FexFund Review – Hyip Scam Or Legit Investment?

Before you invest your hard earned money online, you must read our complete FexFund Review. This fraudulent and nasty scam is going viral and you need to protect yourself and those you love from being victims! Share this post on social media and help shut this program DOWN!

If you are reading this after already losing your money (as many of you have) please contact us for advice on how to proceed. We advise hundreds of people every week on how to open claims and disputes against scams. We also offer one on one investment advice!

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Official Website: https://fexfund.net/

FexFund Review

FexFund Review

FexFund is an HYIP or high yield investment program that offers and ROI (return on investment) ranging between 109%-150% depending on which plan you chose. They are a brand new program that has only been online for 35 days (as of June 9, 2017).

FexFund.net HYIP claims that they are a team of professional investors who specialize in forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, and stock market options. They also claim to pay daily and have a large customer base who trusts them.

Is any of this real or is FexFund.net not paying? To understand how this business operates, we need to examine the facts and separate fact from fiction.

The Facts

Before we can determine whether FexFund is legit or not, we need to look at the evidence!

1. Is FexFund Scam Regulated?

No. FexFund.biz is not regulated nor insured. They are an amateur website operated by online scammers who are doing their best to make some profit off of people like you.

Any investment site that is not regulated is not worth your time. If you are unfamiliar with what “regulation” stands for, please get to know this term. Regulation means that there are rules in place and checks and balances in place to ensure that the site WILL NOT scam you. However, FexFund.biz scam has NOT regulated their site, which means they can do anything they want and face no rules.

Don’t trust unregulated sites!!

2. Who Owns FexFund?

Another clear proof that FexFund.net is a scam is that the owner has chosen not to be upfront and honest about who he is. Why would a “successful” owner of an investment site not want people to know his name? The answer is easy.

Any site that hides the name of their admin (CEO) is afraid you will come after him when you are scammed. He is PLANNING on scamming you, which is why he doesn’t want you to know who he is.

Even more shocking is the fact that FexFund scam has intentionally lied about the man they call their CEO. Take a look at the photo below of the man they claim is George Soleos. This man is a stock photo you can view HERE. He is NOT a real CEO and the name and identity are fraud.

Surprisingly, most new investors online don’t care that the site hides their owner, and they deposit thousands of dollars. Please note, the men behind HYIP scams are counting on your naive and ignorant trust to scam you. Don’t become just another victim!

3. Does FexFund.biz Scam Work in Forex and Cryptocurrency?

No. Despite their claims that they have professional investors trading in forex and cryptocurrency, they are lying. As we said above, this entire website is a fraud. A real investment site will show tons of verified proof of their trading history. Fex Fund shows NOTHING. They have no proof and no care even to show you they are trading.

User Reviews: Is FexFund Paying?

Because this is a brand new HYIP scam, we have only limited data available right now. A typical HYIP scam will peak around six months in, which is when thousands of people will realize their “pending” withdrawal will never come.

Our FexFund.net review showed that they are a Ponzi scheme. They are collecting money from new investors and paying their older members with that money. Then the new investors must wait until additional members deposit so they can receive their withdrawals.

However, the problem is that the admin (shady and hidden) is following the typical scam pattern. The first few small withdrawals you make, will be paid. When you trust the company, you will most likely put in a greater sum of money. This larger sum of money will then be taken and your withdrawals will stop.

Don’t fall into this scam pattern. It is exactly what they do EVERY single time. We take in hundreds of emails a week detailing this pattern.

So You Need a Legitimate Investment?

Most of our readers are looking to invest in some sort of honest program online. Please take heed! There are no “easy” paths in life. Every path you take towards your financial goals needs to be a wise one.

We only work with the BEST programs and we insist that any program we earn with is regulated. Please check out CM Trading. They are simply the BEST forex trading program online today. They offer a completely hands-free CopyTrader option and their customer support is the top of the line. You won’t be disappointed!

If you want to try something more on your own, please see our 60 second earning strategy for the best and trusted IQ Options. They are also regulated and honest and this strategy can profit you!

Is FexFund a Scam?

The evidence speaks for itself. No regulations, no transparency, no proof of withdrawals or trading, and NO known owner! How can you trust a stranger who refuses to show you any proof? Don’t fall for fairy tales and child fantasies. Invest with a regulated program and stop losing money!

FexFund is a scam and we predict it will last a minimum of six more months before their website is gone. There are thousands of similar scams operating, so take care! If you want us to investigate a scam for you, please send the URL to our email!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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