Eden Traffic Rev Share Review – Is EdenTraffic.com A Scam?

Eden Traffic Review

Hi! Welcome to our Eden Traffic Review.

Edentraffic.com is a rev share that has been quietly operating for several months now.

Our initial response to this rev share is negative, but we need to really unpack exactly why that is.

Included in this review you will find an overview of how Eden Traffic operates as well as our recommendations! Make sure to read our review of the Gen Ad Share! 

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Official Website: https://www.edentraffic.com


Eden Traffic Rev Share: How does it work?

Edentraffic.com is a rev share which sells ad packs. Purchasing ad packs buys you advertising space on their website to drive traffic to your own website.

If you don’t have a website to advertise, you can simply buy ad packs in order to earn the extra money the bring.

Truthfully, most people that work with rev shares, such as Eden Traffic, don’t actually use their advertising space.

The real draw of rev shares is that they pay their members a “share” of the earnings!

All of the money derived from the sale of the ad packs is distributed back to the members depending on how many active ad packs they have.

Each ad pack you purchase will earn money until it has reached the maximum percentage of earnings. Then it will expire and you will need to purchase it again in order to earn more.

Eden Traffic Rev Share Ad Packs

With 8 ad packs to choose from, Eden Traffic offers quite a selection of various price points and interest rates to take advantage of.

Eden Traffic attempts to appeal to all income levels of those that are interested in earning money. A viral review of Merchant Shares is also a good read!

Ad packs with edentraffic.com start at $2 and go up to $50. Earnings range from a low 115% to 130%.


We believe that offering a low percentage of earnings is the wisest business practice for rev shares. Many people look for rev shares with the highest earning potential, but that is not wise.

Keeping interest rates low will ensure that the money doesn’t run out. All of the money earning on ad packs only comes when people buy new ad packs. If earnings are too high, the money will run out faster!

Is EdenTraffic.com a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme?

Yes and no!

Money is generated in rev shares from ad pack sales. Members who buy ad packs are paid their earnings from the money of new or later sales.

IF and when new sales are not made, the earnings will stop and those customers will not be paid. This is a Pyramid of earning (top/down).

Pyramid schemes are scams because the people who join at the end don’t normally get paid.

The difference between a pyramid scheme and a rev share is that rev shares are actually selling a product (advertising space). Whether you chose to use it or not, the sale is made and a product has been purchased. There are no refunds on this product (advertising space).

What is the Eden Traffic Risk?

The risk with any rev share is pretty clear.

If you join at the end of the life span of a rev share, you won’t actually make any money.

Rev shares die out when they stop making new sales. This can happen for a number of reasons. Traffic Hurricane is a serious threat!

Another reason rev shares die is because the program is offering earnings that are too high and don’t match the sales. Not enough money + High Percentage Earnings = No Money!

The golden rule of a rev share is:

Never spend more money than you can afford to lose!

Do NOT spend your grocery or rent money on a rev share. Rev shares are not the way to earn a living! They are for generating side money!

Is Eden Traffic Paying and Legit?

We did some digging and weren’t able to confirm if Eden Traffic is currently paying or not.

The FB group is not very active and the program does not have very many members.

In order for a rev share to be successful long term, it needs a large customer base that is constantly growing larger.

When a rev share stops selling ad packs and bringing in new customers it will die.

Is Eden Traffic a Scam?

Edentraffic.com is NOT a scam. However, we do NOT advise joining at this time.

They are not large enough or popular enough to generate enough income to continue paying earnings.

This means that most likely you will not earn money while working with Eden Traffic.

If you have worked with Edentraffic.com and are earning money, please reach out to us and share your personal story with us!

There are far better alternatives to earning online!

Check out My Paying Ads if you are looking for the best rev share in the business! We personally have withdrawn thousands of dollars from My Paying Ads.

Another trading system to check out is Social Trading with Tradeo.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message! Happy Earning!


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