Forex King Scam Review

Forex King Scam Review. We have just finished our analysis of Forex King, and we are prepared to fully expose this nasty and audacious scam. Please devote a few extra minutes of your time to read this review and help us put these creeps out of business for good! Forex King is a fraud and an evil money making scheme that has no place sitting next to the many legitimate and real business opportunities. Stay with us as we walk you through how Forex King works and why they are a down right dirty company that will soon remove their website from the internet and hide their head in shame.

Forex King Scam

Forex King Scam

What is Forex King and how does it work?

Forex King fraud is a HYIP. For those of you that are not familiar with a HYIP, these are “high yield investment plans”. HYIP’s are notorious money pits. If you google the word, HYIP, you will find several other articles that have previously exposed HYIP’s and how insanely ridiculous they actually are. HYIP’s are notorious for telling you that your small investment can have a ginormous return in as little as 2-6 months. For instance, Forex King promises you that if you deposit $500 into one of their plans, after 65 days, this $500 will have grown to $3000, which you can withdraw.

Forex King scam claims that this huge growth is due to their smart investment strategy. Does this sound plausible to you? Think about it, how can they guarantee that they will be this incredibly successful? They can’t! This is a pipe dream, and one that is based on an impossible notion. One in a million traders can take $500 and grow it this quickly. It’s just not done in real life, and certainly not on a platform that is as shady and untrustworthy as Forex King.

Can I trust Forex King?

Here at binaryscamwatchmonitor, we don’t support any HYIP. We have never come across one that works long term. They have more disadvantages than upsides. The risks don’t outweigh the return. If you do choose to try Forex King, or any other HYIP, you absolutely must understand that you will most likely lose your money. These programs are not made to last. If they were, we’d all be millionaires. Most HYIPs that are released last about 3 months before their customers realize they are being scammed and start complaining. Why take the risk with Forex King when there are actual trusted companies that you can profit with? It’s just not reasonable. Don’t throw your money into the garbage can!

Another point to mention about Forex King, is that they have littered up their promotional page with fake testimonials. If the Forex King fraud was as good as they claim it is, why can’t they find any real customers to make a promotion for them? All of the videos on their page are manufactured crap from Fiverr .com! Not one word any of these “users” says is real. 100% fake and proven lies. How can we be expected to trust a company that uses actors to lie for them? This is not a trustworthy sign.

Forex King Scam

Forex King Scam

Are there any safe ways to make a lot of money online?

We get asked this question all the time. Our website is dedicated to protecting people from falling into money making scams. However, we like a good deal when we see one! In fact, we get a little too excited when we find an offer that actually works! We like to share our awesome finds with our subscribers, which is why we update our site daily! It IS possible to make money online, however you need to make realistic goals. Making money online is a lot like losing weight. Everyone wants to take a magic pill that will make them instantly thin, but as we all know, that just doesn’t work. What does work is patience and hard work. That’s where we come in. We try and test every offer we promote. You can safely trust the opportunities we introduce to you, because we are picky and meticulous with our research!

Our current offers are Social Trading with Tradeo (please see our review for the special offer!) and BinaDroid. We are also testing another service that we’ll be reviewing in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that! AND it’s here! Just released is the new and awesome NEO2 Software Review, read it for the special cash back offer!  In the meantime, please message us with any questions or other services you’d like us to look into!

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