Drexel Code Scam Review

¬†Drexel Code Scam Review. You are reading our scam review of the newest viral binary options scam to come swooping down the crap slide. The Drexel Code buries it’s face behind a fancy production, filmed by a team of actors in a studio, complete with conservative grey sweater vests that have the name of their scam printed on the chest. How sweet! Please read this review through to the end before investing a penny with these malicious scam artists. You’ll be glad you chose to turn down their shady offer after you see our evidence! The Drexel Code scam is a stomach churning pile of horse manure, that deserves to be buried in the scam tombs as hastily as possible. Help us do that, won’t you!

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DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the one and only scam that promises they haven’t lost a single trade in over 3 years! With the help of the self proclaimed “brew crew” they have created the world’s first magical binary options potion that will make you a millionaire in a matter of months!…

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Is the Drexel Code a Scam or Legit?

 Drexel Code Scam Review

Drexel Code Scam Review

Welcome to the one and only scam that promises they haven’t lost a single trade in over 3 years! With the help of the self proclaimed “brew crew” they have created the world’s first magical binary options potion that will make you a millionaire in a matter of months! The Drexel Code scam offers us up the tale of a group of guys that work around the clock, fueled only with cold pizza and beer. This seems to be the winning combination that makes the the Drexel Code scam so incredibly successful. It is successful alright, just not for making winning trades. The only success they have been having is scamming hard working honest traders like you and me out of our money.

 Drexel Code Scam

Drexel Code Scam Review

A sweet honest looking old man, Cory Drexel, is the spokesperson for the Drexel Code scam. Unfortunately, Cory Drexel, doesn’t exist. How do we know? This old gentleman declares himself to be the CEO of a real live company called “Drexel Code”. The problem is that “Drexel Code” doesn’t even have a CEO, because “Drexel Code” isn’t a real company! All they have to their name is a website promoting a scam and a set of office buildings that are nothing more than a production set in California. It honestly sickens our stomach to see this sort of scam successfully scamming people over and over again, ad nauseam. The Drexel Code proceeds with their lies, in dragging across the screen a few more actors all claiming to have made millions as beta testers. One in particular is a woman who couldn’t make it in person, yet they were somehow able to send her a massive check made out in her name, with the payment coming directly from Cory Drexel, instead of the broker she used.

 Drexel Code Scam Review

Drexel Code Scam Review

Two things are wrong with this picture. Firstly, why is the check dated several days before this video was even uploaded to their website? Secondly, why is the payment coming directly from Drexel Code, and not the broker? For those of you that are new traders, let’s make one thing abundantly clear. Payments don’t come from the auto trader you are using! Payment come from the broker. Drexel Code is NOT a broker, which means this entire check is at the very least misleading, and at the worst, a way of making fun of new traders that believe this shite!

Is Drexel Code a Scam?

The Drexel Code has a countdown at the bottom of the page, underneath the sign up button. This ticker tells us that there is only 1 spot left, however, when we refresh the page, the amount climbs back up to 50. Wait around on the page for about 10 minutes and the spots have dwindled back down to 1. This is utter nonsense, and an outright lie. This countdown for beta testers is completely fake. The scam artists behind the Drexel Code scam desire as many sign ups as possible because they make a commission sale off of each person they get to sign up. However, they are marketers and realize that people make decisions based off of supply and demand. Because of this, they lie and say there are only a limited number of spots available, which will actually increase their sales. Please don’t be taken in by this manipulation strategy!

We hope that you can see how all of these lies have combined into one giant scam. The Drexel Code is relentless in its attempts to screw you out of your money. They are so damn confidant that they will convince you, they spent upwards of 20-30 thousand dollars on this production. They will make it all back plus a great deal more. Just don’t allow yourself to be one of their victims. This system is designed to make you lose all your money, so that they can continue their happy working relationship with the brokers. Stay clear!

Conclusion: Drexel Code is a SCAM!

Don’t be too discouraged! There are some legitimate systems available that actually do work. Read our newly released NEO2 Software Review, to view our special cash back offer! Check out our favorite trading method, Social Trading with Tradeo! Please leave us a comment or question and take care!

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  • Khan Rakib

    Awesome blog post bro. keep it up. really amazing you are. and review about this scam.

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  • Cornell

    Just got a call from them. Lady with fake american accent asked me for $250 straight away. Was upset with me for wasting her time when I said I didn’t want to spend the money. Just her attitude was enough to push me far away from the Drexel Code