CryptoWealthFund Review: Unbiased Scam Alert!

This is the official CryptoWealthFund review where you will find the real analysis. This is NOT just another review claiming it works because some guy on the internet was able to withdraw $70. Come on, guys!

Let’s get real.

You need the truth, and we have it. Do not invest with this HYIP scam until you understand what it is and why we don’t support it. CryptoWealthFund IS paying right now, but that’s not the whole story. The entire website and back story is one huge lie.

We can prove it.

It won’t be long before you wish you had read this review and saved your money instead of throwing it in the gutter! This scam is one of the more clever one’s we’ve busted, and it might just earn our top fraud spot of 2017, but the year is still young. If you are like us, you’ll be wondering why so many review blogs are claiming it is a legitimate business when it’s nothing but a rotten scam site. Intellix Systems Trader is another viral scam that is trying to steal your money!

If you are investing with CryptoWealthFund and you don’t know where to go now, please send us a message and let us know about your experience! Hearing from you is vital to doing our reviews up to date. We want to inform and help as many people as possible with accurate information. Please send us your story, not just about this particular website, but include any other site you have invested with that is working or not!

Let’s get started…

Official Website:

CryptoWealthFund Review

CryptoWealthFund Review


There is nothing as sweet as finding an online earning program that truly works. No joke. When you finally put your money into a program that pays you back, it makes all the loss worth it. Nothing online comes for free. There is always a price.

CryptoWealthFund promised to be that breath of fresh air. The one and only investment company that pays the customer honestly and justly. However, as we came to find out, it is just another empty website full of manipulations and let downs.

Here are the claims:

– CryptoWealthFund is a bitcoin and forex investment company located in Dubai. They invest in bitcoin mining and forex with supreme success and have been doing so for the past four years.

Fact: This is nothing but a “cover story.” A cover story is a lie that is told to give a reason for the existence of a website.

There is NO proof that CryptoWealthFund has been trading for four years. The site is only three months old. You can check this out by going to and entering their website URL into the search bar. It will show you when the actual website was created, which was only a few weeks ago!

Because we know their website is brand new, we’d need some verifiable proof that the people working on this site have made money with bitcoin and forex in the past – as they claim to have done. This proof is…

Nowhere to be found!

– The team at CryptoWealthFund has had much past success and is well known for their bitcoin and forex investments.

Fact: The website fails to reveal the names of either the CEO or the “team” of traders who work for them. How can anyone trust a “team” of traders who won’t even show their real face or give their names?

If they were as successful as they say they are, they would have active youtube channels or other social media accounts we could locate and follow their success on. This is just another facet of the fake story.

What is the Real Story?

The real story behind CryptoWealthFund is that they are a carbon copy of about a hundred other HYIP scams that have come and gone over the past year. Whether they pay for a few months or not, they will eventually close up and run off with the profits. It’s only a matter of time.

An HYIP is a high yield investment program. Such programs offer a massive ROI (return on investment) for a relatively cheap beginners investment amount. HYIPs typically have short programs where you deposit Day One and are given a significant profit by Day 3-5. These earnings are always placed into your account which makes it look like you have earned something.

Most people figure out they have been scammed when they attempt to withdraw their profits. At this point, their withdrawal will remain pending for weeks until they finally give up waiting and move on with their life. The money just never comes to their payment processor account.

So why do so many people claim that CryptoWealthFund is working?

The answer to this is simple. CryptoWealthFund is currently paying out. But it’s…

Not that simple.

We have seen this HYIP scam so many times in the past. The admin of the group is waiting until enough people join and the balance of money is HUGE… when he thinks he has fleeced enough money, he will close the website down, and nobody else will get paid. The first step to this is to increase trust among members.

Increasing trust is a two-fold process.

1. Offer a commission payment so that many review blogs support the program in the hopes of receiving a payment from the company for each sale they get.

2. Pay all small and first or second withdrawals to make people think the program is paying out.

The more people that trust the program, the more people will join and deposit large sums. The admin will wait until he feels like he has tapped enough out before he runs away.

So who is the real owner?

Nobody knows. The Facebook group has admins, which we will not name here. It is possible that those admins are the owners of CryptoWealthFund, but we will not say that because we frankly do not know.

The registration of the website does not list a real name or real address, so we can’t use that information either. The only thing we DO know is that the people responsible for this site have gone to a lot of trouble to conceal their real location and actual name.

Would you trust a stranger with your money just because they had an excellent website?

Hopefully not.

Investment Plans

CryptoWealthFund investment plans are pretty standard for HYIP scams. If you deposit the minimum of $100 into the deluxe plan, you should get back 7% each day for 24 business days. This would leave you with a total of about $60 in earnings after just 24 days. Sounds awesome, right!

CryptoWealthFund Scam

If you invest the minimum of $50 into the Premium plan, you should make a profit of about $30 after 30 days with an ROI of 5% daily.

Let’s be clear, according to their facebook group, many people have been able to withdraw these profits. The scam is in the beginning stages… stick around and see how it ends up and you will understand our point.

For many of you new to HYIPs and online earning programs, you might think we are being incredibly harsh. We’ve been around the block and seen too many people lose money not to be. We already know that this site is outright lying about their past success. They have given ZERO proof of who they are and how they make money.

Remember – the website was only started a few months ago! People who are able to jump into this and jump out with money made are the lucky ones. But it’s not worth the risk. Any day this program with fall.

Make no mistake!

Earning Safely Online?

When your hard earned money is at stake, why take risks? We don’t! That’s why we have made up a list of our favorite and trusted sources to earn online. If you don’t see what you are looking for on this list, it’s probably a scam. But try us! Send us an email with the url of the site you are thinking of trying. We will give you our feedback!

In the meantime, here are the sites we have tried and determined are GOOD!

1. Tradeo – A safe, regulated, and transparent forex broker that offers you the option of automatically copying trades. This is a hands-free trading system designed to help you make money without needing to sit on the PC all day! You can use it on your phone or tablet as well!

2. My Paying Ads – This is the best rev share that requires nothing more than surfing 10 ads a day! All you need to do is open your account and watch it grow!

3. My Paying Crypto Ads – The best bitcoin investment! This BTC rev share increases your bitcoin wallet with the ease of a rev share. Surfing 10 daily ads is the only thing you need to do!

Take a look at these options and message us with any questions or concerns! But don’t take our word for it, check the comments and read for yourself!

Is CryptoWealthFund a Scam?

After examining the evidence, we have concluded the following facts.

CrytpoWealthFund is currently paying.

– They have told deliberate lies about the nature of their business.

– They offer an ROI that is too high to sustain.

Our verdict: CyrptoWealthFund is a Scam. We will NOT be joining. If you have been working with this business and have NOT been paid, please message us immediately as we can advise you on how to reclaim your profits!

Our advice is always to tread safely online! Take care and happy earnings!

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