Disrupt Trading Scam Review

Disrupt Trading Scam Review. Binary Scam Watch Monitor has completed our review of Disrupt Trading and are now blacklisting it! Please read this article below to see the proof that this system is nothing but trash that doesn’t have any place in your trading resume!

Official Website: http://disrupttrading.com/

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DESCRIPTION: This simple to use binary options software will easily steal every penny you invest with it, making it simply evil…

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Disrupt Trading Overview

Today we’d like to cordially introduce you to the latest scam, Disrupt Trading by Greg Hardman. This simple to use binary options software will easily steal every penny you invest with it, making it simply evil. Conniving is one word to describe what this system is, but rather than just hurling insults, let’s take a look at the evidence! To start, let’s take a tour of what Disrupt Trading claims to be.

Disrupt Trading was created by Greg Hardman, who claims to have discovered a glitch in the binary options market that allows his auto trading software to take win after win after win, profiting him millions of dollars, and you as well. He is now offering this system for free to anyone who wants to get in on it, or as he puts it, “anyone who isn’t a wimp”.

The first thing that stood out to us while investigating this software is that the background music for the promotional video is nearly identical to several other scam videos we’ve recently reviewed. More importantly, the house, set, and entire production seems oddly familiar, as if we’ve seen all this before. In fact, we did a little digging and discovered that sure enough, Disrupt Trading is operated by the same team of scammers behind Amissio Formula and Push Money App. We’re more than a little suspicious of this connection given the glaringly obvious similarities in the sets and production styles.

Top 3 Scam Proofs

1 – Greg Hardman is the CEO of Disrupt Trading and is the man responsible for some of the biggest stock market crashes ever. False. This is just frankly bizarre and creepy. Firstly, the stock market “crashes” were not the work of one man or even a few men, they were the collaborative effect of several different factors that all converged upon one another at a specific time. Why on earth is “Greg Hardman” attempting to take the blame, or rather, credit for this? If your are confused, we are too!

Secondly, Greg Hardman is a nobody. For someone who supposedly found the biggest glitch in stock market history and then subsequently caused the stock market to crash, he sure does keep a low profile. So low in fact that he literally does not exist in the stock market world. It’s not just that nobody has ever heard of him, it’s that he does not exist at all. His claims are 100% false and he’s nothing but an actor hiding behind a fake persona.

2 – Beta testers have been making millions off of this software! False. Not only does the promotional scam video for Disrupt Trader showcase several actors, if you scroll down the page you’ll find some photos that include a rather familiar face. One of our favorite actors from a semi famous horror film seems to be one of the beta testers. Unfortunately, if you look a little closer, you’ll see that this Hollywood actor’s picture is being used illegally with a fake name. Can you say awkward?

Yes, that’s David Arquette, most famous for his role in the horror film series, Scream. Someone should alert him that this filthy scam is using his picture to steal money!

3 – You will make $12,875 today for free! False. This software may be “free”, but you still have to invest $250 into a broker in order to get access to it. This means that technically the software isn’t free, there is a $250 risk at stake here. Secondly, making $12,875 in on day trading in binary options is 100% impossible. There is not a single person in the history of binary option trading that has ever banked this much money in one day. Not only that, but the Disrupt Trading goes further and says that each following day you will make even more than that. This is such a transparent deception, they might as get “LIAR” tattooed across their foreheads.

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Why is binary option trading so fraught with scams?

The binary options industry is a legitimate trading market, yet highly unregulated or policed. Almost anyone can say whatever they want about this industry just to convince friends and random strangers to sign up with a service. This is why it’s incredibly important that you go to a credible source to read about each system prior to signing up and investing money. Some of them work and some of them don’t, and all of them are subject to failure due to a highly rocky stock market.

So what is the best way to make money online?

We are working with a few great systems right now that deliver consistently amazing profits. The first is a Forex based broker which we have been trading with for over a year. Check out our review of Tradeo HERE!  The second system we love is My Paying Ads, which as allowed us to withdraw several thousand dollars in the past few months just by clicking a few ads a day! Check that out HERE!

Conclusion: Disrupt Trader is a SCAM!!

If you have anything you’d like us to review, please send us a message and remember to stay safe and critical in this market!

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