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Free Money Guaranteed Scam Review. We recently concluded our investigation into the alleged Free Money Guaranteed software. As a result of our investigation we are now officially declaring that Free Money Guaranteed is scam and a dangerous investment which will result in a complete loss of your investment within a few days time. This scam has also been directly linked to an older scam that went viral a few months ago and is currently still wreaking havoc on new traders in the binary options community. Please read this review through to the end as we will expose these devious marketing ploys.

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DESCRIPTION: As a result of our investigation we are now officially declaring that Free Money Guaranteed is scam and a dangerous investment which will result in a complete loss of your investment within a few days time…

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What is Free Money Guaranteed by Robert Anderson

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Free Money Guaranteed is a “done for you” auto trading software that places trades on your behalf based on market conditions. The claim with this particular software is that it will make you $526,000 a month. This is not a reasonable or realistic gain in any world, this world or the next! This is outright outrageous you should toss this notion out with the rest of the trash included in this promotional video. Robert Anderson and his wife spend 90% of their video showing off their lavish lifestyle and planting an unattainable idea in your head of riches and giving up your day job. If such a thing is possible it won’t be done by investing in the Free Money Guaranteed software.

Robert Anderson is not a real person. We did an investigation into trading history and found absolutely nothing. He has no real identity, he’s not listed on any list of the rich and famous, even though he claims to be a multi millionaire. These things are not hidden. Due to tax records and such, it’s actually pretty easy to find lists of multi millionaires in America, and Robert Anderson isn’t one of them. He has no identity outside of this shady video!

Free Money Guaranteed and the Scam Connection

As we mentioned above, Free Money Guaranteed is a remake of the Millionaire Blueprint by Walter Green. Both scams claim to be the world’s only “done for you money system”. Robert Anderson wants us to believe that he will freely give $100,000 into the bank account of any trader who fails to make at least $500,000 a month with this system. He even goes as far as to say that his promise is verified and regulated by a government body. He ends it there without any explanation of what exactly he means by “verified” and “regulated”. He gives no explanation because there is none. There is no government body that verifies this type of claim. Because the Free Money Guarantee isn’t a regulated banking institution, they can say virtually anything that pops into their brain without consequences. This is what seems to take so many traders by surprise. The binary options industry is essentially a pioneers playground. It hasn’t been around long enough to start attracting the attention of government regulated bodies, especially in countries like America, where most of these videos and offers are produced.

Proof of Scam: The important points!

1 – Free Money Guarantee scam offers something we at binaryscamwatchmonitor call an outright lie. Always remember, there is no such a thing as a “guarantee” in binary options. Actually there is one. The only guarantee in this industry is that there are no guarantees! Expect the unexpected and make sure to never invest what you can’t afford to lose, because if you continue in this industry you are pretty much guaranteed to lose some or all of your investment.

2 – At the bottom of the page is a countdown widget that informs us there are 10 spots left! After an hour on their page, the widget now reads that there is only 1 spot left. If we refresh the page, the number jumps back up to 10. This is completely bogus. Binary options auto traders make money by getting as many people to sign up as they can possibly squeeze in. There are no “slots” to fill, because they have an unlimited capacity. This offer will still be available 3 months from now. They will somehow magically manage to always have 10 spots open. This is a sure fire sign of a scam.

3 – Robert Anderson is a fake person with no real identity. His promise of a cash back offer to traders that fail to make money is baseless and has no verified status, even though he claims otherwise. He simply posted a photoshopped copy of a “promise” that has as much worth as a piece of garbage. We encourage anyone who doesn’t get their “cash back” to approach the police and demand they enforce this piece of papers and they will smile condescendingly and pat you on the back. If you are the kind of person that believes this crap, you probably think the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park were real. Staying as far away from this scam is the best thing you will do all day!

4 – It’s all free! Robert Anderson spends an exorbitant amount of time trying to convince us that what he is offering is free. He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. The software is free, but you will need to place $250 into a broker account in order to activate his software. That money is what pays his bills. After the broker gets your information, your phone will not stop ringing. You’d better pray you have the option to block phone numbers on your phone, because you’ll be needing it after these seedy brokers get ahold of your information!

5 – Actor testimonials are all faked! The testimonials provided by three beta testers have all been faked. None of these people are real traders and all of them have been featured in other scams we’ve exposed here at binaryscamwatchmonitor. Don’t believe a word out of these liars mouths!

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Safe Alternative to Free Money Guarantee?

Thankfully, this review is not all glum and gloom. There are safe alternatives to Free Money Guarantee. Our favorite legitimate system is Social Trading with Tradeo, that has made us a great deal of money over the course of the past year. We owe our success with online trading to Tradeo, because they restored our faith in an industry so fraught with scams. At the time we published this post, we are offering a special offer for Tradeo, so be sure to check that out! We are currently testing another great binary service that should be available later this month, so check back to see when we release that review, it’s something we know will help a great deal of people. AND it’s HERE! Check out the newly released NEO2 Software review and to see our unique and special offer!

Conclusion: Free Money Guarantee is a SCAM!

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