Ezinvest Review – Learn How To Invest & Earn With The Pros

Today we are introducing our newest partnership with a wildly popular and regulated Forex broker called Ezinvest! We have had the privilege of testing this platform out and using their Sirix copy trading feature to see how they compare to other popular social trading brokers. Our results have determined that Ezinvest will find a new place at the top of our list of social trading options for you!

If you are new to forex trading and/or copy trading, please continue reading our brief explanation of it! Many of you are reading this article after attempting to make money with HYIPs and other financial scams. It’s time for you to educate yourself and take the controls back into your own hands. Why mess around with unregulated scams when you can trade forex on your own with a regulated broker?

Forex Trading For Beginners

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency on the foreign exchange market. This is not the same platform as the stock market nor binary options. Forex is a completely different platform but the prices reflect changes in the stock market.

Millions of people trade forex around the globe by learning how to predict the price direction of a certain asset. This is not as hard as it sounds but there it is a skill that you must learn.

Don’t worry! Ezinvest uses the Sirix copy trader platform which allows you to copy the trades of another trader without even being online. This process is done automatically. The goal of copy trading with Sirix is that you will begin to learn how to trade on your own as time progresses. Sirix is a great place to start your trading journey.

Ezinvest Review: Sirix Copy Trading Explained


Ezinvest Review

Whenever people ask us how to trade Forex, we recommend starting with a Sirix copy trading platform to help get you acclimated to the ins and outs of trading. When you copy another trader, you can leave your emotions at the door and observe to learn. Many people find that after trading with Sirix they can branch out and began making their own trades with the help of the Mt4 Platform.

No matter if you are an experienced trader or a new trader, Ezinvest has all the options you need to have a successful experience trading! After you are finished reading this review, please send us a message if you have questions.Please note that we never recommend investing more money than you can afford to safely use.

Trading has the potential to yield high returns but it is also high risk, so take care to only use money that you can afford to use for trading! And remember, it is always better to earn slowly and surely, rather than getting greedy and making a foolish trade and losing everything.

What is Ezinvest?

Ezinvest is a fully regulated Forex broker that offers a wide array of trading options, including stocks, indices, CDF, forex, and cryptocurrency trading. As a member, you will have access to the MetaTrader4, MetaTrader4 ECN, and Sirix platforms.

Ezinvest is owned and operated by WGM Service LTD, which is located in Nicosia Cyprus. They are regulated by CySEC with a license number 203/13.

If you are NEW forex trader we recommend starting with Sirix, which is free and does not require that you download any chart. Simply log in to your account and access thousands of traders that have made their trading public for you to copy in your own account. The Sirix platform allows you to copy traders automatically, which means you don’t need to remain online or even keep your computer connected in order to trade.

When you join Ezinvest with the link in this review we will be able to help you set up your account and provide you with the settings you need to use depending on the size of your account. Please contact us after you sign up with our link so we can assist you! We will also match you up to the best traders for you to copy depending on your investment amount!

What is the minimum to start with on Ezinvest?

The minimum to start with is $250 in order to qualify for our traders. We recommend starting with $500 but if you can only afford $250 that will work too. We will set you up with the best traders and settings if you have signed up with our link.

I want your help! How can I get your traders and settings?

If you are interested in using our favorite traders and customized settings, please follow the directions below!

1- Click On To Sign Up – Make sure you use this link directly.

2. Send Ezinvest your ID documents for verification. They will NOT let you trade if you don’t send in your documents!

3. Make a deposit of $250 or more to qualify for our traders. If you start with less than this we won’t be able to give you our traders.

4. Let us know that you have finished these steps by sending us an email at [email protected]!

5. You will receive our favorite traders as well as customized settings depending on how much you invested.

What are the potential earnings with Ezinvest?

The estimated earnings from a $250 deposit is $100-$150 a week. If you start with $500 you will open the door for potentially bigger profits.

Note: Forex trading is not guaranteed. What we say above is just an estimate based on our performance with Ezinvest.

Is Ezinvest Safe?

Yes! However, with any form of online trading, there are certain things you can do to make sure your investment stays as safe as possible.

– Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

– Be honest about your ID documentation and follow all the rules!

– Don’t place reckless trades on your own, Always use the Sirix feature until you know how to trade on your own.

– Use our trader and settings! (see above on how to qualify)

Please send us a message with any questions! We are glad to help.



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  • Arkayne

    Hello I sent you an email 🙂 Not sure which one to sign up for?

    • Hi Arkayne. Everything we promote is good and it works. You can choose anything, if you want our recommendation, Go with Ezinvest.

  • Sheila Rose

    Is this the same company as CM Trading, as your review page for CM Trading brings me to Ezinvest? Please tell me which copy trader company is the best recommended by you for a $250 account?

    • Hi Sheila. Yes, It is similar to CM Trading. Anything we promote is valid and working. I would go with eZinvest, as I personally prefer them at the moment. Email us back at [email protected] once you sign up.

  • Jason Ikram

    Tried out ezinvest, they’re pretty good – if you use MT4, or Sirix then sign up with them, been with them a few months and no problems so far

  • NickM

    I’ve been trading for a while, they’re good if you know what you’re doing. Pretty fast to get me set up – deposited $500 and everything is smooth with them

  • Sheila Rose

    Thanks Jason. Are you copy-trading with them?

  • Peter Jacobs

    I just signed up with ezinvest, I like their platform and signed up for their ebook which is a good startpoint for me. Pretty good brand, and got an email right after confirming my account so it takes less time then some other platforms which have like a five page questionnaire which I like so I can get right into it