Easy Forex Review: Trade with Confidence

Easy Forex Review: World-Class Traders:

Online trading firms are storming the market introducing latest techniques of trading. In this spree, many credible names can be counted. Among all of them, one is Easy Forex online trading firm. Furthermore, it has offices in almost 160 countries and the traders are enjoying amazing services. Within a short span of time, Easy Forex has climbed many steps successfully and now it has become one of the largest online trading firms. In addition, traders can avail the opportunity of trading with over 175 products and have access to the best educational material. In our latest Easy Forex review, let’s take a look as what else this ingenious firm has to offer.

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Easy Forex Review 2016: Striving for Pinnacles:

Easy Forex is a licensed platform. It is regulated by CySEC under the license number: 079/07. Furthermore, the MiFID Directive also acknowledges the services of Easy Forex. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has also registered Easy Forex under the license number: 246566. Its offices are located in over 160 countries including Limassol, Sydney, Shanghai and Warsaw.

Trading Products:

The trading products at Easy Forex are quite many. You can choose from: Currencies, Metals, Energy Commodities, Agricultural Commodities, Indices and Vanilla Options.

The Energy Commodities include:

  1. Heating Oil.
  2. Natural Gas.
  3. Gasoil.
  4. WTI Crude Oil.
  5. Brent Crude.

The Agricultural Commodities include:

  1. Corn.
  2. Cotton.
  3. Cocoa.
  4. Coffee.
  5. Soybeans.
  6. Sugar.
  7. Wheat.

The Metals you can choose for trading include:

  1. Platinum.
  2. Copper.
  3. Silver.
  4. Palladium.
  5. Gold.

The Indices a trader can choose from are:

  1. Japan 225 Index.
  2. Germany 30 Index.
  3. Australia 200 Index.
  4. Volatility Index.
  5. UK 100 Index.
  6. US 500 Index.
  7. China 50 Index.
  8. EU Stocks 50 Index.
  9. India 50 Index.
  10. US 30 Index.
  11. USD Index.              
  12. Swiss 20 Index.
  13. US Tech Index.
  14. France 40 Index.
  15. Hong Kong 50 Index.

The Vanilla Options you can choose for trading, include:

  1. AUD/NZD.
  2. AUD/USD.
  3. EUR/CHF.
  4. EUR/GBP.
  5. EUR/JPY.
  6. EUR/PLN.
  7. EUR/USD.
  8. GBP/USD.
  9. GBP/AUD.
  10. GBP/CHF.
  11. GBP/JPY.
  12. NZD/USD.
  13. USD/CAD.
  14. USD/CHF.
  15. USD/CZK.
  16. USD/HKD.
  17. USD/JPY.
  18. USD/MXN.
  19. USD/PLN.
  20. USD/SGD.
  21. USD/TRY.
  22. USD/ZAR.
  23. XAU/USD.

The Currencies you can choose from are:

  1. USD.
  2. EUR.
  3. GBP.
  4. JPY.
  5. CHF.
  6. CAD.
  7. AUD.
  8. NZD.
  9. CNH.
  10. CZN.
  11. HKD
  12. ILS.
  13. MXN.
  14. NOK.
  15. PLN.
  16. SGD.
  17. ZAR.
  18. SEK.
  19. TRY.

Trading Platforms:

In addition, the trader is free to choose from any platform he wishes to trade from. Either it can be your desktop, laptop, or smart phone. Easy Forex is a strong propagator of mobilizing the online trading. Therefore, there are various platforms from where you can do trade.

  • Web Trading Platform:

If you wish to access your trading account via a desktop computer, just browse to the site and you will get easy access. Easy Forex’s web trading platform is an interactive platform from where you can easily do trading 24/7.

  • Easy Forex MT4:

If a trader is looking for technical analysis or technical support, the MT4 platform is there to assist. Even more so, it comprises over 85 indicators which comes along with the perks just after sign-up. Furthermore, if you want to analyze on your own, you can access the data of last 20 years. Thus making the analysis more accurate

  • Iphone Trading:

Making way towards mobile trading, Easy Forex also gives you the privilege of trading via your iphone. You can place bets, hover to the financial calendars, view outlooks and much more with utmost security layers.

Promotions and Offers:

While trading on Easy Forex, you can avail certain benefits and promotions. In our Easy Forex review, we are not about to mentions the offers you can avail on monthly basis.

  1. First of all, if you choose right options and the right tools, you can immediately double the profits on your investments.
  2. You can avail 20% bonus once you make an initial deposit of $2000.
  3. Easy Forex assures you a winning game. Even if you lose, you can choose any option from the hedge funds to cover up the loss up to $200.
  4. There are a lot of affiliate and partnerships programs in Easy Forex. On every trader you bring, you add more and more into your profits and bonuses.

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Miscellaneous Advantages:

  1. The E-learn center at Easy Forex, provides the trader with the best literature and webinars to whet their skills.
  2. Furthermore, you can choose from videos on “How tos”, “Introduction to options”, “Why Easy Markets” and “What is Forex”.
  3. In addition, there are several e-books and pdfs of various trading tricks and tactics.
  4. Even more so, you can compare and contrast several trading platforms to check out where your firm stands.
  5. You can have a look at the market glossary.
  6. Finally, if you partner up with Easy Forex, you can avail perks like 25% conversion, quick payment, extensive marketing tools, online reporting and continuous support.

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Easy Forex review contains researched information and correct statistics. It is a clear indicator of success of Easy Forex traders. There Contract for Difference (CFD) trading is one of its kinds. In addition, they are offering best forex trading services and since 2003, they have had over $200 Million total deposits. Even more so, they also achieved $500 Billion trading volume with over 40 Thousand contended traders. In a nutshell, Easy Forex is a reliable and trusted firm. And we strongly urge the readers to opt Easy Forex if they plan to make a successful debut in trading market.