans are Offered?

Fxbitcoin offers 5 different investment plans. All of these plans are hourly, which means that you earn an ROI (return on investment) each hour until the plan expires. After the plan expires you are free to withdraw your profits.

If you take a look at the photo below, you can see the five different HYIP or high yield investment programs available. All of them have earnings that are so outrageously high, nobody would actually be able to believe this is possible.

Fxbitcoin Scam

For example, the CFO plan has a minimum investment of $100 and a return of 100% after 24 hours. This means that you could invest $100 and earn $200 after just one full 24 hour day. Does this sound too good to be true yet?

In the CEO plan, if you invest the minimum of $501, you earn 200% after just ONE HOUR! That means that after one hour you should have $1001 plus your original $501 sitting in the account and ready to withdraw.

It is simply not actually necessary to state the obvious. This is a “too good to be true” SCAM. If you chose to trust these outrageously inflated numbers given to you by an HYIP scam website that is run by a “team” of faceless and nameless internet strangers, then you should expect the results that follow. You will lose all your money.

Signs of a Legitimate Earning Company?

One of the most common questions we are asked through our email support is…. How can I make money online without getting scammed?

Here are a few tips we give out that may help you too!

1. Never invest with a website that hides the name and owners of the company and/or traders. There is a time and a place for being anonymous online, but when you need to trust someone with your money, you need to know who they are!

2. Chose only safe and trusted websites to invest with. If you can’t find real Facebook groups or user reviews, do not take the chance!

3. Only invest or spend what you can afford to lose. Some investment is safer than others, but all investments have the possibility of loss.

We are collecting user reviews from a broad range of programs. That is why we need to hear from you if you have had a bad or a good experience! It helps us to inform our readers, which saves everybody money! Let’s keep the positive vibes flowing!

Our top earning online websites are Social Trading with Tradeo, which is a regulated and safe forex trading broker. For those of you that do not like trading, we also recommend a rev share (which is similar to a HYIP but without the scam) called My Paying Ads and MyPayingCryptoAds. Take a look at those and tells us what you think in the comments or send us an email!

Is FXbitcoin a Scam?

If you take into account all of the information we gave you, it should be clear that this website is not trustworthy. However, there is one piece of the puzzle we didn’t expose yet.

What are real users saying about fxbitcoin.net? 

There is no Facebook group available to read real comments from. We have received close to 30 emails from people who found our review after losing money. Many of them have had their accounts blocked and closed when they complained to the customer support. Perhaps this is you… if you are one of the many victims, please send us a message!

Unfortunately, many people are promoting this scam, which is why it is gaining popularity even though it is not paying. They do so for the affiliate commissions. You can be sure that anyone who gives fake false reviews are just doing so for the money they will get!

If you think trusting a stranger with your money sounds legitimate than go ahead and fund an account. After you lose your money, you can let us know so we can try to help you. However, if you are intelligent and seek to avoid scams, you will be wise and avoid this one! They offer false promises to lure you in, and it works most of the time! Don’t be one in the long line of scammed individuals.

Take care and don’t forget to leave a comment! Happy Earning!

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  • Innocent Ohaeri

    I was scammed by fxbitcoin . indeed its a fake hyip.

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    https://www.fxbitcoin.net This is another 419 net. FAKE

  • Firoz Ali P

    Futurenet adpro legit or scam.your blog very help full Sir.Thank you