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FinTech Limited Scam Review. This past week has been an incredibly active week for binary options frauds. All in all, 3 new frauds were released making this a very dangerous week for those of you that are being targeted by financial predators. To round out the week of scams, we have just completed our review of the newest and soon to go viral, FinTech LTD scam. Included in this review you’ll find evidence that directly implicates a ring of scammers who will stop at no lie to scam you out of your money. Tread carefully when approaching new auto traders and always check with us before investing with one. Be careful from scam of this week, its called gemini2

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Warning: FinTech LTD is a SCAM!!

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DESCRIPTION: FinTech LTD combines some of the best promotional appeal with a very shallow story line in order to give you the impression that they have a legitimate product…

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Is FinTech Limited a Scam?

FinTech LTD combines some of the best promotional appeal with a very shallow story line in order to give you the impression that they have a legitimate product. As we’ve mentioned before, part of our research into a new auto trader involves evaluating the story behind the auto trader as well as talking to the people involved and examining their website design/testimonials. Let’s take a look at all of these issues and see how they held up to our investigation. Daniel Roberts tells us that joining FinTech LTD will be “one of the best decisions of your life”

The Story: Is Daniel Roberts Genuine?

Daniel Roberts is the creator of FinTech LTD, as well as a former employee of what he describes as a “hugely successful technology company”. He doesn’t give us the name of this tech co, but he claims that he was widely popular and “well known” in the tech community. In an attempt to help out an employee of his who was going through a financial stress, he developed a trading software that “analyzes and collects data” from the stock market and then takes winning trades based on that information. This is how FinTech LTD was born. Daniel Roberts convinces with his easy going smile and kind mannerisms. However, we were sorely jaded when we discovered that Daniel Roberts has no verifiable identity online. More alarmingly we uncovered that FACT that FinTech LTD is actually a real company that has absolutely nothing to do with binary options trading. This leads us into our next portion of our investigation.

Oops, They Lied Again!

1 – FinTech LTD is a binary options software company that was created by Daniel Roberts a little over a year ago. False!

FinTech LTD is a tech company that helps small business integrate into the tech world. You can view their website at this LINK. As you can see, they have nothing to do with binary options which means that this FinTech LTD binary options site is a fraud and in violation of copyright laws. They should be sued and forced out of existence. Furthermore, the scam site (FinTech LTD by Daniel Roberts) is only a few months old, which gives more evidence that their entire production and site is a scam operation. As we mentioned above, Daniel Roberts claims to be “very well known” in the tech community but he is not. In fact, nobody has ever heard of him. He seems like a really nice guy in the video, but he’s actually just a really sweet faced actor, pretending to be a tech savvy guy who doesn’t actually exist. To listen to his story for yourself, go to time stamp :51 in the video below.

2 – FinTech LTD can profit you over 20k per week. False!

Absolutely no proof is offered that this is possible, no credible testimonies, no verifiable results, nothing. Without any proof, this is nothing short of an empty fluff promise. Binary options can generally profit a good trader several hundred bucks a week depending on the size of his/her investment and how good they are at reading the market. Even the best traders don’t make 20K a week. It is possible to make 20k a week on the actual stock market if you have purchased high yielding stocks and have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested. However, it is NOT possible to make this much money on binary options when using a balance of $250, which is exactly what “Daniel Roberts” is claiming you can do. This is irrelevant though, considering we already proved above that the entire FinTech LTD is a fraudulent service to begin with.

3 – There are multiple beta testers that have worked with this system and are making a ton of money! False.

Several photos in the “social” section of the website claim to show “real” people that have made money using this system. We checked them all out and found that each picture was stolen from the internet, meaning that none of these people are real traders. Exhibit A:

FinTech Limited Scam

As nice as she looks, she is actually just a stock photo for a pixie haircut which is being used on several websites to give hair advice, all with different names. FinTech LTD scam simply copied her picture off of one of these websites under the pretense that she was making money with them. False.

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At the end of the day, it is ultimately your decision and your money that chooses whether or not to invest with an auto trader. Here at Binary Scam Watch Monitor we make it our mission to point our readers to the best systems while protecting them from the scams. We need your help! Please send us your experiences with auto traders and other financial scams you have experienced.

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