Daily Trader Scam Review

Daily Trader Club Scam Review. You are reading our in depth review of the Daily Trader Club scam. This filthy scam has so many lies and manipulations, we’re hard pressed to fit them all into a concise post. The gratuitous lies included in the Daily Trader Club scam will make you feel nauseated and disgusted. However, it is important for all traders to read this review to keep yourself abreast of what is going on in the binary options industry. Many of you are all too familiar with these scam manipulations, however, many of you are also fresh traders that are unsure what to believe and how to tell if something is a scam or not. Please read this review, as we will clear all of this confusion up and prove to you that the Daily Trader Club is an incredibly dangerous and awful scam!

Is Daily Trader Club a Scam or Legit?

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Stephen Gilbert is the fake name behind the Daily Trader Club scam. He doesn’t actually tell us the name of the person who made the auto trader, however, he has taken it upon himself to become the salesperson for this malicious scam. The Daily Trader Club scam weaves a complicated story about a struggling engineer who was addicted to drugs and had lost his job due to a life threatening work related injury. At the end of his ropes, and drowning in debt, his friend offered to share with him the secret to unfound wealth, all at the push of a button. Sounds like something that is to good to be true? That’s because it is! No push of a button can make you instantly rich and wipe all your financial problems away. You still need to save and plan and budget. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

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There isn’t too much to be said for Stephen Gilbert because he doesn’t actually exist. He’s a fake and a fraud, using a picture stolen off of the internet. The first photo of Stephen Gilbert is a photo being used by multiple other websites all selling different things, under different names. This picture is clearly a stock photo that can be purchased for a smallish fee and used by any website to sell any product.

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The second photo of Stephen Gilbert being used on the Daily Trader Club website claims to be of Stephen and his wife. However, this photo appears to be stolen off of a personal blog about a couple, Mike and Amanda. Shameful that the Daily Trader Club scam has stooped so low as to steal personal photographs. We aren’t surprised by much of anything that this industry does, but this certainly is the lowest of the low.

Daily Trader Scam Review

Here you can see the photo was stolen from a blog about Mike and Amanda.

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Daily Trader Club scam tells us that their auto trader has a secret trading strategy that profits members thousands of dollars a month. There claim to fame is that they have verified all of their trading results with a 3rd party. Saying a thing, even a million times in a row, doesn’t make it true. In the case of the verified status of the Daily Trader Club scam, we can undoubtedly say that is a lie. They have not verified anything at all. They offer no proof, just a bunch of lies.

Daily Trader Club scam has gone the extra mile, but inventing a few fake news articles to prove they are legit. They failed miserably as they used stock photos for all of their fake articles. Try googling any of these articles and you’ll quickly discover that none of them are even remotely real. It’s quite easy to make up a fake news article using photoshop. However, this is one extremely effective scam tactic because people usually believe what they see in the news, even if it’s fake news. Here are just a few small examples below.

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You’ll see that this photo was taken from a stock photo, not a real news story. No real url link, and this story was a complete fabrication!

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Here is yet another Daily Trader Club scam article.

Daily Trader Scam Review

Daily Trader Scam Review, Daily Trader Scam Or Legit

And below you can see the same person as a stock photo, not a real trader. Fake news, fake promises, REAL scam!

Daily Trader Scam Review

Daily Trader Scam Review, Daily Trader Scam Or Legit

If that’s not enough proof for you, Daily Trader Club also included fake Facebook and fake Twitter comments. The desperation is bleeding through their pathetic attempts to lock in your trust. They are so full of BS and lies, it’s nauseating.

Is Daily Trader Club a Scam?

It goes without saying that Daily Trader Club scam uses fake photos for all of their testimonials. We searched and searched and honestly couldn’t find a single truthful statement on their entire sales pitch. They drip and smear their lies and evil manipulation onto every single word that comes out of their mouths. We are pretty sure that many new traders will be manipulated into signing up with this system because they have not searched for scam reviews for Daily Trader Club. We hope that in this review we have saved some of you from losing your money. We can’t save everyone, but we hope to make a dent in the money that will be stolen by Daily Trader Club.

Conclusion: Daily Trader Club is a SCAM!

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