Free Money System Scam Review 2016 – A Permanent Trading Glitch

Free Money System Scam 2016: Fraudulent and Deceptive:

Binary options is comparatively a recent trading domain. Its perks are tremendous if you plan to trade the legit way. As it is a trading domain, it is also full of scammers and fraudsters. The only way these scam artists make money is when they manipulate inexperienced and new traders. Even more so, these scam artists have introduced many software modules. These software modules aim to make you rich, so far as claimed by the scammers.

Furthermore, they also make you believe in their “success stories” and trick you to buy it. Consequently, you end up losing every penny from your bank account. Same case here is with the Free Money System. The fraudster with a fake alias is named as “Walter Green”. In the promotional video, he makes lucrative and alluring claims to deceive financial newbies. Before you fall prey to this heinous scam, we implore you to read our latest Free Money System Scam Review 2016.

Free Money System Scam Review: Maleficent Software Exposed:

Let’s see how the fraudster who calls himself “Walter Green” tries the traders to invest and robs them:

  • Unfeasible Profit Claims:

For those pursuing financial studies even in their freshman year, won’t even fall for this shitty scam. Furthermore, our review is for those with no any prior knowledge of binary options trading. Let me get it straight, there is no any legitimate method which makes you “a millionaire” in just a matter of 90 days. It is a malicious claim with no any authenticity. The fraudster, with a fake alias, is doing his best in the video to allure the viewers with pretty lavish images. We are quite aware that a picture is worth a thousand words. But here, don’t let yourself be slipped into the trap Walter Green is setting up. Nobody can make you a millionaire via an auto-trading app. It is totally impossible and full of the hoax.


  • Bogus Claims of being Free:

In the promo video and all over the website of Free Money System scam, the fraudster is claiming the system to be free. However, the reality is quite the opposite. They first make you believe that it is absolutely free but it is not. Soon after you subscribe, you have to deposit a minimum of $250 to start trading. After depositing the amount, numbers start to appear on the screen again, fake and fabricated results. Finally, you are happy that money is pouring in while actually, your coffers are getting empty.

  • Poor Website

Do you believe after taking a look at the website that it is legit? Does it resemble any legit trading app’s site? No !! Does it have any “Contact Us” or even “About Us” page? Definitely not !! Does it portrays professional look from any angle?  Do you see any “Customer Support Panel”? The answer to all these questions is a plain “NO”. How is it even possible that a system making this much money for others, can’t even afford a professional site? The only reason is, it is a scam. Rather it is even more stupid scam which couldn’t even afford a few bucks for a website.

Furthermore, there are no any security badges over it. In addition, the mechanism of how does the software make money is also absent. When we refreshed it for the second or third time, the video was no longer there. For a sensible person, it is quite sufficient to prove that Free Money System is another bluff of 2016.



  • Identical to Millionaire Blueprint Scam:

Here we are, about to break another secret. The Free Money System scam is a new version of Millionaire Blueprint Scam. Many of you have already started biting their nails we bet! Yes, it is totally a replicated scam. It’s a reiteration of the same blacklist scam. Even more so, the scam artist is also the same. The site structure is also the same. How obnoxious!! If you want a clear picture, just read out the Millionaire Blueprint Scam review.

walter-green 2016

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Finally, our investigative analysis led us to a gloomy conclusion. The Free Money System is a heinous and most stupid scam. It is a malicious product of a blacklisted brand and it has no authenticity. Even more so, it is as much malicious as the Millionaire Blueprint Scam. In addition, we tried to track the scam artist but couldn’t find anything on him. It portrays him as a fake alias holder and an imposter. Above all, before you make a debut in binary options trading, beware of Free Money System Scam.

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