Earn Tech Review – Forex Investment Scam Exposed

You are reading our Earn Tech Review. We spent the last several days conducting an investigation into this company. We examined user results, company portfolios, and investment information in order to provide you with a detailed and accurate report. Our research has firmly concluded that Earn Tech is nothing but a HYIP (high yield investment program) scam that is out to steal your money! They have already stopped paying and if you chose to invest with them, you will become one of their victims!

The focus of Earn Tech is the forex and cryptocurrency financial trading markets. There is quite a bit of money to be made trading forex if you understand how to trade. We have written a review about the best forex broker on the market, Socal Trading with Tradeo. If you want to see an example of a forex investor that actually does what it claims to do, you should check them out. On the other hand, Earn Tech has failed each of our transparency tests and worse yet, they have shut down numerous customer accounts after scamming them!

Keep reading to see all the reasons why investing with Earn Tech is a terrible idea!

Official Website: https://earntech.cc   OR   https://earntech.co/

Earn Tech Review

Earn Tech Review: What Is It?

Earn Tech is an investment firm that specializes in trading forex and cryptocurrency for a profit. They claim to have an entire team of trading experts who trade in forex. They use YOUR money and then return to you the profits. This is what the website tells us but the truth is a little more complicated than that. There are several major problems with this information, as we will list below.

1. The owner and CEO of Earn Tech is anonymous.  A real investment firm will be proud to showcase their owner and allow you to research his credentials and business achievements. The fact that Earn Tech is hiding this information means they do NOT want you to know who created them.

2. Earn Tech website claims that they have a large team of trading professionals placing trades for you in the forex market. However, they do not list any of these traders names or their trading portfolios. An honest and transparent investment firm would have their biographies and pictures so you could know who was trading with your money.

As yourself: Why should you invest money with a group of people that you have never heard of and who won’t even tell you their name? There isn’t a logical reason in the world to give your money to strangers and hope they will give it back to you with a profit?

What Investment Plans Do They Offer?

Earn Tech offers 7 different investment plans ranging from an ROI (return on investment) of 5% – 5000%, as well as several different time periods. Just by viewing the table below, you can see that this absolutely qualifies as HYIP, which should be reason enough to avoid it. HYIPS NEVER work. We have never seen a single HYIP in all our years of online earning that actually worked.  For example, if you deposited %10 into the VIP plan (which earns 500% in 60 days) you would withdraw $500 in two months time.


This is NOT possible! The interest rate here is so inflated, it will never stand. The owners are simply trying to promise you the world while stealing as many of your investments as possible.

It’s easy to see how enticing this program is and why it brings in so many trusting new investors. But as someone who has lost money online, you really don’t want to go down that route! There are better ways to make real money without losing.

How Does the Earn Tech Scam Work?

After exposing our 30th HYIP scam, practically back to back, we learned a few things about what drives this industry and why people continuously fall for these lies. HYIPs promise you incredibly high amounts of money for very little start up. This appeals to low-income people and people from countries where the USD currency value is very high.

When a new customer first invests with Earn Tech, they deposit a very small amount of their money into one of the shorter return plans. They do this in order to test the company to see if they are paying withdrawals. Earn Tech KNOWS this and will always pay those small withdrawal amounts in order to increase trust with the investor and build a relationship. The investor then believes Earn Tech is legitimate and they invest a greater sum of money. This is when the real scam begins.

When they attempt to withdraw their larger investment, they will be asked to re-invest their earnings into a new plan to maximize their profits. They are often told that this re-investment strategy is necessary because they are having trouble sending the withdrawal. This is all a lie. Their money is already gone. Earn Tech will string the investor on for as long as possible until he demands his money. At this point Earn Tech will close his account and tell him he violated some rule in the Terms and Conditions.

User Results?

Earn Tech has an active Facebook group that you can take a look at. Over the past few weeks we’ve been watching this facebook group and we noticed quite a few interesting events. Each day we see very negative comments claiming Earn Tech is not paying or has turned into a scam. Within a few hours, these comments disappear and are replaced with positive comments.

This is a typical Facebook group scam. We spoke to several of these users and they all recounted the same exact story. They opened an account, invested money, and never saw it again. Most of them have had their account closed after trying to get their money back with no help from customer support.  This is just more official evidence that Earn Tech is a scam.

We have had great success with a rev share online that has a transparent and honest Facebook group. Check out our review of My Paying Ads!

Is Earn Tech a Scam?

After showing the above information, it should be plain to see that Earn Tech is not interested in help you make money. Whoever is actually behind this nasty piece of garbage has collected quite a nice sized helping of investment money. They will probably close up their website soon and open a new forex investment firm with a different name. When they do, we’ll be there to catch them! A similar scam we busted was Profit Cabinet! 

If you are reading this and you have already been scammed by Earn Tech, please contact us for information on how to get your money back!

1. Earn Tech is a HYIP scam which offers ROI that are much too high to actually pay.

2. Earn Tech has not paid any withdrawals in several weeks now and have numerous customer complaints.

3. Their owner is anonymous and their trading team has not revealed their past trading history.

Do not trust Earn Tech scam!  Thank you for reading our Earn Tech Review
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