Scam Review: HYIP Full of Lies! Review

Hi! Welcome to our thorough review.

Included in this review, you will find an explanation of what Forex Global is as well as evidence proving that is a scam.

If you are reading this review after losing money, please contact us immediately as we will work to help you reclaim your money. 

Many people online today are just looking for a legitimate opportunity to earn online.

The financial industry is loaded with financial scams and we are out to expose as many of them as we can.

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That being said, let’s take a close look at

Official Website:

forex-global-review Overview and Warning is an investment program that offers both short term and long term investment options.

The team behind Forex Global is located in Hong Kong. They claim to be a team of expert traders who are making money trading.

They claim that you are guaranteed your ROI if you deposit into one of their plans.

Fraud Warning!!! Before taking another step we must warn everyone investing with forexglobal of the following:

The website is currently for sale with a price of $10. 

This is a HUGE problem.

At any time, someone could purchase this site. This would give them immediate access to all your personal account information.

We are talking about a website ripe for the picking for identity thieves and financial scammers.

Your money and personal information is NOT safe on this site.

If you have already deposited, I would call my bank and change all account numbers immediately.

How Can I Invest with

Our warning above should be enough to scare you out of investing with this site.

ForexGlobal offers four different investment plans.

They have an ROI (return on investment) ranging from 3%-7% daily or 200% every 25 days.


This is an outrageously high return that will make bank managers everywhere quake with fear.

Returns this high are NOT sustainable long term.

Returns this high that are guaranteed are NOT possible at all.

There are NO guarantees with online trading! Anyone that tells you there are, is lying to you.

Is a HYIP Scam?

Yes. All HYIP’s are scams because they are not mathematically feasible.

In order for a HYIP to work, they would have to have perfect trading results and have a 100% return on all their investments.

They simply don’t take into account that markets are very unstable at times. Bad market conditions can wipe out your account at any second.

We have been researching and exposing HYIP scams for a long time. We have NEVER encountered one that worked. 

In fact, we have learned one simple fact.

99% of HYIP scams are created with the soul purpose of flat out stealing your money.

They never intend upon paying a withdrawal to anyone.

However, that’s not the end of the story.

HYIP’s such as has a very important strategy.

They pay all withdrawals to first-time investors as a way of tricking them into investing a larger amount.

Once this larger amount is invested, they will steal that money and most likely close your account.

Another scam that has gone absolutely viral is the Brit Method.

Is a Scam?

Over the last few weeks we have received several emails from people who were taken in by this scam and unfortunately invested what little money they had.

None of them have made any money and they have had their accounts suspended after trying to reach the customer support.

Worse yet! They had their accounts suspended after trying to reach the customer support.

We are officially blacklisting as NOT PAYING.

Please take a look at the following facts to see for yourself!

1. Offering super high percentage of earnings that are not sustainable. This is the HYIP (high yield investment programs) scam!

2. Fake evidence showing withdrawals that is not substantiated or verified.

3. domain url is FOR SALE for $10. This is NOT a safe website and your personal information could be purchased at any time.

4. Long trail of unhappy customers online. We have received emails from many people who had their accounts closed for no reason and were not paid any money.

Legitimate Online Earning Potential?

For those of you that are serious about earning online, we have two solid suggestions.

The first is a regulated forex trading platform which allows you to copy the trades of professional traders for free.

Please see our review of this social trading Tradeo broker.

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