Dream Catcher Scam Review – Unveiling Truth behind The Shady Software

Dream Catcher Scam: Malignant from the Cores:

The Dream Catcher App, the name itself gives a pretty great feeling. One sees all the dreams come true after signing up for it. A quite pool with a slight music at the background along with the beautiful babes hovering all over you. Sadly, we regret to inform you that this is not even slightly the same as your imaginations have led you. The Dream Catcher app is nothing like the fake alias holder claims in the video. It is another scam which aims to rob the accounts of inexperienced traders. Before we reveal the lying nature of the imposter whose name is Matthew Warner, let’s have a glance at the Dream Catcher Scam.

Dream Catcher Scam 1

Dream Catcher Scam: A Quick Glance at the Shithole:

Since it is a scam and doesn’t have any solid grounds, it lacks several points of a legit binary options trading app.

  1. Matthew Warner, the imposter is a fake alias holder having no identity.
  2. The website is absolutely rubbish.
  3. The scam artist is trying to trick the inexperienced traders.
  4. Not regulated.
  5. Malign trading ways.
  6. False hopes.
  7. Unfeasible profit claims of $4250 per day and for the rest of the life.
  8. Fabricated security stickers.
  9. Follows fraudulent ways of other related scams.
  10. The entire structure of website seems like a reproduction from other scam sites.
  11. Forged reviews.

Dream Catcher Scam: Detailed Analysis:

Finally, it’s quite a pleasure for us that you found this scam review. Our step-by-step investigative analysis will startle your eyes and will electrocute your brains. In addition, our concrete findings will leave you no other option but to disregard this scam right away. As a part of our foreword, be cautious before falling prey to such heinous and degenerate scams. Furthermore, this software is being highly advertised by the scam propagating marketers. Despite all their treacherous moves, we are here to save your earning.

  • Matthew Warner: An Imposter:

Claiming himself as of the most well-endowed and rich Wall Street Trader, this guy is a scam artist. His net-worth according to him, amount to a huge sum of $27 million. We ran a background check against his false and bogus claims. And guess what we found? Not a single man with this name among the wall-street traders. Even more so, he is an actor, a scam artist who just knows how to read the lines. He is pretty good at it and we are sure that his speech was both alluring and convincing. In addition, he also claims that he gives his money to the subscribers. Another bogus claim, because nobody possesses money for others. Everybody is there for himself and the family. Consequently, it is a sheer scam and a really malign mockery of binary options trading apps.

  • Poor Website Design:

The thief always leaves the traces behind. The Dream Catcher scam is no exception at all. Following the fraudulent tactics of previous scams, we exposed, the website of Dream Catcher is full of captivating claims. The video which plays at the start is totally full of redundant phrases and all you keep hearing is “win $4250” even more than a thousand times. It is so irritating that our ears got swollen up. If it was not for this Dream Catcher review, we would never have bothered to watch it till the end. In a nutshell, the dream catcher app is a replica of other scams.

  • Same Lies and Unfeasible Profit Claims:

The plethora of lies, same pictures of sandy beaches, lavishing images of lush green lawns, identical catch-phrases, and same fake reviews strengthen our claim in rejecting the Dream Catcher scam. First of all, the profit margin which is around $4250 in a matter of 24 hours is total bullshit. There is no any auto-trading software which can get you this much profit. Even more so, software is a product of human intellect. It lacks the human instinct and logical skills. How on earth software comes up with no loss stratagem? It is falsehood and extremely misleading. Making money is not an easy task. It requires continuous struggle and hard work. It can’t be made while sitting on a rented yacht and talking about further fake aliases like “Alexandro” and etc. Trust us, there is no “Alexandro” and he just wants to make an impression.

  • Fake Reviews and Forged Security Stamps:

Here is the best part where we are going to relate the Dream Catcher scam to some other similar scams. There are a lot of loopholes in the entire visible structure. You can see fake reviews on the website. You can just view the remarks but you can’t access the profiles of the reviewers which is quite doubtful. The reviews are a matter of forgery and have no existence. Even more so, the security stamps you see on the main landing page are not trustworthy. They are photoshopped stickers with no any credibility. They have just been placed there to trick the inexperienced and novice traders.  

Dream Catcher Review 1


Other Similar Scams:

Furthermore, here are some other similar scams:

  1. Pay My Vacation Scam.
  2. Millionaire Blueprint Scam. 
  3. Gemini 2 Scam. 


After running an investigative analysis on Dream Catcher app in our Dream Catcher review, we have landed to a conclusion. The Dream Catcher app is another heinous scam which is making its debut in the market to loot people. In addition, every single claim the impersonator makes in the promo video is a lie. The software is totally incapable of performing such tasks. In addition, the claims of making money of this magnitude are impossible. Even more so, the non-existence of the fraudster himself from the list of traders portrays his malign nature. The fraudulent nature of the software itself is a big question mark on the credibility of the software. Consequently, it is a misleading and a highly dangerous scam so we suggest you should remain cautious.