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unt yourself lucky that you are reading our Review before wasting your money on this malicious Ponzi scheme! We have the information you need to understand how this program pays and why it will steal straight from your pocket!

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ALERT: Scam Connection!

If any of you have been following our recent blog posts, you will see that we busted the CME Trades scam just a few weeks ago. It just came to our attention that CME Trades is part of a scam group that is also running the scam! It is likely that you have been targeted for one or both of these scams if you have fallen victim to either of them.

We are warning all of our readers to beware. We believe they are also running multiple other HYIP scam sites and when we find them, we’ll bust them! If you have any information pertaining to this, please send us a message so we can investigate. Any information you can give us helps!

Tip: Feel free to send us a message at any time. We are here to help you determine the best investment for you! Review Review

FundStream HYIP is an investment program that offers between 10-18% ROI (return on investment). These programs do not come with an expiration date, so hypothetically they are claiming you can earn this much FOREVER.

Before you get too excited, please note that any program that has no expiration date is completely unrealistic. If scam is using your money to trade with, eventually your original money would be gone and you would need to deposit again to continue earning. However, this program is claiming you will continue earning forever on a single deposit. That is just ludicrous and unrealistic.

The Admin (Owner)?

We did some heavy background research into the FundStream scam to determine who owns and operates the website. During this investigation, we determined that CME Trades scam is also owned by the same person, however, the name of this person has been kept hidden.

How do we know they are the same owner? When we contacted the customer support they told us to check out CME Trades, which is their other site. It’s crazy that they are so proud of this fact. Just today alone, we received several emails from people who are have never been paid by CME Trades.

Cryptocurrency Investing? scam claims that they have a professional team of investors who take your money and then use it to trade in cryptocurrency. However, we believe this is a lie. They fail to offer any proof of successful trades.

A real forex trading company OR cryptocurrency mining/trading company will gladly show you their results over the past few months. FundStream scam has not done this. In fact, they have given no proof that they invest or trade in the market.

Fact: FundStream HYIP is a Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are structured so that the company can pay the old members their withdrawals with money that is deposited by newer members. This works great until the new members stop joining. Once the membership decreases, nobody will be paid anymore and the admin will shut the site down and take the remainder of the money for himself.

This happens over and over again. It is already happening with CME Trades, which is the partner program to FundStream. We have created a simple check list you should always follow before joining any program! Take a look below!

1. Is the website regulated or insured?

MOST scams sites are registered businesses in the UK or Hong Kong. But NONE of these scam sites are regulated. Don’t be fooled into thinking a registered business is the same as a regulated site. If your site is not fully regulated, they will most likely steal your money.

2. Is the owner (admin) of the site up front and honest about his identity?

ALL scams that we bust share one thing in common. They all have an anonymous owner or an owner that uses a fake name.

3. Does the program accept a real credit card deposit, or do they insist on using e-wallets that provide zero protections against scams?

We never recommend using an e-wallet to fund an account unless the program is 100% legit. Any time you use a payment processor that doesn’t offer protection to you, you are taking your own risks. This is why 99.9% of online programs refuse to work with PayPal! PayPal is one of the only processors that will give you your money back if you are scammed.

4. Feel free to send us an email about any site so we can check it out for you!

We have a large reader base that emails us with their feedback about various programs. Chances are that we have talked to someone involved in every program online, so email us and we’ll let you know what we know!

Earning With A Regulated Site?

As we said above, the only safe way to earn online is with a regulated site that respects you and does not lie to you.

If you are interested in working with a real company, we recommend CM Trading. They are regulated and honest and you can’t go wrong!

Another option is IQ Options, which is our number one choice for a binary options broker! Both CM Trading (the best!!) and IQ Options are honest, legitimate companies.

Is a Scam?

We are 100% sure that is a scam. We have no hesitation in proclaiming this. If you chose to work with them, you will find yourself on the losing end. Take care and be safe!! And as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • hbhale

    Lost money in FundStream and betrobot.

    • Charles Haycox

      Same here– both of them, Betrobot really pissed me off. I lost a lot and never received a time.

  • Mukherji Sujoy

    The site seems shut down. I really hope it’s not a big scam. I don’t want to lose my investments.

  • mimi marks


  • Elisha Kanyagha

    another looks like launched 2june,is this also scam?

  • Anuraag Sharma

    I got scammed in fundstream

  • chigozie david

    Hello! I just got scammed by, my second withdrawal is also pending.

  • nemrod mondez

    my withdrawal is just pending and its usually instant to withdraw

  • tanay chowdhury

    hello , i was surfing through there site and i can see that they have left fundstream and shifted to swisscredit .operating on the same ponzi principles .Please let people know regarding the same

    • guillermo silvio the same people scamming everyone in their way

  • Felipe Brandão

    5 days paying correct. After that my withdraw shows PENDING.

    • We keep warning people. All HYIPs is a 100% scam! especially the cryptocurrency ones.

    • guillermo silvio

      fundstream is not paying attention all




  • Shivnath Rojatkar

    I n my frnd Invested £120+ in fundstream site.. never got any return. Withdrawal shows pending. N now ,even the site is not available. 🙁 Pls advise how to get our money back.. _/_

  • Me too lost my money on Fundstream. Too sad.