Dangoestate Review Fake Hyip Scam Exposed With Evidence!

Stop and read our complete Dangoestate Review before you get trapped in another fake real estate scam! This viral and vicious scam is a carbon copy of another recent real estate scam that was the cause of thousands of people losing their investments. We will explain all of this in detail below, but if you are looking for a short answer, just say NO!

If you know anyone who is already investing with Dango estate HYIP scam, please contact us immediately for advice on how to save what’s left of your money. The creators behind this website are professional con men who will lie to your face a thousand different ways in order to gain your trust. At the end of the day, you’ll be left the loser and they will be riding off into the sunset with your hard earned money.

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://dangoestate.com/

Dangoestate Review

Dangoestate Review

Dangoestate.com is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) that they claim goes up to 10% daily. If you were looking to find the word “HYIP” on their website, don’t bother. They are hiding their investment offer behind the guise of a “crowd funding” program.

Trust us when we say that Dangoestate scam is NOT a real crowdfunding project. They are actually a Ponzi scheme built to resemble a legitimate crowdfunding program.

Who are they targeting with their fraudulent offer?

People like you! They are looking for new investors who need to make fast money online. They know you are desperate and they are trying to capitalize on your desperation by lying and deceiving you into using their fake real estate site as a way to earn money.

How does Dangoestate.com scam work?

After you become a member, you’ll be able to “choose a property” to invest in. Each property comes with its own unique ROI and details. You can browse the photos of the properties and even check their back story and address to pick the property and terms that best fit what you would like to receive.

After you deposit money into the Dango estate scam you will begin earning a certain percentage of money each day, which they claim is eligible for immediate withdrawal.

Dangoestate.com scam claims that this is a legitimate real estate venture and that you are helping them manage and sell these lucrative properties for a high return on their investment, which is why they are sharing the profit with you. We have one word of warning…

Don’t believe everything you see!

From the mastermind scammers behind the Richmond Berks scam, we have uncovered yet another crippling real estate fraud. The people who run this site are deviants who deserve to be thrown into jail. Why? Let’s take a look at the facts!

The Housing Scam Exposed

As we explained above, after you join, you will choose between several appealing houses or hotels to invest in. Each choice comes with a photo and details. We investigated these properties and it didn’t take us very long to realize they are ALL fake.

Yes, they are real houses, but no, they are not legally owned or managed by Dangoestate scam! In fact, all of the photos you see on the website were taken from one of several Pinterest pages or stock photo pages showing houses. You can find many of the houses shown on this site.

But that’s not all… the addresses listed for each house are NOT legitimate addresses. We google searched all of them on google maps and they do not exist. These addresses are all fictional pretend numbers and street names made up for the purpose of the Dangoestate scam.

So here we have a fraudulent real estate investment scheme that uses stock photos for the properties they own and makes up addresses where they are supposedly located. This is nothing but a fraud.

Actor Fraud

That’s not all! Dangoestate.com ponzi scam also included about eight actors to lie for them and pretend that they are making money. All of the people shown below are working on Fiverr.com. You can view one of their profiles HERE.

These people will lie and praise any company that hires them for as little as $10. This is a sick and twisted scam but we have seen the same strategy time and time again from many HYIP scams. Don’t be dragged into this! These people are NOT real users.

More Details

So far we have a viral real estate HYIP that doesn’t actually invest in real estate and uses actors to lie for them. What more can there be?

1. Who owns and operates Dangoestate.com scam?

The owner has chosen to hide his identity, but we are sure he is the same person behind several other busted HYIP scams that have gone public. We have exposed them for the past year on our blog, but he just keeps making new scams!

2. Is Dangoestate scam regulated and insured?

No. They do carry any insurance protection against loss of investment nor do they submit their site to be regulated. They can’t have their site regulated or they’d end up in jail! It’s not funny because thousands of people are losing their money in this money pit!

Is Dangoestate.com Paying?

Dangoestate.com is paying on new investments as well as their top affiliates. They are not paying on several accounts where people have stopped making new deposits or aren’t bringing in new referrals.

Dangoestate.com is a Ponzi scam that uses the Pyramid scheme for paying. They are not making money from real estate, that is just a cover story to hide their illegal Ponzi scam behind. When a new investor makes a deposit, they pay their older investor his withdrawal, while keeping a portion for himself.

At any time or day, the site WILL close and everyone who hadn’t taken their original money out will lose it. The owner will keep all remaining funds and disappear. He will then open a new HYIP site and trick many of the same people into joining it.

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Is Dangoestate.com a Scam?

The evidence is very clear. Dangoestate.com is a scam and needs to be shut down as quickly as possible. Don’t become the next victim. There are better ways to earn online!

If you have already lost money, please contact us today for advice! In the meantime, share this post on social media to protect others from being conned!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!




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    i think this is true . their website ( https://dangoestate.com ) is no more opening and i have lost all my investment . i need advice