Review – Hyip Scam Exposed

Count yourself VERY lucky that you are reading our full Review before falling victim to this nasty and dubious scam. The people who operate this scam are some of the worst we have ever seen. They deliberately lie to customers via Facebook chat and have also specifically targeted certain vulnerable countries and clients for their scam.

We NEED your help to stop these scammers in their tracks! The most important thing you can do to help is to share our post on as many social media online groups as you can. You have no idea how viral this scam has gone and we believe the worst is still yet to come!

So many of you have contacted us and told us stories about how you have lost your money. We will be exposing the BIG lie right here, right now!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review is a high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 2% Daily to 40% Monthly and 50% every 120 days.

They claim to be a team of professional cryptocurrency traders that will manage your brokerage account for you. They accept Bitcoin, Perfect Money, as well as bank transfers. But is any of this backed up in reality? No!

In fact, there is NO team of traders, the owner is anonymous, and the website itself is not protected from DDOS attacks, which means all of your financial information is at a HUGE risk of being stolen. scam is only in the earliest stages of their ploy, and there is still more to come from this nasty website. We need to destroy them NOW!

Exposing the Scam

We have been contacted by several of our readers that had the same exact unfortunate run in with the scammers of the CryptoShareLimited scam. Please read through this and see if you have also experienced the same thing.

CryptoShareLimited HYIP had a Facebook group that was open for about four weeks. It has since gone offline. In the Facebook group, members were contacted by a man claiming to be Karl Watson. Karl Watson was a fake name with a fake account, who claimed to be the leader (admin) of CryptoShareLimited.

He spent a great deal of time personally talking to each member and coercing them into depositing. Most members started with the 2% Daily plan and for about five days in a row, they all received their withdrawals.

After about the 5th or 6th withdrawal, all future withdrawals were marked as pending and never processed. Members who contacted Karl Watson about this delay were immediately blocked from him on Facebook and were left without their money.

Subsequently, these same members then had their actual accounts at CyrptoShareWealth blocked as well. Now they can’t even access their account! If this has happened to you, please don’t be tempted to open a new account just to get your old account back. It doesn’t work and will make you lose even more money.

Digging Deeper: The Facts

It has also come to light that several fake Facebook accounts were created by the same person. These accounts were created in order to post fake reviews and payment proof from CryptoShareLimited scam. After this was exposed to Facebook, their group page was suspended. Be warned, we believe they will be back with a new page and new fake accounts very soon!

1. Is scam Regulated or Protected?

No! They do have a certificate of incorporation but this is NOT the same thing as a certificate of regulation. Their certificate is completely worthless for it will NOT force them to pay you, nor will it protect your from having your money stolen. Don’t be tricked.

2. Who owns and manages CryptoShareLimited HYIP scam?

The fake Facebook account created to manipulate people used the fake name of Karl Watson. This man is not the real owner and shouldn’t be mistaken as such. The real owner or admin of this site has concealed his identity on both the certificate of registration AND the website registration.

If he was so confident in his companies success, he would be happy to reveal his true identity, but as such, Facebook itself has closed his fraudulent account. He will be back under a new fake name, so watch out!

User Review: Is Paying?

As we explained above, the site IS paying for a few days at the 2% daily withdrawal. This is highly deceiving. For instance, if you put in $100 you’d be making 2% daily, which is 2$ a day.

The site will allow you to withdraw for about five days in a row in order to increase your trust. This means that you would be lucky to get back $10 from your $100 investment. At this point, you will not receive any additional money and the company. So ask yourself this question… is a $10 payout worth losing the other $90?

Getting Your Money Back!

Often we are asked, “How can I get my money back from this scam?” The answer to that is easy and hard. Most of the time it’s impossible to get any money back. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try. The most challenging part is that these HYIP scams close their website and have been using fake details, so it’s impossible to track them down.

But every once in awhile, your payment processor or bank account might be able to open a dispute and do a charge back. However, this is NEVER true for Bitcoin investment. Never use BTC in an investment that you don’t fully trust.

Let’s Make Money!

If you want to avoid scams and earn money online, you absolutely need to avoid any site that is not REGULATED. Don’t be fooled by the “incorporation certificates”. What you need to look for is “regulations”.

The best forex trading system that we have seen is CM Trading. They are fully regulated and always pay. On top of that, they offer a copy trader that allows you to copy experienced traders! Check out our CM Trading review and let us know what you think!

If you want to try your hand at binary options trading, please chose IQ Options. They are the best, have an amazing platform, and they are fully regulated and honest!

Is a Scam?

After laying out all the evidence and the fake admin and fraudulent Facebook group, it is clear that is a scam. You would be wise not to touch this website with a ten-foot pole.

Please share our review in hopes that you can warn as many people as possible. If you have another website that has scammed your or you want us to investigate, please let us know ASAP by contacting us!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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