EthTrade Review: Hyip Scam Exposed

You are reading our official EthTrade review. Included in this report is a detailed look at what this HYIP offers you as well as whether or not they are paying. If you are looking to invest online or just make some extra cash, you absolutely need to read this report first!

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EthTrade Review

EthTrade Review

For those of you that don’t know, ethereum is a form of cryptocurrency like bitcoin. It is mined online and then sold for a profit.

EthTrade is a high yield investment program or HYIP that specializes in trading ethereum on the binary options platform and making massive profits. They claim to have a team of highly skilled traders that trade each day with amazing results. When you give them your money, they use it to place high-risk trades and then when they win, they share these profits with you.

First off, this is nothing but a “story.” We don’t believe that any of this is true. Why not?

A real trading website with trading professionals will have no problem showing you a trading and investment history, referred to as a “portfolio.” EthTrade does not have any proof that they are making binary options trades much less if any of them have won.

We suspect the real truth is that they are collecting deposits and making small payments to a select few people. They use some of the money that is given to them to pay other people in exchange for fake comments and fake positive reviews. We could also write a fake review in return for payment but we said NO.

Don’t be fooled. Ethtrade is not a real trading program. They don’t even want you to know who their owner is! The photos of their team is nothing but fake stock photos purchased online. They are not the real owners of Ethtrade.

Missing Information

The follow is a small list of information that is not available on the HYIP.

– Nobody knows who the owner is. The website registration is anonymous.

– No proof of withdrawal or proof of trading is given.

– No insurance or regulation. is not insured or regulated which means you are taking a huge risk when you give them your money.

Considering all of the above information, we believe that is NOT a trusted investment option for you or anyone you know. If you do decide to give them your money, please know that there is nothing you can do (legally) to get your money back.

All of our readers that have messaged us are reporting that this program is not paying. So why take the risk? There are real and legitimate earning programs that you can use if you know where to look! Ethtrade is NOT a good program.

Investment: Is EthTrade Paying? offers a projected ROI of 15%-25% monthly. They claim that they return these profits to you each weekday (minus weekends). The recommended time frame of investment is 60 days.

There are few valuable things to consider before taking these numbers too seriously. First of all, any real investment will expire at some point. It’s impossible to make a continuous profit off of a one-time investment. This is common sense.

If you deposit $200 into EthTrade, at some point, they will have hypothetically used your money up and it would not be earning a ROI any longer. However, if this is the case, has failed to mention what their expiration time frame is. This is highly dubious.

The most important thing to take into consideration before joining an HYIP is whether is paying or not. This is the number one question we get from our readers. Despite what most people thing, this should NOT be the number one question.

Who cares if they are paying or not. If they are lying and manipulating you into depositing by using fake facts, why does it matter if they are paying or not? They are clearly a website that has no moral issue with lying directly to your face. Do you think they will have any problem stealing from you as well?

That aside, is not paying. We have been helping several of our readers in their quest to force them to pay. EthTrade is NOT legit. They refuse to deal fairly and honestly every chance they get. When customers claim their deposits have vanished, they are told to put MORE money in. This is nothing but a malicious scam!

Legitimate Online Earning

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Is EthTrade a Scam?

After hearing from our readers that they were not paying, we were fully prepared to label EthTrade as just another failed HYIP scam. However, when we took a closer look at their fraudulent binary options trading lies, we knew that EthTrade is a scam that enjoys lying to your face while stealing your money.

There are better ways to earn. Don’t become just another victim!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Ajmal Sayed

    Yes I was scammed by as well. I put in around 40 dollars and it cleared coinbase several days ago and when I go to their website it shows that I have a zero balance. Like I didn’t send them anything. They won’t answer any messages at all.

    • mykin oneonine

      I have 5 ether there and cant withdraw.

  • Dane Smith

    I have an account with 80$, have added my withdrawal address but cant do the withdrawal…

    • Rain Haven

      I have a 27 dollar investment with them and it grew to 120 I tried to withdraw but it never happened. They say its 3-5 days to withdraw. Its been 15 days.

  • Najmy

    Hey guys can you help me retrived the lost fund from ethtrade?

  • Najmy

    They auto sell off all the portfolios and write off lost 60% of our portfolios. Plus they forced us to convert the remaining btc and eth to bullcoin which is also them and have no value. Please help

  • Dyla Nour Momentonetrader

    hi guys..I m really poor. every cents of my salary i top up and reinvest in ethtrade..and i never withdraw it.I couldn’t expect it will happen.My total investment is USD3000 wth profit that i never wthdraw. MY lost was about 90% from my investments. I have 8ethers but 6 was lost and 1.8btc plus my bonuses,.I only have 0.0285btc left after robbed. By the time i converted the remain btc and ether into bullcoin my bull run away!! Never come back into my farm until now. I take this as my lesson. Never trust any online scheme that promise to give you awesome return/profit in short term 2 weeks or 60days. Admin , kindly pls help me in this matter. Before the ethtrade website gone i did msg chat wth admin support but they never reply me. pls help me to get back my money,..I have nothing now. my saving all gone.
    My mistake i put all eggs in one basket.!!!

  • Mat Said Mohamed

    I have invest in a wrong schemed Ethtrade and I never withdraw yet. These robber asked me to convert my investment to Bullcoin and later on I cant see anymore my investment . It happened same to Byla NM we are so unlucky. So how to get our money back. Please anyone can help us.. If these robbers had a planned to cheat the investor so let us prays to the All Mighty God to curse them to be poorest human being and be a dirty ill beggar for their rest of life. Now we get sad of it and let God make them more sad then us for the rest of their life. Hope our prayed come true… Unless they return our money. God knows everything. You see later what happened to you con-traders, your life will no longer..

  • Shirish Babtiwale

    Yes. I have been a victim of the fraudulent site Following advice from 2/3 friends who recommended the site as a good platform giving daily payouts, I was somewhat greedy to make money. I spent Rs.1000/- which has been a very big amount for me. I was seeing an average growth of about 0.5% daily but that did not last long. One day suddenly I understood that the site has been hacked and experienced that it is not opening. Finished! I had lost the money! I had a similar experience with other lucrative online opportunities concerning cryptocurrencies. Now I have totally lost faith in any such online schemes that promise high payouts. It is better to do simple honest jobs in a good organization without falling for a greed to earn more quickly.