Dow Jones Focus Group Equinox Software Scam Review

Dow Jones Focus Group Equinox Software Scam Review.

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Dow Jones Equinox trading software is one of the most disgusting scams we’ve ever reviewed. We were saddened and disappointed to see several of our fellow binary options review sites not only giving these scammers fake positive reviews, but also to learn that they are affiliating themselves with them.

Jeffery Jones is the creator of this software, although we have a strong feeling this is not his real name. Every single piece of information on this website is a lie. There are almost too many lies to list but let’s get started.

First off, let us assure you that the Dow Jones Focus Group has absolutely no connection to the real Dow Jones news group. They are simply using this well known name to deceive you.

If you scroll down on the website you will take note of the fabulous reviews with pictures attached. These are ridiculous because the reviews were posted an entire month before the Dow Jones Group Equinox software was actually released. Dow Jones Group released their software on October 19 and these reviews are from September. Clearly these reviews can not be trusted!

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Perhaps the most amazing thing about this scam is the manipulation of news articles. They are banking on the fact that most of the people who see these reviews will never search for them on google. We did. And we found that each one of them was fake. Dow Jones Focus Group took real news articles and photoshopped the Equinox name into the titles to make it appear as though these trusted news groups were actually reporting on the Dow Jones Group software. This is truly disgusting.

Check out the screen shots from their website below followed by the links to the real news stories they were stolen from.


Check out the real news story featuring George Soros here!


Check out the real news article feature the single mother here. She won the lottery!

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! What’s even more disgusting is that there are a few trusted binary options review sites that are ignoring this glaring evidence and choosing to post fake positive reviews about the Dow Jones Equinox because they are affiliating themselves with this scam! Any good reviewer can easily disprove this as being full of lies, fake news stories, and fake reviews!

Stay clear of this scam and please don’t fall prey to other binary options review sites out there that are getting commission sales off of Dow Jones Focus group! We bring you only the best trusted and working signal providers here  share your comments and your thoughts with us. Help us in our battle with scammers.

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  • Mike

    I like your review of Dow Equinox. I also googled the articles they mentioned and found that

  • Mike

    I like your review of Dow Equinox. I also googled the articles they mentioned and found that the articles did not appear anywhere on CNN or Business Insider. I agree the media mentions are fake. However, with all due respect, I found your review of Equinox incomplete. What would have been much more helpful is if you guys actually tried out the software and set it on auto trade to see what the results are. Then you can post your results to us readers so we know if Equinox works or not in terms of winning or losing percentage I did not see any mention of this on your review and that’s why I am still left wondering if Equinox is a scam or not. Other reviews of Equinox on other online review sites actually tested out the software and gave Equinox quite nice reviews. Can you guys do the same?

    • Hi Mike – Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to invest money into each scam we write about. We have been screwed over too many times in the past, which is why we write these reviews now. We can’t and won’t take that risk again unless we are very sure something is legit. We have been contacted by several people through our website that did try Equinox and lost their money.

      It is sadly VERY common for review sites to lie and claim they have tested it, when in fact they have not. This is part of the industry. We refuse to do that.