eToro Review – Making Money Trading Forex Has Never Been Easier!

For the first time, we are finally getting the chance to share the NUMBER ONE regulated forex social trading broker with our readers! eToro is the oldest and most reliable forex trading broker in the world to date.

If you are a HYIP investor, we have a special question for you!

Most HYIPs claim to invest in forex trading or cryptocurrency trading and pay you a portion of the profits. These HYIPs end up scamming you and stealing your money!

Why trust another HYIP scam that claims to trade in forex when you can trade forex and trade bitcoin as well for yourself and make REAL earnings?

For the past several years we have been trading with them and testing their platform and monitoring how they treat their traders. We can honestly say that eToro social trading has become our favorite social trading broker.

As of this month, we have moved all of our active trading accounts to eToro and have ceased working with any other. Why have we made such a dramatic decision? Keep reading below to find out why we believe eToro is the best broker for everyone to use!

PLEASE NOTE: eToro is not available to US residents.

eToro Review

eToro Review 

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currency to make a profit. In short, you purchase one country’s currency and then trade it for profit against the currency of another country. This simple trading action is what makes up forex.

Many people confuse forex with the stock trading or with binary options. All three of these trading platforms are completely different. However, forex, the stock market trading, and binary options all involve the sale of assets of some kind; they are all various forms of trading.

In order to trade Forex or cryptocurrencies, you will need a broker that is a 100% transparent and trusted.

Is eToro the Best Forex Broker?

Once you decide you’d like to try your hand at forex trading or cryptocurrency, the next choice then becomes, “How do I pick a broker to invest with?” There are several forex brokers to choose from. However, we believe firmly that starting with the biggest and best in the industry is a no-brainer.

eToro has over 6 million members and has been a market leader since 2004. That’s 12 straight years of leading the forex industry. In fact, all other forex brokers have attempted to model their business after eToro.

Is eToro a Scam? Will I Lose My Money?

There are thousands of financial scams going viral, whether it be HYIP’s or just flat out false promises, everyone should be aware of the risk when investing online. Protecting your investment should be of utmost importance to you and to your broker of choice!

Do not invest with a broker that is not regulated. Do not invest with a broker that just popped up a year ago and doesn’t have a long trading history.

eToro is regulated and has been paying its investors for over THIRTEEN years!

How Can You Make Money with eToro?

The answer to that is pretty simple. eToro is perfect for new traders as well as experienced, seasoned traders! Why? Because they offer several different social trading techniques!

You can choose to trade on your own by following a strategy of your own, or you can choose to copy the trades of more experienced traders via the social trading platform or as eToro calls it OpenBook!

The majority of our readers have been trading on the social trading platform! This gives them access to thousands of seasoned traders to copy.

Remember, eToro OpenBook social trading is hands-free. After you set up your account, you do not have to stay online or keep your Pc/Mobile/Mac running. Your account will copy the traders you have chosen without any input from you.

What is eToro OpenBook?

OpenBook is the Facebook/Instagram/Snap Chat of the financial trading world. After you join eToro, you will need to create a profile for yourself. You will have the ability to upload a photo. It is up to YOU how much information you would like to share about yourself.

Your account is fully customizable. You can turn on the “follow” feature. This allows other OpenBook users to view and follow your account. If another user chooses to follow you, all your public activity will be visible to them. Likewise, when you follow another OpenBook trader, their account history, and current trades will become accessible to you as well!

Don’t worry! Your account details, the amount of money in your account, and what your settings are are completely confidential! You can also choose to disable the “follow” feature so that you can remain completely private.

The Copy Feature! Making Trading Hands Free!

You can also select the copy feature. Once you begin copying a trader, your own personal account will take every single trade they do! However, you still have the option of manually exiting a trade if you are dissatisfied with it simply by closing the trade.

Copying a trader doesn’t take away your autonomy. You are still able to customize everything about that trade, including how much of your capital you feel comfortable risking!

When you sign up with the link in the review, we will guide you through this process. Just send us an email, and we’ll help you get started!

How Can I Copy and Chat With Experienced Traders with eToro OpenBook?

As a member, you will have access to over 6 million traders on eToro! You can browse through them to find the traders you wish to copy. Once you have selected your favorite traders, you can copy their trades automatically into your trading account.
But that’s not all! eToro has a special feature which allows you to chat with these traders, and other members, simply by sending them a message. These messages are public and all other members can view them. We love this feature because it adds additional transparency to your trading experience! Think of this as Facebook! Copy and chat with anyone you want! Take a look!

6 Reasons Why is eToro Rated Number 1 in our Broker List?

After trading with numerous social trading brokers over the last several years, we have concluded that eToro is the best. They have proven themselves to be far superior to all other social trading brokers for many reasons.

-Over 6 million traders worldwide to select from!

-A wide range of currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks to choose from!

-Full transparent stats of each trader on the platform. Good or bad!

-Cryptocurrency trading is available in your main account so you only need ONE account to trade everything!

-OpenBook social trading platform allows you to communicate with other traders and share information!

-OpenBook allows you to copy the trades automatically of professional traders all for FREE!

