First Class Profits Scam Review

This is our First Class Profits scam review. Please read this before investing with as we will reveal to you below why we firmly believe they are a scam. They are not a legit trading software! Beware!First Class Profits is an auto trading binary options software that has all the makings of a First Class Scam. It took us a few short minutes upon entering their website to see the lies start flooding in.

First Class Profits claims that you can began making $3000 a day, starting on your first day. This is so ridiculous we don’t understand how people are still falling for this stuff. Sometimes the more outrageous a scam is, the more people it sucks in. This is why we write these reviews. We hate seeing desperate people throw away their hard earned money into the pockets of these criminals.Let’s take a look at the evidence. At the top of the website I am informed that I can start making “$3000 A Day Only In Egypt”! However, when I change my proxy server to the United States I have the same message only it says “$3000 A Day Only In United States”. Funny how that works, eh. Is anyone falling for this scam?

First Class Profits

Check out the screen shots I took when I changed my proxy. I changed it to several other countries and got the same change with each country I tried. Ridiculous! We saw this same scam being used by the Mockingbird Method scam that we reviewed here!

First Class Profits

We scrolled down the page and found some customers claiming that they have banked thousands of dollars since they joined in 2014. The problem with this is that the First Class Profits software wasn’t even available until August of 2015 when their website was launched. Anyone smell something fishy here?First Class Profits has a section of Twitter comments which, not surprisingly, we discovered were all fake. We typed in the #firstclassprofits into Twitter and came up with only 3 tweets that were all from blogs trying to affiliate themselves with First Class Profits. What we did not find were the fake tweets shown on the website. They weren’t there at all.

First Class Profits claims to be verified but no matter how hard I searched I could not locate the name of of the verification website or any proof to support this claim. As I’ve talked about in other reviews, the verification process for binary options softwares is incredibly shady and fraught with scams. Once again, this was a lie made up by First Class Profits who are counting on the fact that their customers are too lazy to look this up!

We were surprised, but not shocked, to find that all of their video testimonials were actors hired from Here is one you might recognize from TWO other scams we’ve reviewed. This man is certainly a popular choice when it comes to promoting binary options scams! We saw him lying about Mockingbird Method and Binary Reserve!

download (48)

And here is his Fiverr profile.

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Another actor that has taken place in many binary options scams is shown below.

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Here is his Fiverr profile.

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There is just nothing honest about First Class Profits at all. We struggled to find anything remotely believable about their site and came up with a big fat ZERO. To top it off their links at the bottom of their page for “Privacy”, “Disclaimer”, and “Support” take us back to the main landing page. In other words, they are fake links and have NO information and NO support.
Conclusion: First Class Profits is a scam! Stay away!

Please comment and share your experiences below! And as always, if you have any questions about specific software that you are not sure if it is a scam or not just contact us and we will be glad to help you and review it for you!

First Class Profits