Flexibit.bz Review – Stable Income Or A HYIP Scam?

We have gotten several emails asking for our opinion on whether Flexibit.bz is a scam or not. So we decided to make a Flexibit.Bz review that is based on common sense and facts.

Regardless if whether the company is paying or not you should always know that almost 98% of all the HYIP companies are actively attempting to scam people. That is their goal.

Let’s see if Flexibit is any different.

Flexibit.Bz Review

We must admit, they did a pretty good job on making the website fancy and nice looking to convince people to invest in their company.

We noticed they also claim to have a registered business by the name FLEXIBLES INTERNATIONAL GROUP.

Their investing plans range from 3.3% DAILY to 4.8% DAILY.FlexiBit.Bz review

Are your funds safe as they claim?

The answer is NO! Your money is not safe. Based on their claims, they take your money and invest it in stocks and cryptocurrency trading.

We are the experts here when it comes to trading cryptocurrency or trading binary or forex; we’d say that it’s almost impossible to guarantee a flexible 3.3% DAILY income forever from trading.

Trading is risky, you will lose and win. You can’t just keep winning all the time, you will end up losing, and since the money that you deposit in Flexibit.bz is not insured, if they lost it when they are trading, you won’t see a penny. They will not pay you because they have already stolen it. Their claims are completely unrealistic and make no sense to us. That’s our expert opinion.

Is the company regulated and registered in Belize?

After digging, we found that Flexibit is just stealing the name of the FLEXIBLES INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC to lure the investors under a legitimate name that does not belong to them in any way. There is a possible chance that they could be held responsible for fraudulent activity if they were reported to the real FLEXIBLES INTERNATIONAL GROUP.

Who is the CEO of Flexibit.bz?

We spoke with the support team, and they were very generous to give us a name. They told us that the name of the CEO is ” Dan Rogers.”

Flexibit.bz scam

One minute later, we spoke with a different support representative, and we asked the same question. Who is the CEO? The answer was ” David William. So is it Dan Rogers or David William? We don’t know.

Flexibit Scam Proof

Apparently, they do not provide any real information on who owns this company, All they have is a Facebook page, that has over 4000 FAKE likes bought from FB likes sellers on fiverr.com.

Is Flexibit.bz Paying?

That’s the hard part. The answer is yes! BUT it’s not what you think. They are paying. But they are using a very smart paying strategy that is mathematically built to convince people to invest more money.

How The Scam Operates?

FlexiBit Scam works by giving you 3% back for your money every day. So if we assume you gave them a $100 in bitcoins, you will be earning $3 every day, forever. But if you think about it, it will take you 33 days to get your initial investment back. During these 33 days, they will keep paying and paying and paying up until you either decide to invest more money or not. If you did not invest another penny during the first 12 days, you are more likely not to receive your daily $3 withdrawals.

But if you did invest more money, you will continue to receive your daily 3% of the total money you put in, but then it’s an endless cycle. If you did not put new money in, they will stop sending you money. So it’s an endless loophole you will never be able to get a 100% of your money back. We must admit, it’s a very clever scam.

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In a short word, we are a 100% positive that FlexiBit.BZ is a scam! After all the evidence we gave, it’s up to you to decide whether to take a risk or not. Please share this Flexibit.bz review with your friends if you think we helped you!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • They are paying.. i have invest 0.10. After this rewiew.. i am taking my money back.. 😀

    • Hi, Sami. I know they are paying, I said that in the review.

      But I wanted to let you know that you will not earn anything back. What you are earning right now is your initial deposit which you will never get all of it. They are paying you for your own deposit so that you can trust them and put a larger amount. But you will never get a 100% back from what you deposited, you will end up losing.

  • Olaniyi Muiz

    hi , i opened the account with mouheez11. i cant even log to my account any more , and i have made 0.06 btc investment , i think the account is runned by those who did “WORLD MINERS” i wander why people scam like this.

  • Hi Sami – Please send me an email so I can give you the instructions on how to get our traders! My email is: [email protected]