Fflakmining Review – Scam Cloud Mining HYIP Exposed (Not Paying)

For the last several months, our team has been investigating a new mining opportunity, and our Fflakmining Review includes the findings! If you are hoping to make some quick cash mining for Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, you absolutely need to read our report!

However, don’t confuse Fflakmining.com HYIP with a legitimate mining program. The reality is quite a bit different than the website would have you to believe.

Before you join any HYIP or mining site, you need to understand that you are joining a highly speculative and highly risky endeavor and MOST people who participate in these programs will end up losing money. The facts are clear. In the last year alone we have seen the demise of almost every single mining and HYIP site that we have reviewed. What appears to be successful sites, simply disappear and go offline.

It is in your best interest NOT to join unregulated sites such as Fflakmining.com scam. However, we know that some of you enjoy taking risks, so this review is for YOU!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://fflakmining.com

Fflakmining Review

Fflakmining Review

Fflakmining is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers a chance to earn while investing in the Fflakmining.com cloud mining service. Fflakmining.com offers seven different cryptocurrencies to invest in and the site claims that they are truly mining these digital currencies via cloud mining.

When you first enter Fflakmining.com scam you will notice that they have a video showing their supposed mining operations. Please note that this video is indeed fake, as we have seen the exact same footage on multiple other HYIP and mining scam sites. This is nothing but stock video footage of random mining facilities and is NOT a verified representation of Fflakmining scam operations.

However, we understand that many HYIP and mining sites need to use stock footage to demonstrate how their company works. We don’t believe that their fake video is reason enough to discount them as a scam. However, as we dug deeper we were confronted with a stack of evidence too large to ignore that proves Fflakmining.com is a scam.

Fflakmining.com Scam Explained

If you are an investor with Fflakmining scam you will be able to choose between seven different cryptocurrencies programs to invest in. The coin plans offered for investment are:

Bitcoin Cash

On average you can expect to see a 0.9% minimum daily return on your investment. However, these numbers depend on how many GH/s you purchase and which coin plan you invest with.

Where is Fflakmining Scam Located?

The address for the head office is listed as The New World Tower, 16 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

This address is not specific, meaning there are MANY offices and restaurants located at this address. However, it didn’t take us very long to inquire about The New World Tower and we were told that Fflakmining.com is NOT located in Hong Kong at all.

So why did Fflakmining.com scam give a fake address? The answer is simple. A legitimate business has a legitimate office location. The creator of this scam wanted his business to appear legitimate and giving an address helps him achieve that. However, he doesn’t have a real office so he made one up in the hopes that nobody would check. Don’t be fooled by this nonsense!

Who is the CEO and Team Behind Fflakmining Scam?

A man by the name of Fred Elias Fischer is the supposed CEO or Fflakmining HYIP. You can view the full details of his team on the site, as well as their pictures.

In the course of our investigation, we could not find a single verified piece of information about the identity of Fred Elias Fischer. In his bio, it claims that he was previously employed by Daimler in Germany, an auto manufacturer. We were able to determine that this was a lie.

Most HYIP and mining scams use a fake name of their owner to hide the identity of the real people behind it. This is done so that when they shut their site down, you won’t be able to easily locate them in order to sue them.

Because Fflakmining scam uses fake identities and a fake address to prop up their mining site, we believe that this serves as enough proof to stop us from giving them our stamp of approval. We have reached out to their admin to clear this matter up, and have not received an answer. If we receive new information that disproves this, we will update our review.

Is Fflakmining.com Paying?

We have been writing HYIP reviews for several years now, and we have never seen such an outpouring of hate as we have seen directed at Fflakmining.com scam. Do a simple Facebook search and you’ll see that there is an entire Facebook group dedicated to people who have lost their money with Fflakmining scam.

But that’s not the whole story. It seems, that for whatever reason, some people are getting paid and others are not. We aren’t sure how or why Fflakmining.com scam decides which people to pay, but the fact remains that they have definitely scammed several of their investors. With a track record of scamming and their lack of customer service, why would anyone want to take such a risk?

If you want to invest with a HYIP and aren’t sure which one to choose, you can send us a message and we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction. Our disclaimer is that we don’t support or give out any referral links for HYIPs because they are unregulated. We only support regulated and legal trading groups that are bound by law to pay you!

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Is Fflakmining a Scam?

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that we do NOT support joining. Fflakmining is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. They have lied about their address, their CEO, and have repeatedly denied withdrawal requests of their investors. They are not regulated and have not offered our team of investigators any information to disprove what we have said above.

If you have already been scammed by this site, please add your complaint below. Please also consider sharing this post on social media to help us end this scam once and for all!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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