Review – Another Real Estate Hyip Scam Exposed

For those of you interested in investing online, you need to read our Review first. This new real estate investment HYIP is quickly gaining popularity and setting their business up for a big scam. We will explain in detail how this occurs. Keep reading!

Special Warning! is a carbon copy of the recently exposed Richmond Berks scam. This malicious scam has infected thousands of people and many of our readers. Please do NOT join Detron!

We realize that many of you are reading this after already losing money to either Detron or any other HYIP. If this is you, please send us a message for advice on how to get your money back!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review is an HYIP or high yield investment program. In return for your deposit, they promise you returns of up to 150% on your total deposit. This money comes to you daily in increments until you have earned the total of 150%.

They are a registered business out of the UK. is NOT regulated nor insured. This means that when you give them your money, you are doing so at your risk.

The website NOT safe and we have classified it as a high risk of being hacked and your personal information being stolen. The Detron scam website is not protected and is actually for sale right now. They are accepting offers for anyone who wants to buy their domain.

If you think this is bad, it gets much worse. However, for those of you with a good business sense, you will stop right here and never give a single cent to this fraudulent company! We estimate that within three months they will go offline and steal the remaining funds in the website, just as all the other HYIP scams have done before.

The Real Estate Lie claims that they make their money by investing substantial monetary funds into buying old real estate (property, houses, land) and then reselling it for a greater price. They also say that most of their business is done in Eastern and Central Europe. The site also claims to have dealings in Flordia, United States.

This is a BIG FAT LIE. This is the SAME lie that Richmond Berks told it’s users.

How are we so sure it’s a lie? Let’s examine the evidence. has only been online for a few months (at the time of this post). They do not have any information online regarding real estate buying or selling. Even their site fails to offer any proof.

A legitimate real estate investment site will give reports as to the locations of the properties they buy as well as the profit they have made on each sale. This is only common sense.

Remember: It is YOUR right as an investor to see the proof that your money is going towards real estate. scam has offered ZERO proof of this. They are operating on the ignorance of their users, and it works every time.

The Owner

The next obvious problem with the Detron scam is that they have not released the name of their owner or their “team of real estate professionals.” Once again…. a legitimate real estate site will have photos, bios, and information on their owners and team.

Detron operates under the assumption that you don’t care who owns or controls their money, you just want them to give you earnings. Is that true?

In our years exposing financial scams, we have observed a few important things. Everyone who falls victim to an online financial scam share one thing in common. They don’t research the owner of the site they are giving their money too.

In fact, some people give thousands of dollars (money they worked hard for) to a site that doesn’t even give credible information, some of these sites don’t even have a virus and hacking protection!

It is critical that you protect yourself and stop giving money to sites that don’t offer proof or valid information regarding their owner. You are a victim waiting to be scammed if you give your money to such sites.

User Reviews

As we always do, we have been listening to the reviews of our readers concerning this HYIP. Many people have already had their accounts blocked and have lost money. Others have claimed to be paid. As is the norm for these sites, they pay their top affiliates and pick and choose who else they give withdrawals too.

Their ultimate goal is to collect a large portion of money so that they can close the program and disappear. Remember, they are NOT a real estate investment. They are just a Ponzi scheme that pays withdrawals with the money of new investors.

This sort of thing will most always fail to last, especially with a greedy scam artist for an owner.

Some people have asked us why we believe they are a scam if they do pay some of their users. The answer to this question is easy. They pay a select few people who are advertising for them. In return, these advertisers get more and more people to join and deposit money.

This increases the revenue generated by Detron HYIP and places more money into their collection. This is a scam. Scams usually do pay some people so that they can increase trust and manipulate more and more people. Don’t be one of them!

If you have already lost your money, please contact us immediately!

So You Want To Earn Online?

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Is a Scam?

The evidence speaks for itself. is offering their website for sale to the highest bidder. They have not protected their customer’s financial information from hackers. They do not actually buy and sell real estate. The owner is anonymous. is a scam and it will close any day and thousands of people will be angry and searching for their money. Don’t be their next victim!

It is possible to earn online but you must be safe and choose wisely.

Happy Earnings!

  • Nndwamato Freddy netshithuthun

    Is a scam

    • It is a lame scam. You can confirm that by looking at the side of their website, they got a couple of ” Trust Badges” they are all fake. So be careful any transaction happening on the website will lead to getting your private information such as Credit Cards to get stolen.

  • Frank

    Hi there what about Pro Binary Bot and Stockpair as a Broker.?