Take Action Now And Start Earning Online For Yourself!


1- Please make sure to signup using THIS LINK

2- The minimum to start with is $1000.

3-send us an email with your eToro Name and email address

4- We will send you the best traders on the platform and the right settings for your account size.

Please send us a message with any questions or comment below! We are glad to help.


Happy Earnings!

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  • Reece Norris

    Greetings Admin, You are doing a good job exposing the scams, so let me salute you for that!

    I have a couple of questions for you.

    1- How much should I start with?
    2- What kind of payment methods do they accept?
    3- How long does it take for withdrawals to be processed?
    4- The traders you give, are they really good?

    Thank you, I hope you are having a phenomenal day!

    • Hi Reece! Thank you!

      We recommend to start with $500, however you could also start with $250. Just know one thing, the more money you have in your account, the more money you will be able to trade with and earn better.

      They accept PayPal,Skrill,WebMoney or any type of VISA/MasterCard and wire transfer.

      It takes 24 to 48 hours max for withdrawals to be processed.

      The traders we will give you are top notch, You will be surprised by their performance. One of the traders has been trading since 2006! and been trading on eToro for 4 years now!

      • Reece Norris

        I have just signed up and deposited 600GBP to start with. I sent you an email. Please check it if you have a moment. I will post my results here when I receive the traders and start trading.

        Thanks, mate.

  • Anis Fatin

    I just signed up too! What should I do next?

    • Please send us an email and include your eToro username in it so we can check and give you the traders and settings for your account size.


  • Joseph Williams

    Thank you was going to go with CM think now eToro Thank you again your the best Still can invest 1000 dollar by next month Tell you what if CM was good what will this be like
    lets see the money guys

  • Reece Norris

    This is very good. 8% profits on each trade on my first day. I wish I had copied him with all of my 600GBP haha! I would have made a bigger profit. I hope I ca n get the rest of my money from the hyip I joined to put it in eToro.

    • Lokenath

      Hello Admin, I have sent you an email , waiting to hear from you.

  • Elizabeth M

    Hi, I signed up just now and I will be funding my account on the 1st of October. Cheque is coming, I can’t wait to start!!

  • Elizabeth M

    Hello, I just wanted to thank you! My account now is up by $113.57 USD so far and I started 3 days ago.

    Can you please advise if I should reinvest this earnings or just take a withdrawal?

    • That’s great!. I encourage everyone to post and share screenshots of their trading results on eToro. It will really help others to start a real investment online.

  • Our email is: [email protected] or [email protected]

    Use our Gmail email to get a reply faster.

  • Steve Wiesner

    im signed up now i like Reece Norris screen shot who is Reece copying how do i do that what Reece Norris is doing

    • Hi Steve! Please send us an email for our trader list. We have different traders and settings depending on how much you starting capital is. Our email is: [email protected]

  • Please send me an email at [email protected] so we can discuss your account size and give you the instructions you need! We have different traders depending on how much your investment is and this information is private! Please contact us!

    • Ahmad

      cm trading and etoro which one is best?

      • We have better traders over at eToro right now!

        • Ahmad

          like how much will the 250$ earn weekly?and did your iqoption strategy still working?

  • maria

    do they allow USA residents to join this program? i am interested, how i can i join

  • Ejiro Omuero

    Hi there

  • Ejiro Omuero

    Looking to fund my account straight away, please look out for my email with user name

  • Eldi

    HI there ,I just joined work and will be funding my account soon.Are the estimated earnings from a $250 deposit $300 to $500 per week?

  • Justin Shanahan

    ok opened account but havent funded yet, what do I do will fund with $500

  • Sheila Rose

    Hi, how is everyone doing with this? Any results updates much appreciated.

    • Hi Sheila. Our website is under attack and it keeps going offline. That’s why we are not able to monitor the emails or comments to approve it.

      It’s being attacked by because we are the only website that exposed them.

      There’s a person who deposited his life savings into that scam. It was over 300,000 USD. He lost it all.

      • Sheila Rose

        Keep up the good work in exposing these scams. Hope the website/comments are back up & running soon.

      • Lokenath

        Hello Admin, I have signed up on etoro with your link and have sent you an email with my etoro user name please help me to get started!

  • Josh Furbeyre

    Hey admin, i think i cnt afford that 250$ to 500$ would u recommend me some investing site that has a low investment? By the way im new in this market , would highly appreciate ur recommendations

    • Hey Josh. IQ Option you can try with as little as $10. Follow the trading strategy here :-

  • do i have to know the basic trading skill?

    • Hi! You can actually start now and learn as you go. You don’t need any knowledge in order to start!

  • Joker Rock TV

    Hi!I have subscribing to your pages for many years ago!
    Please send me traders I deserve to copy.
    My e-mail; [email protected] and eToro user name, JokerRockTV
    Thank you so much and happy new year!

    • Hi! We are glad you have been with us for so long! I will need to confirm you on eToro, so please send me an email with your eToro user name so I can check! My email is: [email protected]

  • Mark Everitt

    Now $1000 minimum investment to start! 😂