Daweda Exchange Review: Reliability Redefined

Introduction to Daweda:

Daweda is not a binary options brokerage firm. It is actually a binary options exchange platform. Its head-office is located in Grigoriou Xenopoulou in Cyprus. Now we will discuss as why it is different from other binary options brokerage firms. While dealing in other binary options trading firms, the subscriber is actually dealing with other brokers. They get to choose the rates and the profits you earn. When you lose, your broker actually wins. And if you win, the broker loses. Therefore, they try really hard to make you lose by any means whatsoever. Our latest Daweda Exchange review will unveil various aspects of an all new exchange platform.

After various regulatory firms stepped in, they proposed to rule out the middle-man concept. Initially, a U.S based regulatory firm, the CFTC managed to remove the broker from the whole trading process and introduced Nadex. Which is the only binary options trading exchange in U.S. But due to some reasons, it is only specified for the trading exercised within U.S.

Here at this point, Daweda Exchange made its debut in Europe. This exchange provides its services to all the European countries and even beyond them. Daweda Exchange is a EU-based binary options exchange firm which is the European counterpart of U.S based Nadex. It also ruled out the concept of brokers from within and the trader only trades with other traders directly. In this Daweda Exchange review, we are going to list those points which distinguish it from other platforms and makes it the best platform to trade on.


Is Daweda Exchange Scam or Legit:

The domain of binary options is as much corrupted with scams as any other domain one could ever think of. There are a few regulated binary options trading brokerage firms. After digging much deeper, we found out that Daweda Exchange is not a scam and it is a perfectly regulated binary options trading exchange. It is regulate by CySEC under license number 289/16.

Furthermore, Daweda is also regulated by the Exchange Commission. In addition, it also complies by the guidelines of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), Anti-Money Laundering regulations and International Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Finally, these regulations are the indication that Daweda Exchange is the best binary options trading exchange. According to the analysis mentioned in the upcoming section of Daweda Exchange review, it is absolutely legit.


Overall Ranking:

In this Daweda Exchange review, we have also covered the ranking factor of Daweda Exchange. This exchange firm came into being in 2015. In such a shortest span of time, their global ranking rate improved really well. Furthermore, they also garnered much appreciation in forex market as well. Their ranking in global category is really great i.e. #311,245. In addition, the Alexa Rank of Daweda Exchange site is staggering 948,376. The traffic of Dewada Exchange comes from almost all around the world. Kuwait contributes almost 40% of the total traffic. Then comes Spain and Turkey with 8% and 7% traffic respectively.

The question arises as how Daweda makes money if there is no any broker in the middle? We have the answer to it as well. Daweda Exchange charges $0.50 transaction fee against every trade. Both the traders have to pay the fees. This is how Daweda Exchange makes money. In order to know more, let’s scroll down towards the Daweda Exchange review section.


Daweda Exchange Review:

In this section, we will illuminate every aspect of Daweda Exchange and will prove our claims to be true.

Daweda Exchange Platforms:

Daweda offers its service online. If you have a desktop and internet available, there is nothing to worry about. For desktop, there is no need of any bulky software downloads. You can access the platform easily over the internet in a simple web-browser. For mobile trading, Daweda Exchange offers iphone and android applications for the users to download and use them. Not only does it cover the in-house trading but also takes care of its traders who are constantly mobile. It is one of the most amazing feature of legit trading firms. 

 Trading Options:

The best feature of Daweda Exchange so far, is its unique trading style. You can avail as many trading methods as you can think of. First of all, since there is no broker in the middle, you can buy the shares from another trader. Similarly, you can directly sell your assets too. In other words, you will be actually trading contracts. Rather than relying on the broker. The traders must know that the cost of every contract is around $10.

It means that, if you are interested in investing $100 in EUR/GBP call trade, you will have to buy 10 EUR/RUB contracts. It is normally known as an order slip. Similarly, if you want to invest in $40 platinum Put trade, you are liable to buy 4 platinum contracts. If you win the trade, you receive the profits along with the investment. The trade fee is then subtracted and credited into the account of Daweda Exchange.

In addition, it is also providing risk management at every time you may need it. With a hedge button, you can make sure that you never lose a trade the next time.


