FastCash Biz Scam review

FastCash.Biz is a new binary options scam created by two people claiming to be Maddison Clark and David Graham.

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FastCash Biz Scam review

Their story is identical to every other scam we’ve reviewed. They created a secret algorithm that predicts the direction of the binary options market with near perfect accuracy. They don’t want to sell this trade secret for millions of dollars because they want 10 people to have it for free. This strategy must work because it never gets old!

They flash their wealth around and show photoshopped screen shots to try to prove how rich they are. This is all scamwatchsmoke and mirrors just like the actors they hired to portray their beta testers. FastCash.Biz claims to be trying to help people out of the kindness of their hearts. For those of you that are new to these types of scams, please understand, the crooks behind make all their money off of affiliation marketing. They get about $300 for each of you that sign up with their broker. This is how they make money. Their software doesn’t work and they didn’t make 55 million dollars in 3 years. This is scam.

They put an impressive amount of work into this hoax. But they weren’t perfect and we picked out a few of their lies to expose.

Scam 1 – “90 Day Results.” The group of 10 beta testers was flown out to the mansion to show off their 90 day results in the form of huge checks. The excitedly run out and claim their checks and then read their amounts to the cameras. There is only one problem. The dates on their checks were listed as 8.22.15 and the previous video shows several of them signing up and starting the software on 9.6.15. How is it possible that they were given their 90 day results two weeks before they began trading? Clearly the person in charge of photoshopping for this scam missed this. Oops.
Scam 2 – “There are only 10 spots available.” This is a huge lie. As we mentioned previously we’ve had two friends who signed up with this broker and lost their money. That means we know there are only 8 spots left. We did a little digging and found close to 18 other online commenters that claim to be using this software. That means at least 20 people are using it, not 10. Scams like often resort to claiming that their software is limited to only a certain number of people or free for a limited time only. These are nothing more than manipulative marketing strategies.

Scam 3 – “We only want people who are serious about earning money.” This is ridiculous. This is yet another marketing scheme used in scams that deceives the buyer into feeling they have to be special to get the software. In reality the creators of this software want as many commission sales as possible, and if they have to make you feels special for signing up, then so be it.

An additional warning we want to make loud and clear is that we have seen a few popular scam review sites giving FashCash.Biz a good review because they are working with them. Be careful when reading positive reviews online, as most of them are positive because the authors are also making money off of the scam. is a scam and the Software Does Not Work! Check out our best binary option signal service   Click Here

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  • William Lopez

    Thank you Admin. For warning new traders and investors not to fall in this scammers trap. They promoting softwares and robots that never work. You right they become millonaires by taken the comission from brokers when new clients signs and deposit in the broker affiluates. Beware of those liars all they want is to take your money.

    • Big Scams are launching everyday. we are here to always help everyone to avoid falling into one of them! thanks for stopping by.