Daniel Wilkins: A Notorious Scammer Behind Polygraph Millionaire Scam

Daniel Wilkins: A Professional Liar:

The binary options domain is well-endowed with scams. The million dollar question arises as who is behind the propagation of these scams? Who possesses the capability to convince people and to trick them to fall prey to such scams? In this article, we will unveil the reality of a top-notch and a notorious scam artist. This scammer is seen adopting different aliases in every new scam he becomes a part of. In our latest Polygraph Millionaire Scam review, we have given a brief introduction of the alleged C.E.O of Polygraph Millionaire app. He introduces himself as Daniel Wilkins. In addition, the Polygraph Millionaire scam is also very much identical to the Gemini2 Scam. The reason is, there are several traits which Polygraph Millionaire have adopted from Gemini2 scam. For instance:

  1. Initial deposit of both scams starts at $250.
  2. Both scams claim their software to be free, which is not.
  3. Anatomy of both the scams is related to two different formulas, yet the story remains the same.
  4. The scam artists in both the scams share most of the script which they utter from their mouths.

Even more so, the Polygraph Millionaire Scam artist Daniel Wilkins is also accused of appearing in other scam videos.  Let’s have a look at the track record of this fake alias holder who keeps roaming about bearing bogus aliases.

Polygraph Millionaire Scam Artist Daniel Wilkins: Is He Really the C.E.O?

The man behind the blacklisted scam, known as Polygraph Millionaire, is an alleged millionaire whose name is Daniel Wilkins. In the promotional video of Polygraph Millionaire scam, he claims that he has no any knowledge about technological stuff. Even more so, he introduces another fake alias who he calls “Trader X”. The later one is a former coder from Silicon Valley. Allegedly, Mr. X wears the crown of developing Polygraph Millionaire scam. But the whole project is allegedly known to have financed by Daniel Wilkins. Furthermore, he claims that the software is totally risk free and it generates 100% profit. Consequently, the Polygraph Millionaire Scam artist Daniel Wilkins is a man with a fake identity.

 Scam Artist Daniel Wilkins

If He is Daniel Wilkins, who is Johan Strand Then?

The story which led us to recognize this scam artist is quite interesting. Since, it is known to all that we have covered various scams in financial sector, so we have a huge collection or records. After receiving many complaints about this scam, we setup a plan to investigate it. Soon after we landed on the website, a familiar face started bragging about the Polygraph Millionaire app. After recalling, we found out that this is a person from a previous scam! It was quite hard to imagine, but there was plain truth right in front of us. The Polygraph Millionaire scam artist, Daniel Wilkins in not a C.E.O. Rather, he is a scammer and a man full of lies.

After much digging, we found out that this scam artist with cunning looks was also there in Blazing Trader Scam. He was the one who led many novice and inexperienced traders burn their money. He was the one who allegedly made millions. The sole source was to loot people’s money and leaving them with nothing. Even more so, he is the one who guarantees thousands of dollars per day but the trader don’t even get a penny. The story he made up while introducing Blazing Trader Scam is as follows.

Daniel Wilkins introduces himself as Johan Strand while introducing Blazing Trader Scam. His cunning looks and fake smile portrays him a born traitor. If his products are legit, why change aliases? If he is so sure about the profits, why he hides behind bogus identities? The one and only reason is, whether he is Daniel Wilkins or Johan Strand, it won’t alter the fact the products for which he keeps appearing in front of the camera, are a scam.

Polygraph Millionaire Scammer Daniel Wilkins


Consequently, the theory which we can infer from our opinion is, the Polygraph Millionaire scam artist Daniel Wilkins is a liar. He is a cheater and a person with malign nature. The inexperienced traders and novice amateurs must not fall for product which makes Daniel Wilkins as their promotion mark. In addition, if you want to know more about him, read out latest Polygraph Millionaire Scam review and Blazing Trader Scam review. Both are a masterpiece in exposing Daniel Wilkins cum Johan Strand cum a scam artist.

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