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Before you join another empty BTC mining site, read our full Review. Many of our readers have been looking for a legitimate mining site to start earning with. Our team recently concluded our investigation into in order to bring you the truth. is a Ponzi scheme that operates in the world of cryptocurrency. The operational model of scam is utilized for the process of Bitcoin mining on a virtual platform. scam offers between 1-20 different referral levels which help it function as an MLM as well.

For an impartial review, you may have to look at the facts only. Later you can decide for yourself whether to trust the scheme or not.

Official Website: Review

Cryptomining.Farm Review

By looking at the About Us page of the official website, it is possible to find it as a company for cloud mining that also offers investment opportunities.

The company has started from the year 2014. By using cryptocurrency of high quality, it may be possible to earn more profit easily.

They have claimed that they have an association with a private limited company that is located in Thailand called Lifetime Technology Co. LTD. It is said that the site is operated by a corporate entity.

However, something interesting has been noticed as we have searched through the associate company website called Lifetime Technology. It is not possible to find any mention of the term bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Even if you look through the terms and conditions page of, you cannot see a single appearance of the name Lifetime Co. Ltd. Therefore, confusion may arise in the mind on whether is governed by a corporate body called Lifetime Co. Ltd or not as they are not at all responsible for the activities on the site. Scam-Proof

From the beginning, the company has asserted themselves as a”Virtual Bitcoin Mining” business. However, there is no mention of owning bitcoin mining hardware except on the page for F.A.Q. So, it is not clear what really actually provides.

We reached out to the support for scam in hopes that they could provide us with information proving they are mining BTC. However, we were met with silence. Our belief is that is a Pyramid scheme (Ponzi scam) that uses the money of new investors to pay the withdrawal requests from older members.

If this is true, is built on loose ground and won’t last long term.

GHS on

Hash rate of the virtual mining is known as GHS. There may not be an ASIC hardware for bitcoin mining.

From the site as well as other sources, we have come to know that works based on the private blockchain.

Operational ambiguity becomes clear further as they do not utilize real blockchain as it has been stated prominently that it is a virtual mining site. Real and secured ledgers of cryptography or blockchain technology may not be seen at all. Therefore, the entire thing can be seen as a fake.

Through initial deposits, a decision regarding packages is generally made. Packages for mining may differ as you deposit more money. It is possible to observe a package of 15 years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 month and 3 months. ROI is also decided on the choice of package. Therefore, the entire scheme may seem unrealistic.


During research, you may see lots of complaints about the company. However, some controversy regarding the complaint may be noticed too. Feedback from investors can be found from Bitcoin Talk .org also if you just type scam.

Offers from the are completely outrageous. Therefore, it is certainly a scam. The company may not be related to bitcoin mining at all. Condo Certificate at the bottom is a mere png image.

Can you trust

Due to inconsistencies, cannot be trusted at all. A connection between the company and affiliates cannot be found. They are not even using ledgers of cryptographically secured manner also.

Intrinsic earning through investment may not be seen at all. Therefore, you have to depend completely on the site.

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Is a Scam?

One of the things is noticed with the pyramid schemes such as is that they are more inclined to acquire new customers instead of retaining the older ones. Pyramid models are always unstable. They may crumble very easily.

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