Fincryptglobal Review – Another Hyip Scam Exposed With Evidence!

Don’t join another cryptocurrency scam without reading our trusted and complete Review first! We have been gathering data on this viral BTC trading scam for several weeks and have no compiled our evidence into this concise review.

If you have already joined and are waiting patiently for your withdrawal, please know that it will never come. We don’t like to be the bringer of bad news, but this nasty scam is truly not paying anyone. How can you help shut this scam down?

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Fincryptglobal Review

Fincryptglobal Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 180%-250% monthly with a term that claims to last “forever”. For those of you aged investors, you will be well aware that no investment can continue earning forever, that is not how investments work.

However, the terms of the Fincryptglobal HYIP scam are even more ludicrous. They claim to be trading cryptocurrency for you, with your money. They clearly have no idea how trading works if they think a one-time investment can earn “forever”. But let’s cut the crap, shall we? Everyone reading this is smart enough to realize that Fincryptglobal scam is not trading anything at all.

Is Fincryptoglobal a Ponzi scam?

Before we get to the answer to this question, please note that right on the front page of their website they claim to be a legal trading company that is NOT a ponzi scam. This means that the admin of scam is well aware that most people coming to this scam have been a victim of other fraudulent HYIP scams in the past.

For those of you that don’t know, a Ponzi scam is a financial investment system that pays withdrawals with the money of new investments. It’s not technically even an investment because your money isn’t being invested, it’s being recycled from one person to the next. is by its very nature a Ponzi! How do we know? Firstly, while they claim to be a legal crypto trading empire, they are NOT. They are not registered with any regulated broker that trades in cryptocurrency.

Additionally, they have not shown any proof of trades or trading reports so that we can check their progress. They are simply making lofty claims about the nature of their trading without showing any proof to back up their words. In this industry, you should never trust anyone without seeing proof!

Is Fincryptglobal Paying?

One of the most obvious signs of the scam is that they are NOT paying. We have taken in numerous complaints from our readers in the last few weeks detailing their nightmarish experiences dealing with the horrible customer support in failed attempts to get their money back. Nobody answers and when they do the support is rude and mean.

We have not found a single person that made a profit with this scam. is not paying and if you chose to join, you WILL lose your money. Please head our warning!

Signs of Scam!


One of the more ridiculous attempts at lying to you comes from a known Fiverr actor who reads a terribly worded script for the camera. The man pictured below will say anything you want for a small fee. He literally prostitutes his face and voice for money. Don’t trust a word out of this man’s mouth.

Knowing that scam has hired an actor to shamelessly lie for them, there is no more trust to be found in this company. Additionally, all of the social media account associated with this fraud have negative comments from users.

Many of you are probably wondering why a highly dubious company would have such strong support from only HYIP review blogs. We won’t name any names, but we have seen several of the most respected HYIP reviews claim that this site pays and is real.

Let us be clear! Anyone or any site that tells you is paying is a liar! Don’t trust them, as you will surely end up losing your money!

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Is a Scam?

There is nothing honest or transparent about this HYIP program. It’s not even a real trading company or real investment site! is a scam! If you invest you’ll be the loser!

Before you invest with any site online you absolutely need to contact us first so we can advise you for the best course of action! Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!




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