There are currency pairs in which you can trade in. These pairs are:

  1. EUR/USD.
  2. AUD/USD.
  3. GBP/USD.
  4. USD/JPY.


The commodities include:

  1. Oil.
  2. Gas.
  3. Platinum.
  4. Gold.


The indices are also a part of Daweda Exchange binary options trading platform. You can trade in following indices:

  1. NASDAQ.
  2. FTSE100.


The stocks in which you can trade in are:

  1. Barclays.
  2. HSBC.

In addition, you can also trade under several time limits and expiries. The expiries may range between 30 to 60 seconds and also go up till 30 minutes, 1 hour and even more.


Deposits and Withdrawals:

Daweda exchange is serving its clients with utmost dedication and trust. Here, you can make a minimum deposit of about 100 USD/EUR/GBP. You can make deposits via credit card, Skrill, Payoneer and WebMoney. Here you can avail many benefits as well. For instance, you can make one free withdrawal in a month. For an extra withdrawal, you will have to pay $25. However, the requests for deposits can be filed 24/7. Similar to any other legit binary options trading platform, it also requires certain information before withdrawal. The information may include:

  1. Utility Bills.
  2. Place of Residence.
  3. Photo of ID Card.
  4. Photo of Credit Card.

Cashback Plan:

Another best benefit one avails is the monthly rebating plan. After trading and earning in huge numbers in a month, the Daweda Exchange returns a certain amount. But on one condition. In order to avail the benefits of rebating policy, you will have to sign up for a real money trading account. After trading for a certain time period, the money will directly be credited into your account.

100% Return Policy:

Daweda Exchange is the only binary options trading platform which ensures 100% returns on the investment. Unlike other firms, which gives the trader 70-80% if they win the trade. In Daweda, if  you lose a trade, it doesn’t mean you lost everything. Hedge fund policy is always there to save your day from getting ruined.

Order Book:

A real-time order book feature is the best and distinguishes it from other platforms. With this order book, you can check the availability of other traders and the assets on sale. It gives you a complete outlook of the entire market and helps in arriving at apt decisions.

Another benefit of order book is, it also provides the sentiment analysis result of the market. It shows you which commodity is worth-buying and which one is not. In addition, it also tells you the supply and demand situation of the market. For instance, if majority of the traders are dealing in a certain commodity, it indicates that price is at a certain level.

Daweda Auto-Trading:

Unlike any other brokerage or exchange firm, it shows a great deal of commitment towards the clients. If you want the exchange to trade for you, it is no big deal anymore. You have to submit $5000 in the Daweda Exchange amount. After that, you have to contact your account manager. Your account manager will then develop and maintain an auto-trading bot for you. The significance of this bot is, it is customizable. Every trader has his own instincts. This bot will be a ditto-copy of the trader’s dealing methods. Thanks to the methods of machine learning who made it possible.


Hedge Option:

This option is another best feature of Daweda Exchange. In the Daweda Exchange review, this one will garner much appreciation. Using this option will minimize the impact of risk in case market crashes or the trade goes down. On the other hand, it will strive to attain maximum profits for you. It actually operates in such a manner, that it reserves another trade for you from the order book. Now there two main possibilities. One is, you can win one trade and lose the other one. In this case, you will not lose all the money. Rather you will end up in gaining profit.

Second possibility is, you can win both trades and receive double profits. In this way, the hedge option saves your investment in Daweda Exchange.

Miscellaneous Perks of Daweda Exchange:

  1. In Daweda Exchange, its you who need to choose the price.
  2. There arises no any conflict of interest with the broker, because he is not even there.
  3. Order Book ensures full transparency.
  4. You get maximum profit on winning the trades as compared to binary brokers and in Forex.
  5. You ave the access to full statistics rather than just knowing the general mechanism.
  6. Time-less and limitless trading.
  7. Customized Auto-Trading Bot.
  8. Minimum charges for the contract.
  9. Fee per contract is $0.5 while if binary brokers get involved, it rises up to $25 and in case of Forex, it becomes $50.



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In Daweda Exchange review, every point and every aspect has been inspected carefully. Daweda is a regulated and properly monitored firm. This exchange firm strives to save its clients by providing expert customer and care services. It is the best binary options trading exchange so far. It is totally reliable and the way they trade is totally unique and appealing. It’s the dawn of the new age in binary options trading and it’s totally pure. It is miles away from being a scam and amazing enough to be tried once. We advice our readers to go for Daweda Exchange and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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